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How To Eliminate Skunk Odor In The House


Each living creature is created with their unique defense mechanisms. The lions have brute strength, teeth and claws to use when in danger. Snakes have their venomous poison to use against their predator. Even humans have various defense mechanisms to use against other creatures and even fellow humans. But if we are to award a living creature with the most disturbing and bothering type of defense mechanism, the skunks will win the trophy and bring home the first-prize award.

The skunk has oil that can make a perfume smell wonderful and last for long. Skunk oil plays an important role in the production of both expensive and inexpensive perfumes. But never intend to frighten nor make a skunk angry, for they will produce anal skunk spray with a high decree of accuracy that can reach up to 16 ft. Skunk spray is a smelly combination of sulfurous chemical oils that can cause irritations and temporary blindness. The most horrible part of the skunk spray is its infernal scent that does not wear off easily.

Everything that is reached by a skunk spray will smell awful for a very long time. The aroma of the skunk spray is absolutely intolerable and annoying. Moreover, it is one of the most avoided scents in the world. The skunk spray is also extremely contagious. A pet that has been sprayed with skunk spray can spread the scent on your house furniture and other things and areas such as the carpet, tapestries, sofas and beds.

So make sure that you know how to eliminate skunk odor in the house.
• Any object or creature that has been sprayed with skunk spray, should not be brought inside the house.
• If ever something with a skunk spray is brought inside the house, get rid of it or wash it immediately. The sooner you wash or get rid of it, the better the chances of not spreading the scent.
• Regular laundry soap will do, and shower gel is alright for the first washing. In this modern society, there are already different ways on how to eliminate odor in the house. Some products are already available to eliminate skunk spray problems. But there is a simple remedy that you can do at home. It is a simple formula that you can make to eliminate skunk odor.
• The formula consists of 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide that is mixed with ¼ cup of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of liquid soap. This formula is a versatile remedy for any object that has skunk odor. If your dog has the odor, bathe him with this formula, and leave to soak for 5 minutes. Remember, be careful in applying this solution on your pets. Make sure it does not get in their eyes, for it can burn. Use a sponge to rub this formula on affected items and areas.
• Have your clothes washed with this as well. Rinse whatever you’ve washed with simple tap water. And don’t be afraid to repeat this method if necessary. For further freshening, use air deodorizers and fresheners.

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