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Ceramic Tiles: Is it a Do or a Don’t in Your Bathroom?


If you are considering remodeling your bathroom and you are undecided whether or not to place ceramic tiles in the bathroom then you should know what advantages and disadvantages ceramic tiles poses. These are things that you need to consider even before starting to remodel the bathroom. What are the advantages of ceramic tiles placed on the bathroom? Ceramic tiles placed on the bathroom floor and the walls would often increase the value of the house. This is one reason why owners choose ceramic tiles.

[one_half_first]This is because of the look that ceramic tiles can give to your bathroom walls and floors and the work that is involved upon its installation. Ceramic tiles give your bathroom that beautiful look especially if you designed it with different colors. Other than increasing the value of your house, ceramic tiles gives your bathroom that better look.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Although, ceramic tiles when placed in the walls have beautifies the bathroom and increases the value of the house, there are disadvantages that ceramic tiles poses when placed in bathroom walls and floors. For one, the cost and the labor may just be more expensive compared to what you will just spend for paint or for wall paper. Installation of ceramic tiles is more complicated compared to the do it yourself paint or wallpaper.

Installing ceramic tiles

Moldy bathroom tiles

Another disadvantage that ceramic tiles pose is its safety. Ceramic tiles are mostly highly glossed and it is also very slick, its texture would compromise one’s safety in the bathroom especially for children and the elderly because they have the tendency to slip. Thus textured ceramic tiles are used more in bathroom floors.
Cleaned bathroom tiles
Another thing to consider before deciding whether or not to use ceramic tiles on bathroom is its maintenance. This may be another disadvantage that you might meet in the long run. It is the maintenance. As ceramic tiles need more time and more effort to be placed on bathroom floors and bathroom walls, it is also more costly in terms of maintenance. It needs to be cleaned regularly with a meticulous attention given to the grout. The grout part may collect more dirt and it even collects more dirt compared to wall papers or vinyl or even fiber glass. At the grout area, mildews would sooner develop thus it needs regular tiles grout cleaning compared to any other wall or floor options. It is also harder to change especially if you want to give your bathroom a new look in the future.

These are some of the pros and cons of having a ceramic tile used in your bathroom. As ceramic tiles may be an expensive option for you to have, you need to think a lot of times and decide wisely. Weigh the pros and the cons first and see which suits your needs best.

Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom Walls

A bathroom is the most important part of the house. As it is the only room in your house known as rest room. A bathroom is the most important part of the house. As it is the only room in your house known as rest room or comfort room. Thus, bathroom should comfort anyone who uses. It starts from the wall that has running tiles around all wall surfaces as it plays a major role on how the bathroom looks.
Ceramic tiles are good but sooner or later, it has a tendency to turn yellow or fade. To give an entire look, they can be decorated through different methods.

Colorful bathroom tiles• You need to prepare few supplies like tile cleaner, gloves, stencils, oil based paint and tape. Meticulously, using tile cleaner, clean the tiles and grout as well. After cleaning, scuff them up whit somewhat 220’ sand paper to get primer to adhere to the tiles. After sanding, remove the sand paper dust and rinse it well. Be sure to use primer made because it was made for ceramic tile work. Let the primer gets dry for overnight. Set your desired stencils using tape. Choose your oil based paint and dab it inside the stencils using your sponge. If you use a large pattern, it is better to choose random pattern to stencil than draw on each tile.

• If you are a good artist, you can also try hand-painting designs directly onto the tiles. You can choose freely if which design enhances the look of your bathroom. You can use seashells, flowers or even vines.

• You can also use your whiskbroom to make a design on your bathroom. This is the easiest and quickest way to make a decorating pattern. Simply dip your whiskbroom into the paint and make an arch pattern across the tiles. Be sure to protect your ceiling and other parts that are not included.

• Your next option is to use stickers for decorating the tiles, but is not appropriate for shower stalls. You can use a small floral bouquet on an occasional tile or an assortment of clamshells, starfish, and seahorses as pattern.

• You can also use wallpaper or cutouts from magazines that can easily be decoupage onto the tiles by spreading some of the decoupage on the backside of the picture, then affixing it to the desired area, and dabbing more of the decoupage over the top of the picture. Let it dry and use a fine grade steel wool pad to buff slightly.

Either you choose, some overall tips are to take care not to smear paint when working in tight spaces, to select a pattern which isn’t too large for the working area, and to allow ample drying time between each step.

5 Sins on Bathroom Tile Patterns

A lot of people put so much attention on decorating your bedroom, living room or kitchen. However, some people are really particular on the look of their bathrooms. For them, bathroom says a lot about one’s personality. Others believe that doing some intimate things inside this room entails a lot of care in making sure that their bathroom is not only clean but presentable as well. Your house as a whole may look nice, expensive and well designed but once a visitor sees how badly your bathroom looks, chances are you will have a negative impression on the. Furthermore, all of us use a bathroom. That’s how important a bathroom tile pattern is.

Let’s examine your bathroom. The first thing you will notice is the bathroom tile pattern. This tile pattern will define how your bathroom will look.

So before you engage on major renovation of your tiles, here are the 5 common sins that are committed regarding bathroom tile patterns to avoid.

1. Using patterns that are do not suit your styles. Trust me, when choosing the right pattern for your bathroom; make sure that they are your preferred style. Do you like complicated patterns or simple ones? Are you fond of patterns consisting of figures? These are some of the things that you should consider in using bathroom tile patterns.

2. Using patterns that are so complicated that you end up getting dizzy just by looking at it. There are really bathroom tile patterns that you should avoid because it causes dizziness to some people. These are the complicated and elaborate ones that scientifically proven to be not advisable in the bathroom.

3. Using no pattern at all may not really be dull. Deciding not to use a pattern especially if you are a minimalist may be taken into consideration. You can also just make your chosen tile design to fill all the places for the tiles. There may be no seeming pattern but if your bathroom is well designed, chances are this may actually work for you.

4. Letting someone decide for you on what tile pattern to use. Your bathroom will be used by you; hence, you should be the one deciding on what pattern to use. Avoid patterns that are simply chosen by someone else. Make sure that you consider your own taste on having these bathroom tile patterns.

5. Just because you saw a bathroom pattern in one house means it would suit your bathroom. Sometimes, patterns need to blend in with the structure and space of your of your bathroom. Select a pattern that would complement what you have. A pattern that would make you feel that your bathroom is larger is the one you should use.

Decorating your Bathroom Shower Tiles

Decorating your bathroom may not be easy for you especially if you do not know the basics in bathroom decoration. We often find ourselves coordinating the colors from wall paints, to colors of the towels, to the colors of the shower curtain. But since this is a place where we all spend time each day, we can give the bathroom a decorative touch that would make it more welcoming.

One decorative thing that you can do to add to update your bathroom and give it an elegant look is giving attention to the shower tiles. Be more creative when designing the shower tile that you have. This can give your bathroom an elegant yet comforting look. Shower tiles are now available in the market with different decorations and colors. However these tiles are expensive and the work that needs to be done in changing tiles is really big. However you can actually redesign your tiles giving it a new look less the time and is really budget friendly.

Clean the tiles well before starting any treatment

Here is a treatment that you can use. Clean the tiles well before starting any treatment. Remove all traces of soap scum or chemicals left on the tiles as this may make redecorating harder. Then choose the tiles randomly whcih you will be painting using another color. This may be just be a bathroom to have. Choose the shower tiles randomly, you can choose any tiles that is along the shower lines as this has no wormg or right tiles when it comes to choosing. With the use of the sandpaper, dull each tile that you choose so that the paint will stick.

Apply the paint of the color of your choice

The next step is to apply the paint of the color of your choice. Paint it the way you wanted it to look. Use one or more paints to give it the artistic touch. You can ask for help with the paint technician for you to have the colors that would match the paint that you currently have in your bathroom and to choose the rigt paint that would work well with the tiles. Then read the instructions on how to apply the paint that you bought. This will help you apply the paint the right way.

You can also create tile decoration by using a stencil whether hand made or the one that you can purchase on craft stores. You can choose designs that would fit the theme of your bathroom. These are just some of the ways that you can give your bathroom a new look less the cost. You can now give your bathroom a new look wihtout having to change all the shower tiles in your bathroom and less the effort that you need. This is really a cost effective way of redesigning your bathroom.

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