Victorian furniture for your kids’ rooms

Victorian furniture is uniquely characterized by its smooth curved designs and intricate patterns. To get them around a children’s room you would have to consider the simpler, less ornate designs, designs that are durable enough such as large curves and reclining patterns.

Victorian furniture

Chairs with large cushions on the back are usually much simpler in design than chairs with all-wood backs, not only are they more stress proof, but the kids would be able to sit better too. As for Victorian themed beds, you should concentrate on the pillow and blanket’s design. It is highly recommended that the bed’s skeletal structure should not be of Victorian style, a modern design would suffice, for as long as the bed itself is of Victorian style,

Other Victorian furniture, such cabinets and tables, can simply be kept as they are, as long as the furniture keeps its functionality over its complexity. Cabinets with glass pieces are not recommended as they risk being damaged easily, and are hard to clean once they get shattered accidentally. Carpets and other floor articles such as rugs and mats of Victorian design can also be kept as they are, in fact, they can be as elaborate and as detailed as they can be, provided that they still match the general color theme of the room.

Victorian table

In conclusion, a Victorian themed room for kids is not that impossible, if you just add some practicality to it. But remember, it’s still up to the parents to discipline their kids into preserving their rooms, as they did during the Victorian era.


victorian kids furniture

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