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Protecting your very own wood table


In every home, there is always a dining table. It surely is one of the most essential pieces of furniture in one’s home coz this is where the families sit, and have their daily meals. It can be either elegant or rustic, and it comes with different shapes and sizes. Apart from all of this, it is also a good investment. And since this is where we also gather our guests during special occasions, we must always maintain its presentable appearance. Now, how do we do it? How do we prevent it from scratches and stains? Here are some tips on how one should protect his very own wood dining table.

You must always have your own furniture polish, to keep the wood’s shining condition. But for everyday use, you must use dining room table pads to place under your dishes during mealtime so it will not leave stains on the surface.

Environment is also another factor on taking care of a wooden table. Keep it away from heating devices like radiators, wood stoves, or heating ducts because too much heat can cause it to split. Keep it away from extreme levels of humidity as well for it can cause the wood to swell. Placing it under direct sunlight can cause the finish to fade.

Never drag objects particularly the sharp ones, on top of the table for this may ruin the finish. Avoid placing things made of rubber and plastic directly on top of the table for this can react to the wood’s finish. When writing on a table, make sure to place a thick pad under your paper to avoid scratches on the surface. Never place alcohol, nail polish remover, or any chemicals on the surface as this ruin the finish.

Polish your table carefully using a clean duster of cloth. Take away any abrasive particles on top. Clean the table with water and mild soap which is alkaline-free. Place some suds on the soft, damp, cloth or sponge and gently wipe the table. Test the soap’s suds on the underside section of the table just to make sure that it won’t destroy the surface of the table. Always follow the grain of the wood while wiping and if in case, you spilled something on it, blot it, instead of wiping it.

Taking care of a wooden table takes a lot of effort and time since its finishing is a bit fragile compared to other tables. But then, if you really love its elegant design and country-like features then surely it won’t be a problem for you. And if it is just one of those pieces passed on to you by your ancestors then you will surely treasure it for a lifetime.

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