Decorating home offices with two themes

Dual themed rooms are quite exciting to do, but are also quite risky. Since a home office’s main function is to provide you with a working environment, decorating home offices with two themes might prove to be quite a difficult task. Use dual themes ONLY if you really know what you are doing otherwise, stick to the basics. This is mainly recommended for people who would like to get out of the norms of normal room decorating

Office decor

Remember that although your home office deserves a good style and decoration, you must never decrease its overall functionality. After all, it is still and office and several of your everyday work routines are done at that room. Never sacrifice functionality for aesthetics in this part.
Office computer desk

Better yet, inject both functionality and elegance in your rooms by providing decorative alternatives to otherwise functional articles in the room. Good lighting and proper brightness of the room is one aspect of a productive home office. Well organized work items and furniture should be neatly organized and are always maintained to keep their proper arrangements in place. Other work related items like files and documents are to be kept properly and should be stored in their proper shelves or cabinets. Certain articles like lights, tables, cabinets and other related articles for these kinds of functions may be chosen to suit the theme of the room, and therefore combining the best of both aesthetics and functionality.