Preserving Wildflowers for Your Home

Displaying dried wildflowers is a creative way to decorate and you can get it right from your backyard. There are easy (not to mention budget-friendly) ways on how you can dry and displaying wildflowers. Step one would have to be, of course, gathering your flowers and leaves. Bring scissors when you check out your backyard for grass, flowers and fallen tree leaves. Don’t forget to bring a container with water so the flowers won’t wilt. If you live in a nearby river, you can also find interesting plants growing around the bank. As much as possible, when scouring for plants, try to look for the “fresh-looking” flowers. These are the flowers with petals that haven’t been partly eaten by the caterpillars and other leaf-eating insects.

A card with preserved wildflowers

Don’t pick the flowers down to the roots. When cutting the stems, cut at an angle close to the bud. When you get them home, the drying process can begin. Perhaps the most famous method to dry flowers and leaves is to place them inside thick books. To protect the pages, place newspapers between the pages so the pigmentation from the flowers and leaves won’t stain. Another technique is the use of silica gel. These are the ones in packets that you can find in newly purchased bags and shoes but you can get silica gel at flower shops.


preserving wildflowers

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