Decorating your Bathroom Shower Tiles

Decorating your bathroom may not be easy for you especially if you do not know the basics in bathroom decoration. We often find ourselves coordinating the colors from wall paints, to colors of the towels, to the colors of the shower curtain. But since this is a place where we all spend time each day, we can give the bathroom a decorative touch that would make it more welcoming.

One decorative thing that you can do to add to update your bathroom and give it an elegant look is giving attention to the shower tiles. Be more creative when designing the shower tile that you have. This can give your bathroom an elegant yet comforting look. Shower tiles are now available in the market with different decorations and colors. However these tiles are expensive and the work that needs to be done in changing tiles is really big. However you can actually redesign your tiles giving it a new look less the time and is really budget friendly. Here is a treatment that you can use. Clean the tiles well before starting any treatment. Remove all traces of soap scum or chemicals left on the tiles as this may make redecorating harder. Then choose the tiles randomly whcih you will be painting using another color. This may be just be a bathroom to have. Choose the shower tiles randomly, you can choose any tiles that is along the shower lines as this has no wormg or right tiles when it comes to choosing. With the use of the sandpaper, dull each tile that you choose so that the paint will stick.

The next step is to apply the paint of the color of your choice. Paint it the way you wanted it to look. Use one or more paints to give it the artistic touch. You can ask for help with the paint technician for you to have the colors that would match the paint that you currently have in your bathroom and to choose the rigt paint that would work well with the tiles. Then read the instructions on how to apply the paint that you bought. This will help you apply the paint the right way.

You can also create tile decoration by using a stencil whether hand made or the one that you can purchase on craft stores. You can choose designs that would fit the theme of your bathroom. These are just some of the ways that you can give your bathroom a new look less the cost. You can now give your bathroom a new look wihtout having to change all the shower tiles in your bathroom and less the effort that you need. This is really a cost effective way of redesigning your bathroom.