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Doorknob Decorations at its Best


When re-decorating our rooms, we usually overlooked at the simplest and smallest part of it. We’re more on the walls, the shelves, the door, but we never tried to decorate our doorknobs. Most likely, doorknobs are decorated by maybe only 2 out of 10 people. Likewise, doorknobs aren’t that hard to decorate. Designing your doorknobs can even make your room more elegant than before. With this article, we will be able to impart to you the different tips that you can use in decorating your doorknobs.

The first thing that you can do is paint your doorknob. Don’t use traditional or wall house paints because it can be easily peeled off. Try using metallic paints for the royalty look or even a textured look. Metallic paint is easy to dry so use your brush and paint quickly. Don’t brush with different strokes. It is better to use only one direction of the strokes especially that the metallic paint can dry easily. One coat can be enough but you can use two coatings in order to have a better effect.

After painting, you can put on other designs like stones. Put on masking tape and tape it on the knob. Let it be there until the paint dries. If you’re not using metallic paint, wait for the paint to dry and glue your accessories into the knob. You can also use different appliqués. Example of this is the different patterns like tulips, butterflies, ladybugs and many more. You can paint first the knob according to the kind of appliqué that you are going to use in order to have a harmonious effect on your doorknob.

You can use different accessories like metallic initials or monograms unto your doorknob. You can buy these accessories in your local markets. Make sure that whatever you’re going to use, it will be suited to the theme of the room. If the theme of the room is underwater, you can use a fish or seashell kind of design. Another thing that you can buy and use is a hanger. There are a variety of designs for the hangers. Some have designs like of a girl, a boy and many more. Other hangers are multi-functional because they can be used in holding your keys, holding a pad for your messages and things and many more.

You can do experimentation when applying your designs. Just make sure that it is according to your taste and theme for it may lead a disastrous effect to the overall appearance of your room. If you’re not into painting, you can apply different accessories that are available in the local markets.

There can be different designs that you can use for your doorknobs. It is based on you on which one will you do in order to have a new and improved doorknob of your own that reflects your very own personality. Good luck in designing!

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