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How to Clean Vomit Out of Carpet


Many people consider the carpet as one of the main centrepieces of a room. It can compliment or contrast one’s wall paint and decor as well as provide a stylish surface for equally stylish furniture. Unfortunately, as important a carpet is to the balance and feel of a room, it is also one of the most difficult pieces to keep clean. Any home owner knows that carpets are susceptible to all kinds of dirt including dust, beverage spills, foot prints and worst of all, vomit.

With babies, pets or perhaps even fun-loving teenagers around, it is incredibly important for one to know how to properly clean vomit out of carpet. While the inexperienced would think that the task of having to clean vomit may seem fairly easy, they are wrong. In fact, vomit is one of the most difficult stains to remove.

In order to effectively clean that, one must first remove most of the vomit from the carpet’s surface. This can be done with any wooden or metal object that can scoop the vomit off the floor. Using a rag, brush or towel would only rub the vomit deeper into the rug and are hence not advised as initial cleaning tools. For the next step however, these cleaning tools would be appropriate.

With a damp rag or towel, one must vigorously scrub the dirtied area of the carpet. It is important not to use too much water in this process as too much water could cause mould to grow underneath. After this has been done, the next step requires some good cleaning liquid and a brush. With one’s cleaning liquid in hand, pour an adequate amount onto the entire dirtied surface and scrub away with the brush. Cleaning liquids that are colourless are best for the job. Also, cleaning liquids with a strong yet pleasant smell would be good for masking the smell of the vomit. If the smell of the cleaning liquid does not remove the smell of the vomit, a good alternative would be to use baking soda. Sprinkle a generous amount over the dirtied area and leave it for about 10 minutes.

After a good amount of time, a vacuum cleaner could be used to remove any remaining pieces or particles. In order to be thorough, one can pat the area with a damp cloth once more and leave it to dry. Facing an electric fan onto the dirtied area could help hasten the drying process.

Though the process of having to clean vomit out of carpet may be extremely tedious and tiring, it is something that must be done as soon as possible. The longer amount of time that the vomit is resting on the carpet, the more chances it has to truly soak in and leave a permanent stain.

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  1. This is how to clean anything out of a rug. There’s nothing particular in here about cleaning vomit. Common sense tells people to scrape up the solid and use carpet cleaner to clean any carpet mess.

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