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Uniquely Yours: Decorating Your Own Wall Plaque


You can creatively make amazing decorations to add to your home walls without having to spend too much. This may be achieved by creating your own wall plaques. Wall plaques help exhibit warmth to your home and give an inviting tone to any room. In fact, these are wonderful additions to your home decors.

Wall plaques can be simply decorated and made on your own. It is even a great hobby for many individuals. Creating your own wall plaque allows you to manage the colors that are used to arrive at a specific look that you are trying to achieve for your décor. You can freely use your own ideas for making decorative wall plaques. You even have an option to create a personalized wall plaque that is a wonderful housewarming gift or a present to your relatives and friends. Customized plaques make a remarkable gift for almost any occasion.

For do-it-yourself, affordable materials may be purchased to create a wall plaque. You just have to have the materials you need to get started with your plaque. Your ideas for making decorative wall plaques are definitely achievable by following these simple steps:
• Gather the materials for the project. Materials that you need will depend on the kind of wooden plaque that you will create. These are a sample of the basic materials that you may use: A wooden plaque, scrapbook paper, materials for to paste on the scrapbook paper (e.g. photographs, dried or artificial flowers, drawings, etc.), glue, scissors, pencil, etc. You may also use decorative elements such as beads and sequins to design the spaces left of the scrapbook paper.
• Trace the face of the wooden plaque unto the back of the scrapbook paper with a pencil and cut out the scrapbook paper.
• Paste the decorative materials unto the scrapbook paper to create a collage such as photographs of family and friends. Depending on your theme, these could be drawings or even dried flowers.
• You have the option to paste other decorative elements such as beads and sequins to cover the spaces of the scrapbook that have not been pasted with photographs or the flowers.
• Let the plaque dry then spray the plaque with decoupage spray for your plaque to appear like a painting or an inlay work.

Wall plaques may be used for essentially any room in your house. Wall plaques for kitchen may be designed with fruits and vegetables. While the ones for the bedroom may be designed with a specific theme. A child’s bedroom for instance may be designed with the favorite cartoon of the child or even drawings made by the child.

In designing your own wall plaque, potentials for design are immense. You will not be limited to the traditional ones that you can find in the stores. With a little imagination and a spark of creativity, you will be able to create decors with your own ideas in making decorative wall plaques.

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