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How to Repair Toilet Flush Valve

The bathroom would probably one of the places that can either be pleasantly clean or awfully dirty. Usually, a very pleasant bathroom shows off clean and properly working fixtures apart from the absence of any dirt and grime. Amongst the many fixtures in the bathroom, the toilet is the most used and relied on fixture. It tends to be quite frustrating to find out that the toilet flush is not working as it’s quite a tedious process to manually flush a toilet every single time.

Most homeowners are clues on how to repair toilet flush valve and either end up having to call a handyman and incur repair expenses or leave the situation as is which is actually the worst part as it does not only create hygiene problems, it also is a nuisance to have a toilet that cannot flush. It’s actually quite easy to repair toilet flush valve and you can do it yourself in less than a few hours.

First, take off the toilet tank cover which may either be at the top of the tank or at the back dependent on the design of your toilet. Remember to properly set aside the cover as most designs are made of heavy ceramic and it would be a bigger problem to replace a cracked or broken toilet cover. Check the parts in order to determine where the problem is. You can start off by pressing the flush lever or handle. Usually, you can repair toilet flush valve as easy as just linking the chain that connects the flush handle to the valve that allows the water to escape into the main toilet cavity when you flush.

If the chain is intact, you may have to check on the valve which is usually made of rubber and is the one that seals the hole where the water escapes from. This is usually called the flapper valve or rubber valve. Ensure that it is able to entire seal the hole and you may actually notice that if water does run through and does not fill-up the tank, then you may have to replace this part. Most local hardware stores have this but it would be best if you either have a picture or the actual part with you so you can easily find a replacement. Take note of your toilet manufacturer brand as well as you may find it easier to purchase spare parts from the manufacturer.

Other homeowners after repairing their toilet flush valve opt to replace it with more modern alternatives available especially if the previous toilet valve is already dated. Most valves get damaged or do not function properly over time because of various deposits specifically coming from the water supply like minerals. Toilet valves also stop functioning because of the build-up of dirt and grime because of poor maintenance. The best tip is to regularly clean not just the outside of your toilet but the inside of the tank as well. It does not only save you a lot in terms of avoiding damages but it also ensures that the water you use to flush and clean the main bowl of the toilet is clean. There’s nothing like a good working toilet and a very clean bathroom.

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