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How to Clean Artificial Flowers


Artificial flowers are a great way to keep a household looking fresh and lively without the costly expense of having to buy live flowers every week. While some artificial flowers may look cheap and fake, some may be convincingly realistic. If you want to have artificial flowers in your house, make the investment of buying pricier yet also more high quality ones for, if properly maintained, they will make a big difference in your living space.

If you have committed to purchasing high quality artificial flowers, you must also learn how to thoroughly clean artificial flowers. This can be quite tricky as many of them, especially top quality ones, are made of delicate fabrics and materials that can be easily damaged if handled the wrong way. By reading and understanding the following tips, you will be an expert in no time.

For tiny dirt particles or light coats of dust, one can use a handheld blow-dryer on the lowest setting. Bottles of compressed air may also be an option. With gentle yet purposive blows of air, any loose particles of dirt and dust will easily be removed.
For heavier coats of dust, silk flower cleaning sprays can be used to clean flowers. These sprays dissolve dust upon contact and are hence perfect for the gentle process. While these silk flower cleaning sprays come in a range of prices, it is important not to skimp on these. High costing silk flower cleaning sprays are efficient and effective in dissolving dust particles without ruining the artificial flower design whereas low costing silk flower cleaning sprays can actually seal in dirt and other foreign particles. Some cheap silk flower cleaning sprays can even stain artificial flowers and should hence never be used.

If you are interested in more cost-effective means to do that, there are certainly some options you can choose from. One popular method is to take a relatively large plastic bag and pour about half a cup of salt into it. Next, place a few artificial flowers inside and shake the contents for a few minutes. Make sure to clean only a few artificial flowers at a time because too many of them inside the plastic bag could cause them to get flattened or scratched. If done effectively, this cleaning method can remove even the most difficult to reach dirt and dust particles.

If you are certain about the colour permanence of your artificial flowers, you can try mixing up a vinegar and water solution based on a 1:1 ratio. Pour the vinegar and water solution into a clean spray bottle and gently spray your artificial flowers from a good distance. The idea is to mist the artificial flowers with a light coat of the vinegar and water solution rather than drench them.

With this range of options on how to clean artificial flowers, you can pick the method that is most effective and convenient to you. Whether you are willing to spend a few bucks or spare a few extra minutes, make sure that you maintain your commitment to keeping you flowers clean and good-as-new; otherwise, your good investment might just turn to dry and wilted flowers.

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