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How to Decorate your Little Boy’s Room to a Grown up Room


So you little guys a grown man now. They grow up so fast, don’t they? One day you are teaching them how to use a fork next you’re showing them how to ride a bike and before you know it they are teaching you how to use the latest app in your mobile phone. Raising kids can be pretty challenging. Constantly keeping up with their needs, making sure they grow up right, these things are something only a parent would understand and when your little boy turns in to a grown up there is so much to do. Isn’t there? One of the most important things are to arrange new accommodation or in other words changing his old room into a new one. With your kids grown up they have new needs you must take into account. Decorating their rooms to their preference can be a challenge but don’t worry you’ll get there. Just follow these guidelines and you’ll be fine. So here’s how to decorate your little boys room into a grown up room.

Some things to consider

[one_half_first]The first thing you should remember that you little one is no longer a little. He is all grown up and with that comes new interests, new desires. So you should design his room according to the rainbow colored personality boys of his age have. They dream of a fancy room with a lot of space, plenty of room to study in. A place where they can invite friends over and not feel embarrassed as their sense of dignity and being cool to their friends or the girl they like is at the height of their priorities. They need a place to practice their guitar or play video game without feeling disturbed. They want a place that feels private. At their age things are never easy, they get a sense of responsibility and independence. They need a place where they can be themselves. But of course you know all this, you were at their age once, so this is just a reminder. Take all of this into account when you’re decorating their new room.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]
Boys bedroom

Take out the childish things

Get rid of all the childish things. The crayons, lego toys, toy trucks, skate board shelves, story books, play tables, clothes and all the other things. You won’t have to do much, they’ll already have gotten rid of most of the things by themselves but still, your boy is now a man so get rid of it all. Of course getting rid of it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw it all away, you can give his old toys, clothes, books to charity or keep some of them in storage so that he can reminisce about his childhood if he needs to. But those things must go from his room. Once you have gotten rid of all of it, you’re ready to redecorate.

Get a new bed

First things first, It’s a bed room, right? So get him a new bed. Throw out the old child themed bed be it a sports car bed or something else. Get him a new bed with some nice bed sheets, throw pillows. Find a well-designed bed. Perhaps with some extra storage space. Get him a stylish, functional bed. Maybe something with a built in night stand or some extra space underneath. Just make sure it has a sleek, modern design and is functional and take his needs into consideration. Ask him if he has any special need for the bed and accommodate his need accordingly.

A new desk or workstation

Get him a new desk or workstation. Make sure the desk has ample drawer storage for books and supplies. He might also need a separate computer desk for all his tech work and entertainment. But you could save space by putting two together and getting him a large workstation instead. By which I mean a larger desk. Maybe get him a really large computer desk with enough space to study and work in and also make sure it has drawers for supplies as well. Pay attention to the coloring as well. Don’t get him a pink colored desk or something with flowers just because you think it’s cute. Remember boys hate that.


It’s probably been years since you last repainted his room. So take a brush and start painting. Paint according to his interest or liking. If he is a fan of sports paint something with a sports theme. Maybe paint the picture of his favorite baseball or soccer player on the walls. Another thing to remember is that you don’t have to paint the entire room in the same color. Be creative. While you’re doing this patch up any holes or cracks in the celling or the walls and change switches, sockets and other electric outlets. Get something that’ll match with the color of the room. Re do the entire room.

Change the furniture

Get new furniture. We already discussed about a new bed and desk but there are other furniture and those need to change as well. Get him a new dresser or if it’s up to date then do some repainting. When it comes to painting, again, be creative. You can also make a world map with recycled pallet wood or other creative items to get his room some extra finesse. Put up wall shelves if he needs some extra storage. One thing you can do is be a little creative with the furniture just like the sports themed wall, custom make his furniture with the theme he likes.

Better lighting

Lighting is a very important. If you have ever been in any party then you know how the lighting can change the mood. Better lighting can also help your boy with his studies. So get rid of those hot old lights and get him some sleek modern lights. Put some crazy LED lighting in his room that’ll make him cool to his friends. Trust me, being popular may not be very important but it will give him peace of mind that can help him go a long way. You can also place lights above the beds for better reading and a table light as well.

Keep their interests in mind

As stated many times above, keep their interest in mind. If you can keep the theme of their choice in the place they’ll spend a lot of time in, you’ll indirectly inspire them. Just thing that you son wants to be a baseball player and he is good at it too. Giving him a baseball themed room would always keep him motivated to follow his dreams. So be a source of support and keep his interests in mind.

Go for a masculine design

He is a man, not a kid and not a girl. So don’t mess up his room. Keep a sense of masculinity in his room. Don’t design something with a pony or something that’ll make your boy feel like less of a man. If anything do something that inspire him to be more responsible and brave.


You should also redo the floors. Change the carpets into something nicer or you could go for an entire make over and change the entire floor. Go for a hardwood floor or black carpets. Just make sure it matches with the rest of the room.

Consider the need for privacy

Every grown up needs space. I am telling you leave him but give him his space. Don’t design his room in a way that’s makes him feel like he is being spied on. If his room is in such a position, consider giving him a new room. If you have more than one boy and unable to give them separate rooms than at least give them separate beds, make sure that each of them feels like they have a room or personal space of their own. So make sure that their room has privacy.

Your little boy is not getting any younger anymore. He has grown up so it is time to decorate your little boy’s room to a grown up room. Changing some things in his room or adding something to make him feel that he is a grown up is the best way to help him feel that he is indeed a grown up boy. Here are some suggestions on how to decorate your little boy’s room to a grown up room.

Grown up boys roomRemember that it is not totally saying goodbye to his baby days, decorating his room is about training him to be a grown up though there will be times that he will miss his baby life. You don’t really have to remove all of his toys and other baby stuffs. Instead have a cabinet where you could organize everything so that once in a while your little boy can grab anything when he needs them. Try to add some books that are based on his age, like educational books. It would also be best to add some magazines about sports while we add books in his room.

Suggestions on how to decorate your little boy’s room

Your little boy gets older and wants his own room; he will want everything to look cool and superb in any other way. Therefore, you should choose bright primary colors or muted tones in shades of blue, green and brown, as most men designed their rooms in muted earth tones with man’s theme colors.

Far west styled boys bedroomThe wallpapers that must be used in your little boys room must be intricate without being busy, be inspired of Ralph Lauren’s patterns and other designers. Try to have a solid colored background that would give a man’s appeal. In order to give your little boy’s grown up room a masculine effect try to put some masculine accessories and big man’s toys like, airplanes, cowboy stuffs, car collections and motorbikes, as starters. Do not give him a crib to sleep on, purchase a full sized bed. Cribs are for babies, and your young boy is not a baby. Give him the bed that is simple, comfortable and suitable for a young adult.

Unisex baby bedroom decor
In addition to the aforementioned things, another great suggestion is to give him a small sized pool to play inside his room. A simple room yet with masculine effect, your little boy is truly a grown up in his own room. All these suggestions are proven to be much effective. What are you waiting for? Decorate now. Decorate your little boy’s room to a grown up room.

Design choices for a Room for a Little Boy

For the design choices, you will have a wide variety to choose from. Plaid and stripes however, are very good basic designs that you can use as the main backdrop. Plaid is a very reliable pattern that you can always count on not to suddenly get old. Stripes on the other hand are very classical. It can be used as a good backdrop for practically any type of décor you can come up with. You can use different combinations of stripes. There are the bold and wide stripes with strong colors and there are also the thinner, lighter ones. Larger stripes usually fit easily into a boy’s room; it would take a little more work to “muscle up” the smaller stripes into blending well with the room.

In front of these plaid and stripe background, you can place the furniture and accessories you want your little boy to have. Try to keep your distance from the plastic tables, chairs, and drawers that have “for children only” written all over them. Look to bring in more masculine type furniture made of large wood or sleek metallic surfaces. The shiny accessories would do well in highlighting different parts of the room.

Decorating ideas and plans for boys bedroom

You will come across a lot of decorating ideas for boys bedroom (completely different than a girl’s bedroom), as well as projects, display ideas, paint, themes, and artistic ideas for particular spaces. Who said a boy’s bedroom has to be boring? A special theme will make available both the center of attention and the motivation for an out of the ordinary one-of-a-kind bedroom and can be personalized as your child grows up. Though you might assume that a little boy just wants an area to play around, from the moment in time a little boy gets his very own bedroom, he will wish for the whole thing to give the impression of being “cool” or “hip”. Whether he is wild and humorous or caring and thoughtful, the bedroom ought to focus on his interests and activities.

Boys decorating bedroomWhile decorating ideas for boys bedroom aim to think further than the toddler days and seek to pay money for most important furniture pieces that will adjust as he grows up. The most important thing to think of for furniture for a boy’s bedroom is with the intention of its sturdiness. After all, through the years, he will be hoping around and climbing on and off for years. Think outside the box and be resourceful with the furniture for a child’s bedroom. Locate pieces at garage sales or flea markets and adjust them to the recent need. When you have the expense for more furniture, and then pay for pieces with the aim to last all the way through college days.

It is an excellent thought to have some furniture on casters. You will be able to move about the bed around the bedroom, make a new arrangement of space, and familiarize yourself with the needs of your child’s age with no investing in new pieces. If your boy’s bedroom is tiny, get as much off the ground as you can to maximize floor space for playing. Mount shelving from the walls rather than letting it stand on the floor. Make available space off the floor for displaying awards, books, pastime projects, collected works, and sports equipment. For sure, needs will change with growing age, nevertheless there will always be a need for storage space.

Decorating ideas for boys bedroom ought to have a comfortable and cool bed, the most excellent one you can pay for. Even if he might not weigh a lot and only just make a dent in the mattress, he needs firm support for a contented and healthy rest. The best pick for a boy’s bed is a platform bed or loft bed. For a tiny room, you will double the space and get lots of storage space at the same time. Bunk beds are always cool and gives cozy space for sleepovers and slumber parties as your child grows up. Make use of blankets to create a sleeping tent for added fun. The next fine essential is a bedside table, an area to place the nighttime drink

How to Create a Grown Up Room for a Little Boy

Your little boy’s room is his own private space. It is his own world where he can let his imagination roam free and he can immerse himself in his fantasies. This room is by far the most important possession he has at this point in his life, so you are going to have to treat it that way when you begin to think about setting it up and decorating it.

Giving a grown up look for your little boy’s room will surely excite him. He will feel much more confident when he feels that you think he is “grown up”. He will also appreciate the “grown up” items that he will get to have for his room.

For starters, give the room an overall feel of maturity by sticking to more subdued color shades over the bright and overly light ones. The bright primary colors that are very common in children’s rooms would not make a good base for the “grown up” atmosphere that you want the room to have. Furthermore, real grown up men like their colors to be a little more muted than that of the women; thus, it would be a safe bet that your little boy would prefer it too. Be careful though not to make the room too dark because this would take out the fun character of the room. After all, this is still a little boy’s room. To prevent this, choose the main shade from the lighter “manly” colors like tan or brown. You can also place light color themed posters or wall tattoos around the room to make it feel a bit livelier.

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