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Things to Know about Granite tiles


Thinking of using granite tiles for your floors and countertops? Do you know how to choose the right ones? Here are some fundamental things that you should know before you go about buying granite tiles for your home.

How granites are formed:
Granites are actually stones that are formed naturally beneath the surface of the earth. They are formed as layers of rock in the earth’s core by repeated heat and pressure impacted on them by the earth’s atmosphere. It is a type of igneous rock formed from the liquid magma present between layers of rock. The pressure and heat and the subsequent cooling hardens the liquid to a solid rock. The magma constitutes of certain elements like mica, feldspar and also quartz. These are responsible for the crystalline appearance of the granite when its formation is completed. The hardness and durable quality of the granite is from the repeated treatment of the stone under various temperatures inside the earth’s core over several hundreds of years.

Grey granite tile

Processing of the raw granite:
Once the granite is excavated it is sent for processing in plants specialised for treating the raw granites. The first stage is the cutting stage where the huge chunks of rock are cut down to blocks which can be handled comfortably. These blocks are then reduced to slabs and tiles of various sizes and shapes by using wire saws. These saws are sharpened with the help of abrasives like aluminium oxide, diamond and sand. Water jets at high pressure are used alternatively with the saws for cutting the granites. After the cutting stage the stone undergoes polishing which is usually limited to one side. Then the final product is calibrated and gauging is done on it.

Now the tiles made with granite are completed and fit for use in your homes. Granite finds it use mostly in the kitchen where the countertops and table tops are fitted with it. It can be used outdoors too and the tiles that are left behind can also be used in places like the surrounding area of the fireplace, as cutting boards and also as coasters.

Granite tiles

Most people prefer granite countertops as they are heat resistant and also are easily cleanable. They require very little attention and regular care. But still some amount of looking after is needed. You can add some sealant to the granite for proper protection from moisture. And it should be polished at regular intervals with polishers and cleanser to retain that shining and dazzling look. With sparkling looks and durable quality no wonder granite tiles are the most popular choice for decorating both your interiors and exteriors.

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  1. In the modern kitchen, granite has become the standard for beauty and durability. Resistant to heat, stains, cracking and scratching,granite offers a seemingly endless array of patterns and stunning color combinations for you to choose from.Countertops are the most common use for granite in the kitchen today. Granite is available in a wide range of color palettes, from light tans, grays and creams to deeper browns, red tones and even black. Granite contains crystals, and depending on the variety you choose, the crystals may be more pronounced, creating a sparkling effect, or less pronounced resulting in a solid color appearance. When granite is mined it can be specially prepared for use in kitchens, through a process of polishing and chemically sealing it.

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