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How to Decorate the Entryway So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

The entryway of a home is the one that guides what kind of people live in that house. It is where you really perceive the first impression of its inhabitants, not in the facade as many people think.

If you and your family do not feel a radical change of atmosphere just by stepping into the house; then you can be sure that something is missing, and visitors will also notice it.

Although it can be a rather a complex work of decoration, here we give you several tips to achieve a fabulous entry to your home.

Do you like Japanese decoration? Do you like the modern style? This is the article for you then.

Making the Entryway to the Castle Memorable

Well, saying castle can be a bit exaggerated (unless you actually have one, if so, invite me); at the time of decorating the entry must always take into account the following criteria in mind, regardless of the style you want to use:

  • It must be clean sensorially speaking, I do not mean just keeping it free of dust and stains; It should feel spacious and pure, so use scents and distribute the accessories well, later on we are going to explain how to do it.
  • Never allow things to crowd into the doorway so that they may hinder free passage, not even from looks. If someone wanted to see out, they should not see their field of vision blocked by the coats or umbrellas of the guests.
  • Always add an entry table. Although how versatile this table can be, will depend a lot on the decorative concept that you want to implement; usually the entry table should be minimalist and multifunctional. Always keep in mind that the table should not be very large, but of a remarkable height.

Those are the three basic criteria to have it in every entry of a home, nevertheless, now we pass to the most complex part: the decorative style.

Let’s start first with the classical, no extravagances things that only the rich can afford; Keep a real vision and an objective perspective.

Contemporary style at the entryway

More than a table that allows placing the famous bowl for the keys. The entry table should be designed to store everything.

To be able to keep the different objects that we always need to have at hand but which we do not always use; That should be the main vision when placing a table at the entrance.

That is why this furniture, rather than something delicate and ornamental in itself, should be sober, solid; But above all with enough space to store without obstructing the view or the free space to transit.

How is this achieved?

For with drawers and invisible panels in the cabinet. Sliding doors, and above all a height that does not go above our waist. The height factor is very important, as it can make people feel “asphyxiated” when they pass by.

Whether you have a hallway-type entrance or an entrance more of the individual room style; The receiving table should always have these characteristics. I personally have a picture about it; So that should tell you more or less how high the table should be. Remember that the center of a painting should always be at eye level.

And this is where we enter a very important decorative aspect: paintings and paintings.

The hall is the perfect area of ??the home to place art, but that art that is manufactured inside the home or nourishes the home. Photos discreet but with authentic expressions of special moments should go in this area.

Not those of graduation, nor those of the wedding. Only you without additives.

In that way people will perceive who actually lives there.

The same applies for works of art, it may be a little complex to arrange the pictures for the way of the exhibition, however; It is important that the first picture sets the tone for what is inside the house.

If you want to opt for something more practical then you could place a mirror as long as it does not directly reflect the person when entering. Not only does it cause a rather exhilarating impression, also for Feng Shui purposes, it is not recommended. A mirror on a side wall will always be a good choice.

Talking about Feng Shui

A mirror, a plant or a ZEN garden; depending on the cardinal quadrant in which the portal of entrance of your house is, some of those three elements will be the best one to locate it there.

You could also bring something of the traditional Japanese style and; At the bottom of the table with sliding doors, creates enough divisions for people to leave their shoes there before entering the house.

The Japanese include in each of these cubes a set of slippers, for some people find it strange to walk without shoes; Remember that as a host, the comfort of your guests is a priority.

Let’s talk about plants

The plants in the entrance will vary according to the general style of the decoration. It is very common to use palm trees because of their resistance and ability to survive without lots of sunlight.

However, a table palm is not the most beautiful thing you will see in decoration. Before placing the plant in the entrance you should consider the following thing:

Will it be on the table or will it be on the floor?

This will help determine the height of the plant and also its color. If the Victorian concept is the dominant one in the decoration of the home; then the best decorative option may be the flowers inside a vase.

A vase decorated with Toilé de Jouy on its exterior displaying flowers of blue, pink or red; Always with a touch of truth. Everything will depend on the Feng Shui in your house, that is, the flow of energy and of course, the decorative concept that you employ.

Other important details

if you are one of those people who have a closet in their closet congratulations! You have solved one of the drawbacks that are generated at the time of wanting to create visual cleaning in the decoration of the entrance.

The coat rack put it or not put it?

All stand hangers have two things in common: they are beautiful and take up a lot of space. A place to put the coats, hats and umbrellas cannot miss! But what happens when this high addition adds us visibility?

We are then given up on beauty in exchange for functionality. However, it really is so functional if it makes the decoration look overloaded; The safest answer is no.


Because if our line of sight that is not free, then our road to safe transit will not be either. Maybe we can physically walk freely, but that is not how we perceive it in our minds. In that way it’s sometimes the best thing to use,  the wall shelves instead of the standing ones.

In them not only can be left the coats, hats and umbrellas; also the keys, the strap to walk the dog and even a backpack. As long as it is not just behind the door, I guarantee that you will have enough space to store and enough space to transit.

And the colors?

The colors silvery, brown and green; are a great option to give a warm touch to the lobby.

Remember that it is an area that lends itself well for welcome and goodbyes; that is why human warmth should be reinforced in this type of conversations; otherwise they will feel false or generic.

White is also a great color to add but; you already have a lot of white on the wall, before painting the wall I recommend you use a decorative vinyl.

Add shapes and textures to the entrance that reflect your inner self and that of your family is what every entryway of a home should include; do not be afraid to try something new and always keep an open mind to new opinions and possibilities.


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