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Fall season outside garden and home customizing | Autumn Decor



It is really easy to change the decor of your home to suit the season of the year that is approaching; and give you that unique style that will fill you with energy when you get home after a busy day of work. One of the most important things to remember; is that it is not necessary to do a complete remodeling of the interior or exterior spaces to set your home.

With just a few changes here and there you can easily give your space that style you want; and that added to saving time and money will always be a point in your favor. In this case we will refer to a decoration inspired by the autumnal period; where the leaves fall from the trees filling the streets with beautiful orange and red colors. Let’s look at some tips that can help you establish that environment and; that will make your home much more welcoming.

The Colors of the Season for You Home


[one_half_first]The typical colors of the fall season, as mentioned above; are those with shades ranging from red, orange and yellow to brown and some shades of green. The same colors of pumpkins on Halloween, the leaves of the trees that begin to feel the approaching winter cold; and the dry branches that fall to the ground.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

These colors can be integrated into the space by changing just a few pieces; or details in the room or even in the garden decoration.

Those details that even if simple; will be very useful to you when giving that nice touch of the season to the decoration of your home.

It is known by those who study the effect of colors on people; that the orange tones, associated with the sunsets, tend to attract vitality to their observer.


That is why for some, the autumn season is loaded with lots of energy; and prepares them slowly for the winter time that is always closer than you can imagine.

The color brown and its derivatives, because it is a dark tone; will help you to make all the brightly colored objects that you place nearby stand out more.

Do not deprive them of the natural brightness that they can demonstrate when they are reached by the light that enters through the window.

Some things that you can change in the decoration of your home, to start giving that autumnal air; may seem basic to you when making your decoration, but are the details in which you can put all your creativity.

  • Prints.
  • Ornaments.
  • Illumination.

Let’s talk about prints

The prints that best fit the decorations of the fall season are those that are shaped like leaves, especially those that are in orange tones; the same that are drawn in the environment of this time.

These prints can be added when changing the curtains of the room or the pillow cases; as well as changing the fabric that covers your sofa or the sheets of your bed.


The tablecloths on the table, both the dining room and the coffee table; are useful so you do not see the need to completely change the furniture. Especially if this is a laminate furniture that does not show a wood finish.

In the case of garden furniture; I recommend that you leave them naked so that the color of the wood can be appreciated.

And is that something that is part of autumn and that you should not miss, is the wood; which with their brown tones give a natural finish that will always be suitable for decorating at this time of year.

So if you have any wooden furniture, take advantage of it!

Accessories are required

The ornaments that can be included in the decoration; go from crowns made with dry branches on the doors to real pumpkins in the garden or house entrances.

Small ornaments on the coffee table or a large ceramic pumpkin like centerpiece in the dining room will also help give that autumnal style that you want.

There are places where they sell ceramic pieces that are perfect to help you in the fall decoration.

Cooked earthen squashes are a great advantage; because you can put a candle inside it without worrying about it deteriorating.

They are pieces that you can reuse with each year; and you only have to buy them once!

Lighting helps with the environment

Lighting is important when it comes to setting your home, as this helps to accentuate the decor. There are many ways to provide the right lighting when it comes to decorating.

The decorative lights in orange and red colors can serve you well; place a few in ceiling lamps or bedside tables to resemble the natural light of an autumn sunset.

You can also use color filters to diffuse light!


The lights that are normally placed during Christmas season; can be very useful if you decide to remove them from your box in advance.

They will serve to illuminate all the edges of the windows and doors; and so enhance any decorations that you have arranged in those spaces.

Always taking precaution, you can use orange or yellow candles, flavored with essences that help you bring an air of romanticism at dinner; or simply to fill that empty space on that little table you have in the room.

With these simple tips you can set any place in the house in the fall season.



There are many other things that can be reused, and always have at hand.

Bottles of empty supplies filled with beads or colored stones decorated with gift ribbons; to plastic or real flowers if you want a more natural aroma to impregnate every corner of the house.

You can also collect some fallen branches of the tree in your garden and adhere them dry leaves. The one with the most vivid colors you find; with which you could make several crowns that hung on each door you want.

Both that of your entrance to Welcome you to the visits, as of the rooms.


A vase, for example, that you kept long ago and that you thought you would not find a place in your house.

Just fill it with many orange candies. It will definitely be the great attraction for the children of the house; and will serve to sweeten those tea evenings that many often share.

Remember that autumn is a time of Halloween or a night of witches; and much of the decoration should be focused on this holiday that is celebrated in most countries in the northern hemisphere.

Pumpkins decorated with the carving of faces on these are also part of the era; being this the most popular. Inspire yourself, create and share that moment in family.

The most important thing is always to enjoy the moment when making your decoration!


Keep in mind that this type of decoration will be several weeks in your home; so any piece you decide to place should be visually pleasing, as well as easy to move and dust-shake.

That way, you can have all the vigor that both colors and the same decoration can bring you.


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