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Useful Tips for Choosing a Good Rocking Chair


A rocking chair finds innumerable uses in a household. Be it for watching TV or to sit comfortably while you hold and sing to your new born in his room, the rocking chair is undoubtedly every ones favorite. This beloved furniture is being favored by more and more Americans who either own one or is seriously thinking of acquiring it.

Classic rocking chair

The origin of a rocking chair can be traced back to the 1700s when some genius came up with the brightest idea of adding a pair of skates to the bottoms of furniture. Since then, the rocking chair has made a remarkable journey through time, stealing the hearts of most Americans from prominent Presidents to peasants. It doesn’t matter if they are of the most expensive designer stuff or the ubiquitous wicker rocking chair; a rocking chair is loved for the comfort and peace it provides to its owner. When it comes to choosing a right rocking chair, one is faced by a lot of dilemmas, as there are numerous varieties to choose from. The following tips can lend a hand to help you choose the right rocking chair.

The first step is to decide where you want to place your rocking chair. If you want to use it indoors, say in your living room, then the best choice would be a rocking chair with a soft and comfortable cushion or a rocking chair made of solid wood like palisander or maple. In case the intended use is for outdoors, say in your front porch, you can go for cedar or the durable teakwood to survive the elements.

The next step is to find out if the rocking chair provides you the comfort you need. Check whether the rocking chair has proper seating and back support, whether it provides elbow support, whether the armrest is wide enough, whether the seat and back is firm yet flexible and whether the back rest supports your lower back.

Thonet rocking chair

Make sure that the rocking chair is well pitched. This means that the chair should provide a smooth rocking motion even when you are in a reclined position, without any indication of flipping backwards. Check whether the rocking chair was built for stability, durability and reliability. There are some innovative techniques like the Maloof technique that provides an elegant and a sturdy design. Decide on what style will suit your home décor. There are numerous types of rocking chair ranging from plush upholstered ones to the plain wicker rocking chair. Choose one that will fit your décor as well as you.

As with the design and style, the price of a rocking chair ranges from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. Or you can even win a bid on ebay for a few bucks. The choice is yours. Choose what fits your budget. Lastly, decide on how your want your rocking chair to be delivered to you, whether you want it to be delivered to you assembled or you want to assemble it yourself.

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