Spice up Your Décor with Rugs and Tapestries

Do you find some element missing in your décor after doing up the room with furniture and accessories like drapes and window coverings? Then most probably you need to spruce up the room with rugs and tapestries. The rugs and tapestries set the mood of the room and add a lively touch to the room. These fill up the room and are best suited for large rooms where you need a lot of decorating to be done to make the room pleasant and appealing.

Tapestrie designs

Rugs are the first choice of many interior decorators as their use is varied. You can have them on the floor or up on the walls or even on the railings. A rug in an entry way enhances the floor and also acts as an insulator. The rug in the entryway should be toned down in color as it is not supposed to attract your attention. When people pass through the way it should invite them in with its underplayed style and elegance. Since it is the first thing that one sees when entering the house it should reveal your individuality and flair in design.

Adding color to the existing décor is the main purpose of including rugs and tapestries. These portray your taste in décor and actually mirror your innate style in the overall décor. So wherever you decide to put them, on the wall or on the floor, select some colourfully made up ones that grace your room without spoiling the entire effect that the room depicts. You can even put up a mirror on the wall opposite the one where you have hung up the tapestry to give a new look and it may appear like you have two tapestries in your room!

Rustic rug

These rugs are easy to maintain and can be shifted anywhere if you feel you want to change the appearance of the room. It would be safe to pick rugs and tapestries that suit your existing décor, as inappropriate colors may spoil the whole effect. So when you go about purchasing the rugs and tapestries try to keep in mind the various purposes these can be used for. They not only add beauty to the décor but also embody your individuality and reveal your inner talent and style in decorating. This is especially true in case of the rugs in the entryway. Go ahead and choose some ravishing, colorful and truly cool rugs and tapestries to spice up your living space


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