Get that loud twenties theme with modern twists for your home game room design

You have been infatuated by a game room with a classical and boisterous theme like those seen in the 1920’s. But you don’t want your game room to appear antique so you want to incorporate some modern twists so your room will still appear modern-looking while bringing you your desired 20’s feel.

1920's style

If that is the case, you could try some of our home game room design ideas that will never run out of the thrill of the modern feel of the 20’s classical designs. Why you have to waste time on the neighborhood bar when you can have it right at your home? What you have to do is only to get that home game room space of yours ready for an instant makeover.
1920' phone

The over-all theme. First to put into consideration when thinking of your home game room design is the overall theme. 20’s classic is about brittle and bold colors. But be sure that the strong colors you are using should appear clean and “in” so you can still have your modern feel. Bold red or vivid green are some of the best options. You can also add some more basic lines or geometrical figures so your room will not appear bold boring. For the flooring, 20’s design is best achieved when you used floor tiles. There are wide selections of tiles in the neighboring hardware stores but make sure that you get the color that are equally bold to give you a consistent match with your theme. Vinyl tiles with geometric audacious designs would be a good choice. Black and white vinyl tiles that will make a check board pattern will give you the best home game room flooring. For your ceiling, just play with the color of your choice. For your lighting, hang a chandelier.


twenties styled game room

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