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What You Need to Consider Before Redecorating Your Home



When you are redecorating your home, you do not just decorate it however you want it to look. There are things that you need to consider that are called the elements of beauty. You need to consider the look that you would like to have from the furniture, the color, and the new accessories and; other things that we want our room to have and make it look good together.

You may also want to decide what you would like the room to have. Consider the texture, the line, the form and the color; which are the elements that are essential and which possess the psychological and physical characteristics that are equally important. Do you want to know how to do it properly? Then, keep reading.

What to consider when redecorating?


[one_half_first]Lines are the first among the essential elements that you need to consider; Different lines have different effects. This is what you need to consider when decorating your home. Horizontal will give a relaxing and breadth effect while vertical lines express masculinity and formality. [/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Diagonal lines have a restless and dynamic effect and gives that feeling of instability while the curved lines gives the feeling of cheerfulness; however, this may appear ornate when overdone.

And remember, you’re not decorating from scratch but you’re redecorating. Therefore, the first question that you must formulate to yourself and; on which you must base all your decisions is:

What elements of the decor are bothering me so much to have decided to change the decoration?

Once you have answered that question honestly, then the next point to consider is:

Those elements that you now dislike, before you liked? Why are not they to your liking now?

Although it may be that the changes you want to carry out are due to the decoration already came with the house; It is important to consider what elements and why now?

I have been in that situation where a whole decoration simply makes me want to run away; but it is important to know what exactly you do not like. Only then can we save a lot of money, especially if we have a tight budget.

The keys to redecorate

Once you have been able to determine what exactly that bothers you; Then you can work based on what remains, why? Because those elements that you have decided to conserve, even if they are few, are what really define you.

When we talk about elements that define you I mean those who have your character, energy or are simply as an extension of you.

When someone who does not know us makes us a gift that is a decorative piece; we feel really uncomfortable, the label rules tell us to accept the gift and integrate it into the decoration.

But if it is not something that really makes us feel identified; we may end up hating it. But the opposite happens when the gift comes from someone who does know us.

That gift makes us feel more connected with that person but also with a part of us that we cannot see; but that person who gave us that gift can.

So, if you have decided to redecorate but along the way you have made the decision to keep some elements such as furniture, the color of a wall or a lamp.

Hold on to it! For that component is a survivor of your new need to renew yourself, that is; It is your essence and everything else was left over, do not throw away your essence.

Where to start when redecorating?

It is the most relative question of all, and they do much to us; the problem is that if you want to redecorate, you must start with what you decided to keep.

Many people have the need to change the color of the walls, others instead choose to keep that color but to renovate the furniture.

There are those who change the lamps on even the floor they have it covered with a new laminate floor or with a carpet. The best answer to that question would be: Start at the beginning.

If you have decided to change all the decorative style, you do not necessarily have to give up your favorite table; as in the example of the photo, may not look like it, but it is the same table, only surrounded by different decorative elements.

It is good that you have in mind what will be the centerpiece of your decoration; if you have decided to keep something, then part of it. Whether the shape, the color or the textures as we have mentioned before; But this time having a clear guide.

If on the other hand, you have decided that all the decoration will change, then start with the most obvious: painting.

After that you can focus on the new furniture and then on the new lighting; But pay close attention to the following rules when redecorating.

At the time of choosing the new painting, be flexible

When we finally get rid of the “ugly” color of a wall, we tend to be more emotional than rational when choosing color. It is as if we want to unload a kind of repressed feeling by painting the wall.

Our advice is to take things slowly, if you do not get the color you are looking for; then you may not be looking for something specific, you just feel a need to change.

In those cases, the best thing you can do is to accept suggestions and bring samples to a place you’ve decided to redecorate. You will notice that you will have many energies, so if you want to do things 100%; Take care of the painting, do not hire a third party.

Do not go with a preconceived idea of the furniture you will have

This is the factor that causes the most stress at the time of redecorating. We are tired of those furniture and we want some that define us and make us feel at ease; the problem is that our ideal is often in our imagination only, not in the stores.

Choosing new furniture at the time of redecorating is a demanding experience, requires a lot of mental strength, patience and acceptance. Of course, there are styles that are more fashionable and this makes it easier to get the furniture as we want them.

But even if you have seen the furniture online, do not let yourself be dominated by the need to change now; it may be that the shipment of the same is very expensive and that the stores near your town do not have it.

For that reason, it is best not to go with a specific preconceived idea in our mind. The ideal is to go out and see your alternatives, to reinvent ourselves has never been an easy or forced process, why does it have to be so when reinventing the decoration of a place?

Take care of the decorative experience and have catharsis, finish removing the remains you want decoration you did not like and start your new decoration with creativity.

And do not get carried away by the urge to buy all those new things. That is also due to your eagerness to renew yourself; be very careful about the budget and keep the discipline.

The least thing for you is to become one of those people who get the thrill of redecorating not the final result after the change; But in the process of transition from the old to the new.

If you feel that it happens, the best thing is that you dedicate yourself to the interior decoration or you will ruin yourself redecorating every 2 weeks.


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