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A Guide To Decorate your Home With Flowers


Once you have the furniture, the pictures and paintings, the color and the curtains, then you add the gadgets in order to state that your decoration process is completed! But there are always certain details that can add a new different air to your house by themselves. Today we will learn a fabulous one; today we are going to learn flowers decoration!

At Decorating Visita Casas we like to make the most of each free space in the house environment to enrich the décor. The flowers are an element that despite being voluptuous, do not overload that already created landscape. Come and learn how to do it!

Home Decor Has Never Been So Natural


In every decoration there is a concept that cannot be neglected. It is very important that everything is homogeneous and this is called: Integration.

Getting a decoration that looks natural, practically born from creativity to the “canvas”, in this case the canvas is your house. Therefore you must take into account

Texture, color, shapes.

When decorating with flowers you must be able to identify these three vertices. Whether guided by the ornaments of the main mirror or by the relief of furniture, you can discern which flower will be best used.
But keep in mind also that although flowers are an element that goes after everything in the decor has been placed; flower arrangements can be the protagonist of the decoration in spite of being so ephemeral.

I personally worked once with a concept I loved; since then I always mention it as an example and today I want to describe it for you.

It is true that the whole thing was around a romantic dinner; therefore some aspects could be avoided. But the general idea is very beautiful and very apt to describe the art of decorating with flowers.

Romantic Decoration with Flowers

This romantic dinner was given by a friend to her partner in her kitchen, so I had to play a lot with the tonalities I had around me.

Following decorative advices, in his dining room there was a lot of orange tone, to convey that vibrant energy not only to the guests but to him.

And here is where integration comes in; he could not aspire to obscure the color of a whole wall (walls in fact) with a simple flower arrangement, he had to create harmony.

That’s why I decided to use the following flowers: Dahlias, dolphins and garden anemone.

I wanted to achieve integration correctly but, at the same time; I had to create a sweet transition from the active color in the decoration to the romantic aura of the dinner.

Orange, violet and blue were then my colors that, although two were totally opposite in the chromatic circle; if done well, they could create the perfect harmony.

It is important for you to always watch the high on table decorations. For this case; such decorations could not obstruct the possible eye contact of a couple who would sit down to eat and have a private chat, so the decoration was “dwarf”

How do you achieve this decoration in the best way?

Using the elements you have around you. The ashtray that matches the bar glasses, two of the glasses that are always stored and never used, a white porcelain plate.

All the elements already present in the decoration, with their shapes and textures, are the ones you must use to contain the flowers at the time of decorating.

That’s why it’s always good to keep any glass jar after you’ve emptied it, something very useful; especially for Nutella lovers that now you have an excuse to justify more of it. Of course, you can always use a dedicated vase, but if you already have a container that even matches the environment

What are you going to complicate things for?

The idea was to take the color of the decor and create a transition within the romantic aura of the table. Therefore, the height was given by the Dahlias. While I was preparing the flowers, I took advantage of each cocoon and each beautiful branch in view to create that “diminishing orange” effect.

The next thing was to use the lower vessels (I had already used the cups) to add, on a lower way, the progression on that color degradation by making use of the completely opened garden anemones.

The last of the details was the use of the ashtrays to create small water lilies with the dolphins; This part of the decoration was reinforced with petals path directly on the table that united both diners.

Here I show you a finished version of an already finished sample that we did later on open air

In general lines, inside your house, you can take advantage of the most popular techniques that you should slightly know.

Baskets of flowers for decoration are also a nice idea for a design in fall. An autumnal theme could be achieved with rusty-looking baskets; as long as you fill them with flowers that go according to fall.

In any case, never forget that this can be an extremely healthy and fun experience for the whole family. Involve your family in decorating with flowers, ask the princess what arrangement she would like to or ask everyone at home what arrangement they would like in the bathroom, it is very rewarding!

Decorating with Flowers Outdoors

No, I do not mean the dreamy white fence and the outside garden; I mean something closer to the front door.

Only at Christmas do people tend to decorate the front door with flowers, however; The gateway is one of the first interactions that everyone will have with your home

Why not make something so simple a great experience?

Unlike the rest of the interior of the house, the entrance doors offer greater flexibility when decorating with flowers.

This is because they are influenced by the exterior, the season in which it is currently, the color as well as the texture of the door.

Yellow, red, brown or orange are perfect for placing them on the entrance stairs leading to the patio. While the autumn wreaths outside the door, with the use of fresh drying leaves, sticks, berries or walnuts that you and your family can pick up in the woods, will give the door a very welcoming aura.

Something that was done long ago, but it is almost forgotten nowadays, is to make a scarecrow.

Although this is very different from the traditional one used in cornfields. This is more similar to the avatars of nature, or something more of the “welcome doll” style. It’s not meant to frighten, but to receive or “welcome” guests.

Caring for Decorative Flowers

Of course all these are just some rudimentary decorative ideas for some people, to others such ideas may seem extreme or out of place; but that’s fine. Remember that we are dealing with a very subjective topic.

But what we can all agree is, that flowers require special care to extend their life span as much as we can.

It is important that the stem is always cut diagonally when subtracting height.

Always work the bouquet from bottom to top. For example in flowers like the dolphins used in the decoration of the romantic table. Always from the bottom up to take advantage of the more open flowers for a height decoration.

Try to make the stem as clear as possible in the part that is in contact with the water. This in order to prevent the water from rotting too fast. Anyway; monitoring the state of water is something you should always do (every day)

Finally; talk to your flowers, love them, thank them for the fact that they are giving their last moments of life to beautify your house. Enriching the spirit through the beauty of flowers is something we should never underestimate, always be grateful.


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