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14 Tips on Decorating Your Home for Autumn


Autumn season is coming and so do celebrations. You may want to redecorate your home to prepare it for the thanksgiving celebration. Here are some tips that would surely give your home an autumn feel with a great look. A dried leaf arrangement is a good point to start in your living room. You can make a centerpiece out of the design that you can make out of plants like the evergreens and cones that are mixed with the twigs. You can add a vase or an urn and turn it into something artistic where you can arrange your flowers to make it look good.

Rustic styled livingroomThe next part that you can decorate are the windows. You can now hang curtains on your windows. This would add warmth inside your home. This would keep the warmth inside your home and prevent the cold from the autumn season from coming in; thus, giving a cozy feeling inside your home. You just have to choose a color of the curtain that would nicely go with the painting of your room; because only the texture and the weight of the curtain matters.

Tips on making your house flamboyant this autumn

[one_half_first]Decorating the house beautifully is something that everyone aspires and wishes to do and enjoying doing this thoroughly. Everyone wants to decorate their house in a luxurious way. But because of budget problems people are often unable to beautify their house according to their own choice and design. On the other hand, everyone is not familiar with the methods of decorating their house within budget by using appropriate and smart tricks. Seasonal changes also pay a pivotal role in the interior decoration of the house.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Decorating your house in the same way throughout the year can make you feel monotonous in your own home and make feel dull in your own house. Will you feel comfortable in your house if it doesn’t provide you warmness in the winter season? If it fails to enhance the coolness of summer will you forgive yourself for not making it possible? If your home does not give you the happiness of coming back home Christmas or does not energize you with positivity in new-year will you enjoy living in it? Your house should connect with the nature and utilize the beauty and freshness of nature to enhance your home’s internal beauty. The interior decoration of your house should give you the correct vibe of the weather even when you are not under the sky and sitting in a room surrounded by four walls. In order to do that, you should make necessary changes in your home with the change in seasons. You should decorate your house or make necessary changes in the interior decorations of your house according to the changes in the season so that your home can make you feel connected with the nature and help you embrace the seasonal change or the change in nature graciously.

Autumn is the season between summer and winter; also called “Fall”. In the northern hemisphere it is from the September equinox to the December solstice; in southern hemisphere it is from the March equinox to the June solstice. The word “AUTUMN” is also used in a metaphorical way which means the maturity stage of life or decline of a certain time period. This also signifies the natural characteristics of autumn. AUTUMN is the third season out of the four seasons and it is also the best time to get prepared to stay warm in winter and bid adieu to scorching heat of summer. This season can give you both-the cold and cozy feeling of the winter and the shinny rays of sunlight of summer. So, this season is the perfect combination of summer and winter. This season is also the time of harvest. So, autumn is the perfect time to celebrate life and nature how intricate these two are with each other. So, your house also deserves to utilize the flamboyance of this spectacular season and give your home the makeover that it deserves to stay proportionately beautiful with this season. Tips tricks to decorate your house for autumn are given below:

1: Sketch the decoration first

Whatever or however you want to design your home for autumn, the first thing that you certainly need to do is make a blueprint or sketch of your plans. If possible draw a design of the entire house and add your inputs in it. By doing so, you can remember every single thought that will pop up in your mind and preserve it to use it while implementing the design or literally decorating the house. It can also help you to fulfill every single requirement of your own.

2: Don’t go the clichéd way

What is the first thing that comes in your mind whenever the idea of decorating your house for autumn comes in your mind? Using some autumn leaves in the front door as a decorative piece and some old rotten pieces of pumpkins right? But why does it always needs to be that way? Think out of the box. Think of something new.

3: Use different color palates

The common theory of decorating the house for autumn is that everything is bound to be orange. But there is no harm is experimenting with different color shades. You can also decorate your house with colors like blue, green, lime, wine red or even dark colors like red, orange. There is no problem with using the color orange but don’t you feel bore for using the same orange color for decades? Use different colors and give your house a different look.

4: Use neutral shades on the wall

You can use neutral or pastel shades on the wall for decorating your home. Giving your walls a neutral or light shade can balance the entire decoration of your house. Also, light color walls will help you feel the freshness of the season.

5: Going green always work

Though autumn is famous for fallen leaves and orange palates but going green will not hinder the tempo of this season. In fact, it will add a zest of freshness in your home.

6: Rocking chair will definitely rock!!

A rocking chair by the window will give you the opportunity to spice up your lazy afternoons in the porch by being ushered the soothing beauty of the nature and get astonished by the changing weather and get mesmerized by the season of autumn.

7: Think outside the pumpkin

You can use and beautify the pumpkin by coloring it or cutting it different and interesting sizes and shapes. Not all pumpkins deserve a spooky makeover. In order to, distinguish between Halloween and autumn decorations you need to make some changes in decorating the pumpkin. By adding a lace doily over the stem, the pumpkin becomes a bright focal point on your front porch.

8: Utilize what is called waste

You can use fallen leaves to make a beautiful art to hang on the neutral painted wall and give your home the zest of autumn. You can use some DIY tricks to utilize the wasted leaves in a good way.

9: Make your center pieces the center of attraction

You can use small white and orange pumpkins to use a centerpiece for your home. Use dried hydrangeas, fallen leaves to create center pieces and make a statement.

10: Use a pop of color on the walls

Though autumn is all about keeping it simple and minimalistic but you can hang colorful and vibrant wallpapers to hang on the wall. A wallpaper of tree leaves will also do the work of vibrant posters if you want to skip the pomposity and want to stay simple as possible.

11: Prepare the bar

Autumn is all about celebrating life and nature. So make sure that your house has a bar in the cozy corner or in the balcony to mark your celebrations with your best friends.

12: Rugs and lamps can always help

You can use lamps in your house to get extra lights in the house. Autumn can give your home the light that it needs but using extra lights in your home doesn’t hurt. Rugs are also something that can play an inevitable role in decorating your house for autumn and save you some energy.

13: Cozy place to sit

Make yourself feel cozy in autumn. Arrange sitting place in house by using soft pillows and warm blankets. Create a reading room in one corner of your bedroom by using big pillows and some warm blankets.

14: Go vintage

Going vintage will always be in rage. Vintage pieces are never out of fashion. You can also use some vintage details for a change to decorate your house this autumn. Remember what now is vintage was once new.

Decorating own home is an absolute pleasure. And decorating the house for autumn is a very exciting task for every person as it is the combination of summer and winter and marks the celebration of harvesting. Using the tips above everyone can decorate their house appropriately and beautifully for autumn and embrace the beauty of nature and  let the beauty of autumn enter to your own house

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