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Shelf Liners: your Magic in Disguise


Shelf liners are used for in different reasons. It can either be used as a design in your room makeover. It can also be a decoration in the different parts of your home like bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. but of course, with a shelf or a drawer in that area. One advantage of having a shelf liner is that it can make an old cabinet or drawer looks like new even if you didn’t replace them. Another thing about shelf liners is it is used in order to line shelves. Shelf liners are usually made up of plastic, coated paper or cork mats. The usual purpose of having a shelf liner is that it is used to cover your shelves from dirt, and to prevent breaking the glasses and dishes on hard surfaces.

The usual width of shelf liners is 12”, 18” and 24”. They are 10 or 25 feet long. Past shelf liners are only made up of materials which were coated paper with a peel of a kind of cement. Example is the contact paper. Nowadays, shelf liners are made up of different materials which are made up of plastic and with a combination of rubber. This combination is able to provide a dry surface and it lets the liner be put onto the top of the shelf.

You can also be creative with shelf liners because they are available in different colors and patterns of course that are suited to be used in your kitchen or bathroom. Plastic shelf liners may be thick or thin. It can also be soft or pliable, stiff or even smooth. If you want more cushioning for your kitchen materials like glasses and dishes, a thicker shelf liner will be the solution. On the other hand, ribbed shelf liners are able to let moisture break out from glasses or dishes though dirt can also be gathered into one place. Moreover, do not worry because most of the shelf liners today are water-resistant and sturdy. If you want to test its durability, you can throw it out in your washing machine! Another good thing about shelf liners is that you won’t have a hard time cleaning it because they are very easy to cleanse.

Another thing that you determine in shelf liners is its adhesiveness. Adhesive liners are a bit hard to install and don’t forget that it should only be used on unpainted surfaces, vinyl, laminates, glass or metal. For the non-adhesive liners, it can be safe and easy to use because you can use it in many surfaces unlike the adhesive ones.

In using shelf liners, you need to use your creativity and practicality. If you live in an old house or just an apartment, you can use shelf liners in order to cover the different markings of dirt and soil found in your shelves which were used for a long peiod of time. They can also be used in dressing up your cupboards and clear glass cabinet doors. Truly, shelf liners are magic in disguise because it can make something old look new in your eyes and it can help your pocket too because shelf liners aren’t that expensive. Good luck!

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