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Vinyl Replacement Windows: Cutting-Edge Window Technology

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Replacement windows are specifically named and are different from newly-constructed windows because they are not actually take the old window away; you just reinforce them with another material, either for an aesthetic finish, for added strength or endurance, or both (unlike newly-constructed windows, where you literally rip-off the old window and totally replace it). There are many kinds of materials used for replacement windows; but depending on the require finish, you may have to stick to one of the kind of material for you home.

Aside from wood, vinyl has been one of the most popular materials for replacement window use of as late; because of its structural stability and general smooth texture. It is also this apparent compatibility to replacement window use that makes it perfect; especially when you want to create a nice clean finish that is incomparable to other kinds of materials, such as aluminum. And you can install it by yourself; if you want to know how, just keep reading this article until the end.

Everything about the Vinyl Replacement Windows

[one_half_first]Vinyl used as a material for replacement windows has been known as one of the most efficient in terms of noise and energy reductions; again compared to most other materials used on windows. The plastic-like structure of vinyl also keeps the room warm during winter and cool during summer, when combined with an air conditioning unit. But you have to be very alert when acquiring one; there are many scams to the order of the day and it is very easy to fall into them. Also, before you spend money on asking a “specialist” to install a new window; you should consider installing it yourself. So let’s start by identifying a quality window.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Keys to Buying a Real Vinyl Replacement Windows

Already stop buying white windows

Most people when they hear the words Vinyl Replacement Windows think “a white window would look perfect here”; It is true that white is the color of minimalism par excellence, but white windows look really cheap and poor quality.

Vinyl can sag

A lot of vinyl windows will tend to sag and heat, so be aware of that.

Beware of bait and switch

Advertising flyers would say “Windows installed from $99”; but once you go to them, they will tell you that the window they speak of is a 1’X1 ‘which can look good in the bathroom.

Once you ask for a more normal size window, they will tell you that the price is $300. So, it is best to note that no one has bought one of these windows for $99; but do not fall into that kind of baits.

Single hung is a step down from double hung

Many companies will tell you that a single hung window is more expensive than a double hung window; it may be true in that store, but it is not the absolute truth. Study the offers in the market before making a decision.

Mechanically fastened is lowest quality

A lot of these Windows are welded in the corners while others are mechanically fastened; but these last ones are always a bad option when it comes to quality. That is why you will always see offers from them.

Low E is good, but be aware of the price

It is good that you have low E in your windows, but do not let them overload your price in an exaggerated way; the same goes for Argon.

Beware of aggressive close tactics

Once you say “okay, thanks for your time, I’ll think about it”; Most marketers will jump like a tiger and tell you something like “if you buy it today, you will get an additional 10% discount.”

Depending on the initial price, it might be worth it. But remember that the installation price starting 2000; was around $200 – $230. Today, there are unethical companies that will want to charge you up to $ 1000 for a double hung window.

In addition, you can have sellers lower their prices even 6 times; so the key is to be as aggressive and subtle as them.

Installing the Vinyl Replacement Window

The first step is to measure the window in different spots; so you have a good idea of what you are dealing with. Just remember that houses that have been built in the ’50s or even’ 60s; they may have three-quarter inch plywood on the outside instead of half-inch plywood, which is the standard measure nowadays.

The vast majority of windows come with an installation kit; but obviously you need some materials not included. The most important element of all these is polyurethane foam.

If you are replacing a solid wood window whose fence is in good condition; then you could reuse that same element for the installation of the new window. However, if it is fixed very uncomfortably or if it is very heavy; you can use a saw to cut it several times and be able to remove it more easily.

Once the picture on the wall is clear of debris and clear; you can continue with the installation of the window. And the most important step before starting is to place the handles in the window but without screwing them.

The window technology will determine what the installation process will look like hereafter; you may need to screw in the structure, or perhaps you have elements that allow you to place it under pressure. At this point, you may need the help of another person while you take care of leveling the window; everything will depend on the size of the window you are installing.

Now you only need to moisten the edges of the window so that the polyurethane foam has better adhesion; the drying time varies by manufacturer, but usually is one hour.

Do not skimp on foam; remember that it will also work as a sound insulation.

Final Tips

Although not strictly necessary; it is a good idea to use the small pieces of vinyl to seal the holes left in the frame after using the drill.

Remember that you must insulate the edges of the frame when making the last repairs to the wall; all this in order to have a good conservation of the temperature and to isolate of the external noises.

So it is good that you cover every opening, only then you can say that the final work is ready. Always perform the sealing process first on the inside, then on the outside.

If the replacement window allows you, then make it as light as possible; remove all parts you do not need at the time of installation. Just by applying this little trick you can even turn a two-person job into one-person work.

Always use masking tape when applying sealing foam to the new window or any other element; especially in the outer zone. If your outer wall is made of bricks, you will notice that several types of sealant will be needed; so you need to cover the window frame, otherwise you will spoil the frame and aesthetics of your new window.


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