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With mirrors you will be able to make your room look bigger



Decorating our bedroom with one or more mirrors can provide us with a space that will not only look wider, but also brighter and even romantic or sexy.

There are many options, but at the same time, there are many myths that surround mirrors. Especially with regards to Feng Shui.

But all those lies that you may have been told today we will unmask them; if you want to have a mirror in your room you can do it!

And if you do not get much inspiration because you have given up the idea long ago; we will also leave you a gallery quite wide of photographs so that you can get a different image to help you boost that creativity.

The Mirror in the Bedroom


As you know, the mirror is a very powerful magic tool. But also a fundamental decorative piece that cannot be missing in any house, not to mention its practical usefulness for everyday life.

What we at Decorating Visita Casas recommend to people who have small spaces or; who definitely have a space with a lot of potential to look super elegant and spacious thanks to a mirror is:

Do not be afraid to use the mirror, use it correctly!

And It is that myths surrounding Feng Shui have been misrepresented by people themselves mostly due to many horror films. Mirrors can be kept at home; the point is to know how to position them.

They can even be kept in the bedroom, as long as you respect the following rules that we will mention before you touch the subject of how to apply them as decorative pieces

Mirrors and Feng Shui

As portals and magic tools are so powerful, mirrors are activated even though we do not know how to do it, as long as the conditions are right for them.

In this case it is: through the flow of energies.

Whenever we are in front of a mirror there is an exchange of energy that, like a swing, is increasing similar to a wave and ends up amplifying these energies.

Although mirroring the room is very feasible, we must be careful about this flow of energy during night; the way to avoid such things from happening is to make sure we do not reflect ourselves while we spleep.


In other words, you can have the mirror inside your bedroom wherever you want, as long as, depending on the position you are in, you cover it at night.

This extends the options to a decorative level. Because it means that you can acquire a hairstylist with doors at the top to hide the mirror but; at the same time, while opening furniture of that style you will have more space for LED lights or other mirrors on the doors.

Of course there are cheaper ways but, if you want to add a modern style to your room, you could even add a sliding roof screen that covers and / or reveals a mirror over the bed.

The best locations to place the mirror

Inside the room, depending on its size, there are several sites that are very fitting. Whether you want to add a sense of immensity to the whole room; help the energies to flow better, more meaningful lighting or just look at you before you leave, here we tell you the best place to set it.

Inside the closet


The main idea of the mirror as a tool of daily life is to see ourselves in it to evaluate our appearance. In that sense.

What better place than the one closest to clothes?

If what you want is something handy, that reflects your figure but at the same time the small light and dimensions of the closet (at least small compared to the rest of the room), it is obvious that the mirror can be placed on the inner side of the closet’s door.

Your room will then be something totally different with the cabinet door opened or with the cabinet door closed, a minimalist concept where “if you are not using it, save it” so why keep a mirror “working actively” 24 hours a day if we will only use it to check us while we dress?

Use the strategic position of the mirror to quickly evaluate one garment after another without causing much disorder, then those pieces you do not like; you can return them to the closet immediately.

In front of the window light

If you have a large window inside the room, a mirror that reflects natural light and at the same time much of the bedroom will be great.

The feeling of immensity and clarity that the mirror will add will be exquisite and, a wall mirror is definitely an impeccable decorative addition.

The mirror does not have to be right in front of the window, depending on the direction of sunlight; it could simply be on an adjacent wall and still fulfill its function.


At this point the decorative aspect weights a lot. Mirrors made of wide glass can perfectly cover the whole wall in a small room; however, reduced mirrors allow us to “play” with the decoration and design of a frame, which can improve greatly the looks of a room without interfering with the functional aspect of the mirror itself!

A mirror on a white background but limited by a black frame gives the perfect decorative illusion of being a work of art; for instance, circular or oval mirrors can be decorated with very beautiful mosaics made by you.

It also gives us the opportunity to include an additional set of curtains to cover the mirror at bedtime in order to not reflect ourselves or you can buy a mirror with wheels. If you have enough space in the room, you can just turn its position around depending on where you want to place your bed.

Do not forget that mirrors with base, although they are usually very large and static, offer the great advantage of being able to rotate over their axis up to 180º, that is to say, during nights you can turn the mirror to not reflect your image while you sleep

Without changing position!

At the exit door


That’s right! One last look before leaving your house, final touches. This reflects much of the room. Feng Shui tells us not to place the bed on the same wall as the door but adjacent to be able to see who enters and leaves; for that reason we can place the bed in a place where the mirror will not reflect us.

All cards are in favor of this, another alternative for our mirror in the bedroom. A full body mirror because the surface is wide enough for it.

The most important thing to keep in mind is:

No scenes where you end up slamming the door!

Always remember that the mirror is at the door, a simple spanking can cause a disaster that you will never forget in your life.

And as promised is debt, here we leave a rather extensive gallery of photos of bedrooms with mirrors integrated into their decoration. But we do not want to say goodbye without first remembering the following: you do not have to believe in Feng Shui in order to decorate your place.

Different beliefs and religions of people are to be respected or embraced, but you should never submit to them mandatorily. So you can put the mirror wherever you like it the best despite what Feng Shui says.

That way you will have new canvases in which to work when focusing your decorative concept in the bedroom.


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