How to protect hardwood floors from furniture

Hardwood floors are very good floor material. Aside from the sturdiness that hardwood provides as a floor material, it is also very attractive to look at, capable of setting the ambience for many kinds of themes and room designs. However, maintaining hardwood takes a little more effort than your regular marble or laminate flooring. It is still wood after all, and to protect hardwood floors from furniture provides us a way to keep those elegant floors for a long time.

Never move the furniture by simply pushing or pulling them. This creates scratches on the floor, and eventually destroys the wax coating on the floor. Try to lift the entire furniture before carrying it to wherever you plan to as much as possible, so that you furniture would never even have to scratch the surface of the hardwood floor. Be careful not to drop the furniture unintentionally, not only do you risk damaging the furniture itself, but you also risk creating a permanent dent in the hardwood.

If you can’t lift the entire furniture even with assistance, or if the furniture is just too big or too wide to be carried properly, you can put a piece of cloth on each peg of the furniture, and then push it gently and slowly. This way, your furniture literally has now way of come in contact with the hardwood floor to scratch it. This method is recommended for furniture that are too wide or too heavy to be carried by without assistance.

Wheels installed on furniture are of no exception in this one. Some office seats are installed with wheels that are made of hard plastic. This kind of plastic is harmless to harder substances such as granite and marble, but has the capability to gradually harm hardwood over time. Now, just can’t always lift these kinds of furniture, can we? Doing so is just impractical and plain ridiculous. How to protect hardwood floors from furniture in this situation then? Use customized rubber “tires” for these furniture. Try finding these items at your local hardware store. If you don’t have access to these rubber tires, then you can make your own by cutting strips of rubber that you can find from old machine shops and use it around the wheels as the “tire” (prepare the proper materials for this though).

As an ultimate alternative, choose furniture that uses softer materials and materials with less friction. We have mentioned earlier that you should lift the furniture when moving it as much as possible. Well, if you have safer materials used on the underside of your furniture, then you don’t have to put cloth underneath at all! Just slide the furniture across the room without worries. Never push the furniture too vigorously though.

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