How to protect hardwood floors from dog nails

Pets are very lovable companions around the house. Just who can resist their very cute antics and earnest demeanor toward their masters? Unfortunately not all of your pet’s tricks and activities are harmless, as dogs sometimes unintentionally mess around the house. If your home uses hardwood, watch out, because your floor is very prone to damage every single day. A proper way to protect hardwood floors from dog nails specifically would be necessary.

Dogs, like any of their other domestic housemates, grow nails from their paws. It is a general characteristic of a standard land mammal. Dog nails usually grow larger and sharper each time, and it can sometimes be painful when they try to cling on your legs or back. If it’s painful for your skin, then how much painful is it for a hardwood floor? Sure, hardwood floors are far sturdier than your average skin, but these powerful nails can simply just dig into the wooden floor as time passes. How do you stop an excited dog from scratching your floor all over?

The answer is simple, cut off the source. Give your dog a proper nail trimming session once in a while with your vet. Cut them to a level where it won’t be painful for them, but would make it technically impossible for them to scratch the wood in any way. So the next time your dog dashes through the house, you won’t have to worry about getting your hardwood floor scratched. Do not forget to do it again once in a while though, or you’ll find your dog again with those deadly arsenals.

If cutting your dog’s nails isn’t enough, you might as well teach your dog not to be hyperactive inside the house. Try breaking its habit of always running around the house like an excited little toddler. Train your dog to behave properly inside the house. You can decisively reduce the chances of getting your hardwood floor damaged this way, and as a bonus, you get to keep a smart dog around the house as well.

If modifying the source still did not provide an adequate solution for you, then you can now move over to floor defensive maneuvers. Protect hardwood floors from dog nails by providing good cover for the hardwood floor itself. Applying a wax coating is your simplest arsenal on the list. Scrub all the way around your house, and your hardwood should now have a protective layer of wax coating. This wax coating would help absorb the dog nail scratches instead of being directly inflicted onto the hardwood.

Another easier alternative is to use cover carpets and other similar items to cover the hardwood floor and protect it from dog nail scratches. This method is still debatable though, as many people can’t see the point of keeping hardwood if you are going to cover it anyway with another material.


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