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Destination Train Station | Decorating Visita Casas

train station


At some point during our childhood days, we become fascinated with various types of vehicles. Especially during travels, we get curious as to how they operate and how it feels like to be inside these vehicles as passengers. And some of us imaginated a little big, like a hole train station.

We may not remember it, but maybe (just maybe) an example of this interesting vehicle is the train. Perhaps you have a kid or you live with a kid who shares the same fascination with trains as you might have. So what can you do to customize your room to give it a train theme? The following are some ideas on how to design a train themed bedroom.

Train Station Themed Decoration

[one_half_first]First, what does a typical train looks like? A chain of cars running on steam (for old school trains) or those bullet trains that look like cylinders zooming really fast. Does he/she want the old school type or the more modern ones? Whatever the child chooses, you can use it as an inspiration for the colors and art on the walls, furniture and other accessories and necessities.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

train station
train station

Look for photos of trains and let the child choose which train to be the central theme of the room. Does he/she want to hillside setting or underground cityscape? From there, you’ll know which accessories to match with the walls.

But then the question arises: which wall should you exactly decorate? Well, the explanation has a lot to do with child psychology. You see, when a child like so much something and he/she asks you to be surround by it; it is because there is also something that fears a lot.

A child’s imagination is both: a shield and a sword They can take refuge in it and use it to amuse themselves; but it can also betray them at times and make them very afraid, even while inside their own room. Especially within their own room.

So if your child asks you for a decoration of this type or if he/she is very excited when listening to the proposal, then you can be sure that you will be building a space to play and to fight big fears.

Keeping this in mind; then use the decor to create a friendly environment in those focal points of the room that he may be afraid of.

These points are: the closet, under the bed, the farthest corner of the room from the bed. But first! Let us decorate what may be the most important of the elements: The Bed.

A train-shaped bed

train station
train station

Not only awake but also asleep, we travels to worlds that many of us can no longer visit; for that reason, one of the most important points to take into account when decorating is the bed.

And no, you do not need to buy a new bed to be able to do it; The DIY projects in which we involve the children are the ones that best tighten our bond with them.

When they feel their opinions are considered, respected and necessary to carry out a project; a child not only strengthens their bonds with us, it also increases their self-esteem.

train station

Therefore, the recommendation of Decorating Visita Casas; is to use your child’s carton, wood, paint and creativity to design a train-shaped outer armor for your bed.

Not only will you save a lot of money, they will also spend it on big ones and your child will have a bed / train like no other in the world.

Decorating the room’s critical points

Let us now turn to the three most important points; those in which we will create a kind of protective barrier to fight the monsters. And we start with the least work that will take us from those three places.

Decorating the Bed

train station

Can you really decorate under the bed? The answer is yes. Remember that just because you do not lie beneath your son’s bed; does not mean that he cannot enter that space.

And in fact, the part under the bed is one of the favorite and most feared places of all children. How can we decorate it with the theme of the train station then?

Simple, adding our own train station, or better than a simple station a complete train with everything and tracks!

If your child likes trains as much as to have a room decorated with that theme; you will surely need a remote control train that goes on its tracks making the typical CHOO sound! CHOO!

The best thing is to build some train tracks to keep them under the bed and that can be easily removed to play; is that you will give your child a tool to “see under the bed and drive away the monsters” without having to venture himself.

Just by pressing the power button the train will traverse the tracks underneath your bed lighting and helping to fight the fear.

The second plus point is that you will avoid the accumulation of toys, shoes or clothes under the bed. When a child loves a toy, he cares for it as much as his own life.

You can be completely sure that your child will not allow his favorite toy to be buried under the rubble, especially if you educate him/she well.

Decorating the big gate of the train station

The next point, of course, is the closet. Too many myths and too many urban legends, of course we are afraid; even when we are olders.

So let’s make it fun! How can that be achieved? Decorating both: the door and the exterior of it. Lights and colors are the best allies of the decor, and look how beautiful this decoration shines around the closet door.

train station

Decorating the doors on the outside and inside is another of those things that we forget along the way when we become adults. Even teens place signs on their doors, even if they say do not enter! They are an expression of themselves and their creativity. Surely the door of your bedroom does not have anything like that.

In fact, we only decorate the door on the eve of some celebration, be it Christmas or Halloween; but a child lives on his creativity, so it’s a great idea to decorate the doors inside your room.

Decorating the darkest and farthest corner

The last place to decorate is the one that does not look good during the nights; that dark corner on which the monster might stand. Well to counteract this, it is best to use light colors.

A great idea to decorate those distant points, is with large piece of light colors like the one you see in this photograph.

A coat rack in which to put the backpack, the train driver’s cap; And that at the top has a lamp which can be controlled with a cord or remote control.

Something as simple as that, and they can do together with some wood, nails, hammer and paint. It will give the final touch to the room and will now provide a focal point full of fun.

Details! Details!

train station

Of course, do not forget to include all kinds of elements both on the walls and on the floor, even in the sky of the room. The cubes where to store the toys can be quarry-shaped and; Let him draw some train tracks that pass through the room.

Do not forget, when it comes to decorating; the imagination is the limit. And no one has more imagination than a child, so take advantage and learn some things.


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