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How to take care of leather furniture


Leather has been one of the most commonly used materials on vehicle and home apparel. Even bags, shoes and some accessories such as wristwatches are made of leather. Leather furniture is good to keep at any kind of home, as it can provide the warmth it needs during winter, and can provide comfortable seating during the summer. But how do you take care of leather furniture? We do need to preserve it at some point, or else we’ll all be taking another trip to the furniture shop.

Keeping the leather furniture in the least state of repair can be one of the ways to take care of leather furniture. For example, even if dad’s aching to watch the big night with some good old beer in front of the television, you might want to advise him not to let the beer drip over the leather. While leather won’t actually absorb beer easily, leaving the stain there over time can leave you with a permanent mark. You may also want to keep household pets away from leather furniture, or at least train them not to scratch or damage it. Finally, keep the furniture away from sharp things that can puncture or rupture the good leather.

Of course, there would be times where you just can’t keep it in perfect pristine condition any longer. In that case, you have no other choice but to clean that dirty leather furniture. There are available commercial detergents (either general purpose detergents or specific leather cleaning ones) out there that can clean leather quite easily. You can also go for home-made conditioners, with recipes that are all-over the internet, but you’ll have to check out your leather furniture’s tolerance levels to certain substances (some leather furniture aren’t specially coated).

Don’t forget to bring the furniture outside though; it’s easily going to be something like a car cleaning session out there. Also remember to clean your furniture at least once every 3 months, to ensure that it’s basically free from any permanent mess.

Aside from the usual dirt and damage it receives from constant wear and tear, there are also other elements that you have to watch for to keep your furniture healthy. Molds for example, are some of the worst enemies of leather. These tiny critters viciously gobble the leather up alive until the leather simply becomes useless. The single most effective way to repel them out of your furniture is to keep the moisture levels of your leather furniture to near zero. Regularly check the underneath of cushions and wipe off wet parts with a clean cloth. Use roper anti-mold conditioners once in a while. Oh, and don’t forget that your kid’s ketchup, dad’s beer and all the others are included in your blacklist as well.

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