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  • The gender of your child should be also put into consideration when choosing the colors

The gender of your child should be also put into consideration when choosing the colors


The gender of your child should be also put into consideration when choosing the colors. For girls, you can consider white or pink. For boys, you can try baby green and warm and sunny yellow. You can also apply baby blue for either sexes or some more combinations.

Far west styled boys bedroom

After you have settled with the colors, think of the concept that would be liked by your child. Cartoon characters are very popular to children but their interest doesn’t settle on a single character only as new characters will be surfacing day in and day out. It is important that you have to be creative enough in this do-it yourself redecoration; you may try some classical children characters and timeless superheroes. You can also try a combination of two or more characters. You can have Spiderman theme for boys or Cinderella concept for girls. Your theme should also blend with your color choice.

When done with the theme, it’s now your time to choose furniture items. In selecting the right furnishings, you don’t have to buy the expensive one, simple and classic wooden materials are better. As for its colors, just get out from too bright colors so as not to overshadow your concept. Simple and classical can easily blend with any theme of your choice. Choose also items that are serviceable – from a bed and a desk to a dresser and a lamp. You can also add book shelf and a little permanent cabinet for toys. Just a piece of advice, never consider any breakables or smaller things that might trigger accident.

It is also best if you can add some wall decors such as original art piece. Classical children characters are also good choices as these could be easily removed and changed anytime. The carpet should be also soft and comfortable for his young skin. You can as well play with the curtain and the bed sheet by adding some ribbons or other accessories.

Princess bedroom

For your child’s pleasure, you can also put some more stuff toys of his choice. Lastly, bear in mind that children are naturally jolly and playful. They love to explore on new things and enjoy manipulating things they have. They better enjoy doing these stuffs in an equally cheerful environment with good atmosphere. Providing this comfortable space in your home, your child will really love to stay and do their playful stuff there. Remember, children developed memories that determine their persons when they grow up. So it is your task to make the best out of this do-it yourself redecoration.

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