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How to Eliminate Odor from Shoes


For some people, learning how they can eliminate odor from shoes can be a big deal. But before this problem can be addressed, admitting that you have the problem can be embarrassing. Usually, smelly shoes are caused by smelly feet. These are caused by the growth of bacteria. In order to stop this from occurring, it is important that you make sure your feet do not get moist as this only causes bacteria to grow. However, this is only a later issue as you first need is to get rid of the embarrassing odor.

While there are some certain products that can help address this problem, there are also simple home remedies that you can use. But in order to thoroughly get rid of the odor, the bacteria must be killed.

For this, here are some ways this can be achieved:
• When removing your shoes after a long day at work, the insides of your shoes should be thoroughly coated with baking soda. You can then seal them using a plastic bag and freeze them until the following day. The cold temperature can kill the bacteria while the baking soda can absorb the scent. After you remove your shoes from the freezer, you should place them in an area which is well ventilated so that the remaining extra moisture can be eliminated.

• If there is not enough space in your freezer, you can simply just spray or pour some rubbing alcohol into your shoes so that the insides can be coated. After, you should place them on their sides while leaving them out in an area which has enough ventilation. Just like the cold temperature, rubbing alcohol can kill the bacteria. However, this will evaporate quickly. When it has thoroughly evaporated, you can then put a few amounts of baking soda so that the remaining moisture or odor can be absorbed.

You can also choose the many products that have been manufactured to specifically address this problem. There are a lot of them available on the market. Whatever process you prefer, the important thing is that you kill the bacteria. If you don’t do this, bacteria can still grow and will continue causing a problem to your feet. In order to thoroughly get rid of the problem, you should first address what causes it.
This can be done by the following:
• Dry your feet well after showering.
• Apply an anti-perspirant foot powder to your feet if you suffer from excessive sweat.
• Thick cotton socks should be worn.
• Change your socks as often as needed so that your feet remains dry all the time.
• When your shoes get wet or moist, make sure they get completely dry before using them again.

The best way you can eliminate odor from shoes is by getting to what causes it. If you do this, you can avoid having smelly feet and shoes and not be embarrassed by this again.

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