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7 Sure Fire Ways To Find Out What What Is The Better Pool Size For Your Home

Above ground swimming pools, are somehow very popular nowadays. These pools are something inexpensive that comes with a lot of enjoyment for your family and friends. Of course; if you live in an area where weather allows a nice convenient pool to be set on. They come in many sizes but it’s better to keep […]

Tips to keep your swimming pool pump pumping

Do you have a swimming pool at home? Do you painted de swimming pool? Well, that’s great! You can feel the pool water anytime you want and no much effort is needed for you to enjoy swimming. But how do you maintain the clean water of your pool? Have you ever thought of powering your […]

How to apply swimming pool paint

Applying color to our Swimming pool produces a rejuvenated and revitalized ambiance that is very infectious to the users as well. Regular repainting of pools is necessary to maintain its pleasant and attractive look. Before starting to do the painting job, there are several things to consider. Is is similar to paint wood furniture. First […]

Tips on swimming pool equipment and maintenance

Swimming pool equipment runs the ploy from the most expensive machines to the accessories such as the colored lights that helps make the pool unique from the others. While having a pool can be a lot of fun and creates for a natural assemblage extent during parties and functions, it can also be very expensive. […]

5 Fast Fix It Solutions for Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools

Swimming pool heat pump is a great efficient means of heating a swimming pool. Heat pumps makes total make use of the highly developed refrigeration technology to catch the heat present in the outer air and transport it to the swimming pool water. An ecological refrigerant gas soaks up and transports the heat energy all […]

Safety from drowning in pools with swimming pool safety covers

Drowning in swimming pools is the second most leading cause of fatality for the children aging 1 to 14 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a wide range learning carried out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission brought into being that 75 percent of children are caught up in […]

Maintaining chemical balance in your swimming pool

There are two important things to maintain the condition of your swimming pool: sanitation and chemical balance. Sanitation and balance should be preserved in your pool. Here are the reasons why: 1. Disease causing pathogens, such as bacterium, may dwell and multiply in untreated water. 2. Various parts of the pool can react negatively to […]

Swimming pool safety fence: order one or build your own

Safety should always come first in a household with children and that holds true especially in households with swimming pool. Drowning is a major cause of death among children aged 5 and below in the United States. To avoid that, having or setting up a swimming pool safety fence is important. There are a lot […]