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Learn How to Arrange Decors Artistically and Make Decorative Framing


If you think your room is very bare and your room’s decor does not have the kind of arrangement that you would like it to have, then there are a lot of ways that can give you the change that you want in your room. With the use of artful arranging and decorative framing, see how your bare room can have a touch of art. Here are some tips that you can make use of for you to have that arrangement that would surely give your room a new look.

Decorative Framing
If you have hands made for painting and you have drawings that are hidden in your room with bare walls, this could be the perfect time for you to show those paintings off and give your room a new look. You can start by having your paintings framed or you can do the framing yourself. If ever you would decide to frame the paintings yourself, all you have to prepare is a picture frame, acid-free matte boards (2 for each picture frame), adhesive photo corners, rulers, fabric, framing tape, a knife, a pencil and a pair of scissors. These are materials that are readily available in craft shops out there and after gathering all the materials, you can start framing your own painting.

When doing the framing you can make use of your artistic talent to shape the frame the way you want it to look like. Add some decorative touches to make it look more elegant and would be nice to see hanging on your wall. Make sure to choose matte colors that would compliment the work of art that you have, as well as use acid-free materials and then select a frame that would be of same color as your artwork.

Artful Arranging
Now after framing, arranging your work of art would be the next step. You can make use of these tips so you can never go wrong in hanging those pieces of art that you have. Regardless of the height of your ceiling, make sure that you hang your piece of art at its focal point which is around 57 to 60 inches from the floor. This will make your painting more noticeable. Make use of the free spaces on your walls wisely. Wall spaces may be interrupted by windows, furniture and doors, thus scaling your artwork in any space available would look better on your wall. Another option that you can have is to group your pictures with similar art or similar sizes of frames. This would make a great décor on your wall.

You can arrange your framed paintings while giving scale to the room. Say for example, multiple arts with small prints hung one on top of the other can be a perfect arrangement for a wall that is narrow while art works that have the horizontal composition may look good on a room’s circumference. Arrange the artworks that you have now, and you will not only show the talent that you have in artistry, you will also add great décor in the bare walls of your home.

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