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Best Ideas For Creative and Stylish Curtains and Draperies


You may be thinking of decorating your home interior soon. This will challenge your creativity when you try to make everything look unique and elegant. One of the major parts of your home that can enhance the overall ambiance of your residence is the window. You should focus on the details of what type of curtains or draperies you are going to install. There are different techniques that can guide you to make your windows look fabulous and stylish. However, you must first establish the color theme of your house.

[one_half_first]This will help you integrate the color and design of the curtains for your windows. Each room may have different color schemes which can be another challenging task as you try to find the right color and design that suits each room.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

4 techniques to make your windows look fabulous

1.) Ordinary hanging curtains will look fabulous if you match them with swags and valances. This will bring a rich and stylish look inside your room. Tiebacks and decorative curtain poles can also contribute to a classy and elegant look for your windows. This kind of design is mostly seen in living rooms or in the master’s bedroom.

2.) If you want a cozy ambiance, you can use lighter colors such as white sheer fabrics that hang loosely on curtain poles. Curtains that touch the floor look best. On the other hand, shorter curtains are more advisable for families that have small children to avoid accidents.

3.) If you choose to use blinds, you can still make them look great. You can match them with brass curtain rods for swags or valances. Or you can even match them with brass finials and holdbacks that increase the elegant look of your blind curtains.

4.) If you want to have a more edgy theme, you can use beads as outer layer curtains to give a colorful look to your windows. Choose a neutral or solid color for your inner layer curtains to give a striking colorful effect on the beads.

For lighter rooms like the kitchen, it is much easier to look for the right curtains to install. You can use the cooler shades as well as those with contemporary designs. Lighter or thinner fabrics are best advised for proper air circulation around this area. Most of these types are hung particularly on the window above the kitchen sink. Thick curtains especially those with vinyl backing are mostly used in bathrooms and bedrooms. Thicker fabrics used as curtains are purposely made to block out light to offer some privacy. But if you want some light to pass through, you can use sheer, lightweight curtains that cover only half of the window.

When purchasing your curtains and draperies, think of ways to make sure that the resulting effect for your home will be pleasant to the eye. The right choice of fabrics has its own purpose not just for decoration and style but also for safety. You can consult an interior designer if you want to be safe from making the wrong choices. Or you can even look for great ideas through books or internet websites that have free guidelines and techniques for this kind of interior decoration.

Inexpensive Customized Curtains and Drapes

Making inexpensive customized curtains is not that hard to do. But, it will surely need a small amount of ability to sew and measure it. Nowadays, most of the curtains available in the market are not that affordable, most especially when we are on a tight budget. This is where the idea on how to make customized curtains and drapes for windows inexpensively enters. Now, we can have help in enhancing our homes and giving it the elegant, countryside or even the provincial look that we’ve always wanted.

Roman curtainsThe first thing that we need to do is to look around our room in which we wanted to change our curtains in. We should consider its color scheme, and the size of its window measuring its width and length in which we want our curtains to be. We should also think about how we want our curtains fall, we can simply scan through magazines just to help us have some ideas on what look our curtain should be. When we already have the idea in our mind, we can now start making our curtains. We could take a pillow or any other objects with us at the store that we are trying to match with, for us to be able to match its color closely. If there is a specific pattern that we are looking for, we could simply cut a small piece of it from its underside or hem line, so that we could also match it easily.

We can have a set of customized curtains

With the right measurements, ideas, and colors in our mind, it is now time for us to go shopping and create our own treasure. We can now go to our local discount store or even at the large chain department store in which we can inexpensive purchase a product from. Our choices might depend on the sizes of our window, how we want our curtain to lie and the style we have chosen, will be the ones to determine what size of sheet we should be buying. Once that we already reach home, we should measure our window again by simply using the top fold of the sheet we had bought in the store, open on each of its end, so that the rod can slide through it easily. After which, we can now start cutting the bottom edge of the sheet with our desired length, pinning up ¼ inch of it and its back stitch using either our freehand or the sewing machine.

This is a very great way on how to make customized curtains for windows inexpensively. Now, we can choose our own design and feel free to mix and match a lot of colors in our room. We can now have a great set of inexpensive customized curtains in our room without having any hassle.

The Quick Guide to Home Curtain Decoration: Curtains Made Easy

Curtains, though simple as they are, are one of the most basic necessities of home décor. They are applied mostly on windows, but can also be applied to wide variety of objects and areas in your home. Modern curtains already come in easy to purchase packs at your local home décor store, but it wouldn’t really hurt to add some fun and creativity in decorating your home with curtains, by making a curtain of your own.

Window decorative curtainsA good fabric is essentially what you would need to make your own curtain. Depending on the technical and aesthetic function of the curtain you will make, you might want to select a type of fabric that would match the desired style and function of the curtain you are going to make. But choosing the right fabric isn’t only limited to the type of fabric, you should also consider the color or pattern of the fabric to be used. If you are somehow able to pick the right fabric for endurance purposes, but the fabric does not match the theme of your room, or if the fabric’s color or design is not complimentary to the entire room’s color or design, then it would still be useless as a home decoration.

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