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Decorating Your Home In a Day


Decorating your home in a day may seem like an impossible task since you may think that you lack the sufficient amount of time that you need to cover the whole house. However, there are certain decorating ideas that you can do in an hour that would really give your home a new look. These are decorating ideas that you can do by yourself with a little help from family members. In a matter of just several hours, you will have a home with a new look.

Start With the Living Room
Your living room is a part of your home that you can easily redecorate. Adding a few decors and changing the arrangement of the furniture will give it a new look. You can also add treatments that can give it a feel of the current season. Be it Christmas time or Thanksgiving time, you can easily redecorate your living room. You can change the cushion cover and choose a color that would suit the season. Put some throw pillows that would compliment the colors of the cushion covers. Then you can add a centerpiece on the table of the living room, giving it the season’s feel. You can also rearrange the furniture in the living room giving it the look that you want and put some curtains that would match the colors that you already have in the said room. Decorations like wreaths and bells or poinsettias can be hung all over the room during Christmas season.

Decorate the Patio
The patio is up next. This is a part of the house you would not have a hard time redecorating. There are a lot of decorating ideas that you can make use of if there is a holiday. During Christmas, wreaths, ribbons and bells would give your patio a new look. If not, you can place plants, a table with a centerpiece and chairs or even have the wall repainted to give it an updated look.

The Dining Room is Next
Now you can start redecorating your dining room. You can make your table look different in several ways. If you think your table is bare, you can add a centerpiece to your table. Then repaint your dining room walls to make it look updated with the color that matches the furniture that you already have in the dining room. Hang some frames and this will give you a better-looking dining room.

Bedroom Decorating
Your bedroom is the next stop. Change the bed covers and put a bed cover that would suit the season to give it the season’s feel. Change the pillow cases to make it match the bed cover. You can also put on curtains to compliment the colors inside the room and make sure that the colors that you use are colors that will help you relax. You can also change the location of the bed and add some decors that would make your room feel more comfortable. If you have enough space, try adding some furniture like a sofa bed and place some stuffed toys. This would definitely add a sense of cozy comfort and will prepare your room if ever an unexpected visitor comes over.

These are simple redecorating tips giving your home a new look in a day or less.

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