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Building an office is almost the same as decorating your own home. You have to think about your overall layout, the furniture that you have to use and how to arrange them, colors of your walls, and so on and so forth. When you are decorating your own house, you normally think about comfort; on the other hand, when you are decorating your office, you do not just think about comfort, but you think about productivity as well.

Every week, a typical employee or business owner would spend about forty hours or more in the office; it’s like their second home. So making your office a little more comfortable than the typical bare office could really make a remarkable difference in how things flow in your office. If you want your time in your office to be productive, then build the kind that will make you happy.

To jumpstart your quest in building that comfortable and productive office, you need the best office furniture—the ergonomic office furniture. Ergonomic office furniture is the kind that allows you to move around in your office more efficiently and in effect increase your productivity. There are three pieces of furniture that you need to have in an office. These three should be carefully thought of when you are purchasing them. You need an ergonomic office chair, desk, and filing cabinet.

The Ergonomic Chair
Who would have thought that the most important piece of furniture in an office is the chair? Most of your hours in the office are spent sitting on a chair so it makes sense that it is the most essential piece. When choosing a chair, choose the one that will provide a comfortable sitting experience for you by making sure that the chair suits your body size and body type, checking the back support, and by checking the height of the chair. If your work requires a lot of movement in the office, then it is best to get a chair that is sturdy and has wheels.

The Ergonomic Office Desk
The office desk only comes second to your chair. First thing that you have to check is the height of the desk. You have to make sure that the height goes well with your chair. Ideally, your desk should allow your elbows to bend at a ninety degree angle when your hands are at rest on the keyboard. Most desks are not adjustable, so before you purchase them, check your options; see if the manufacturer can adjust them for you or if there is an easy fix for it like placing blocks of wood under the desk. Other things to consider when choosing the desk is that it should give you enough work space and enough room to place your computer, mouse, and keyboards. Having the right desk will minimize tensions in your wrists and arms, which you normally experience when you do repetitive motions and when you work for long hours.

The Ergonomic Filing Cabinet

Once your chair and desk are all set, the third step is to choose the filing cabinet. The filing cabinet should be of appropriate height as well so that you do not have to strain your back when you reach for your files.

As A Bonus
Don’t forget to set the atmosphere in your office. It’s a plus! You can create a happy atmosphere by painting the walls with sunny and warmer colors. Instead of using grey and dark colors, you can use warm yellow paint to set the mood.



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