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15 Tips to Give You Kids Some Extra Storage in Their Room


In the modern world today our population is getting larger and larger and homes are getting smaller. Buying a large home just isn’t the option for everyone. People with kids have it even harder. Kids are messy, they’ll easily fill up their rooms and before you know it you’re in a mess where you can’t tell the difference between a dump and you your kid’s rooms. On top of that your kids are growing and as they grow they are taking up more and more space. So giving them a little more space will not only help them stay cleaner but also accommodate their growing need for more space. But often we are at a loss on how to provide more storage space. So. Here are 15 tips to give your kids some storage space in their room.

1. Coordinate with color

Using children’s book as décor, you can place them in forward facing bookshelves. Not only will it save space but also make your kids room look nice and colorful. It’ll save you some money on room décor as well. A great technique if I do say so myself.

2. Repurposing the bookshelves

[one_half_first]You can create small storage space and seating in your kid’s room by simply repurposing bookshelves. Just turn the shelves on their side, put some foam cushion and add some colorful fabric and you my friend have a new sitting arrangement but that’s not all the empty space can be used as bookshelves just like before or you can store something else. It’s not only useful but with the right design it can look stunning as well.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

3. Labelling

In your boy´s games room, labelling is an excellent way to keep things organized and not run out of space. Just label your drawers and baskets so that everything has its own spot. That way things won’t be lying here and there and you and your kids will always know just where to look. So, you won’t be late just because you couldn’t find your daughter socks.

4. Under the bed

It’s always a great idea to look under the bed not just for hide and seek but to get some extra storage space as well. A good idea is to make an under bed storage cart with wheels and you have yourself some extra storage space. You’ll also have an easier time finding your kids as well since they don’t have their favorite hiding space anymore.

5. Clothes on display

Dress up clothes can actually work as a charm decoration as well. So, rather than wasting storage space and valuable time, simply put the dress up clothes on display. It’ll save you some time, space and make the room look nice as well. You also get to show off your children’s beautiful clothes. So, what are you waiting for?

6. Pegboards

Pegboards aren’t just for hardware craft or storage. Just hang up one in your kid’s room and see the magic. You can use the caddies to store diapers, toiletries or socks and other accessories as well. Now think how impressed you neighbor will be.

7. Rethinking your closet

Kids love hiding in closets. Use this to you advantage. Turn the closet into something else like a reading nook and part storage space. That way your kids have somewhere they can read in, somewhere they can hide in and you also have some storage space as well. Learning, fun and practicality all in the same space. One of the most effective ideas, wouldn’t you agree?

8. Creating your own play table

Have an old coffee table? Well don’t throw it way, use it. Transform it into a play table for you kids. They can use it for their train sets, Lego toys or even use it as a toy. Just simply color and design it to their liking. You’ll save some money on toys and you don’t have to throw your table away.

9. Double duty seating

Multifunctional pieces are important to any functional, hyper-organized space. So, when you are choosing furniture like seating, look for ones that have some storage below. You can keep you kids’ books, toys or other things under there. So, when your kid sits to study or draw, they can easily takeout the book or drawing kits from underneath.

10. Crates on the wall

One thing you can do is recycle old wooden crates and boxes and hang them in your kid’s bedroom walls. It’ll create some extra storage for toys, books and other accessories as well. You can make them look nicer by painting or wallpapering them. You can also design the crates in different ways when you’re recycling them so they look extra nice. The colorful toys your kids put in them will make them look even better and in extension make the room look better.

11. Hooks and rods

One good idea is to create some holes in the wall and attach some hooks or mount rods on the wall. You can simply hang your kid’s clothes. It’ll save you some extra room not only that but mounting rods to your walls and putting clothes there can actually make your kids room look nice if done properly and your kids will love it too. If this isn’t a good idea, I don’t know what is.

12. Add shelving

Don’t be shy about adding shelving on the walls. Just make sure the shelves go all the way to the ceiling to maximize space. This is great for storing books, toys and other accessories. And as with every storage idea just a little care and creativity can actually add beauty to your kid’s room.

13. Trunks

Trunks are great for putting away large amount of toys and they can be transformed in to a seating arrangement as well and with a little decoration you can make them look very nice. Bet you didn’t expect that, did you?

14. Bunk beds

If you have two kids but not enough room or want to give them more room, bunk beds are just your thing. It’s a very solid idea. They will save you a lot of space. Just think how much space a bed takes. You can easily avoid that with a bunk bed.

15. Lockers

Although we see lockers only in schools, they can be used in homes as well. Just color them according to your kid’s room and design them to go well with the décor and you have a very nice storage space in you kids room. Your kids can toy, books, clothes and anything else you can think of in their storage lockers and who knows maybe it’ll motivate them to study more since it’ll give their rooms a school vive.

These are some of the ways you can give your kids some extra space. So, start preparing today.

Your kids room is a place where they can play and hide themselves from outside world. Their room is where they can feel safe and express who they are and what they feel. Your kids room should be filled with toys and in the long run, they would have a room filled with toys. However, if they don’t have enough storage in their room, its tendency is to get messy and a messy room would not let your children relax. So make sure that your child would have enough storage where he can place his toys.

Storage bencheOne furniture that can help you with your child’s toy storage is the storage benches. This can help in beautifying the room and at the same time would be your child’s storage of his toys. This is where they can store their dolls and their stuffed toys, dress up items of their dolls, their books and other toys. Having this furniture in your child’s room would greatly help in keeping your child’s toys in their places at the time that they will not be using them.

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