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You can create railing on the floor


After painting, the bed can look like a train car. By mounting painted plywood on the edges of the bed, it can resemble a train car since buying a train car-shaped bed would easily be outgrown and it would be far too expensive. At least, when making these kinds of projects, the child can easily participate as well. Bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets with train prints are available at your local department store.

Train shaped bed

What’s a train without rails? You can create railing on the floor and use it as areas to place toy boxes, train models, books, and other belongings. You can add those red lights that go on when a train is about to pass by cutting out from cardboard and placing it on a stand at the end of the “rail”. For accessories, you can place train tickets around the walls or a desk. You can also mount photos of different “destinations” such as postcards around the bed. On train stations, there are usually vending machines. You can construct a cabinet that looks like a vending machine with the child’s belongings in it. Perhaps you can convert that into a bookshelf as well.
Train themed bed

Remember that it’s possible for girls to like trains as well so just add elements of girly stuff to suit the child. Other add-ons can include a recording of a train making the “choo choo” (or even the chugging) sound and setting it as the alarm sound. Lastly, you can also cut out and paste together a creative “station name” with your child’s name. The decorating process is actually the fun part so get your child involved with the project, as it is his or her room that you will be decorating; that way, seeing the end product of the train themed bedroom would be more fulfilling. So go on and design a train themed bedroom with your child today.

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