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How to Paint a Room Red


Have you ever seen interior walls that are dull and uninviting? Well, start saying goodbye to those walls because it is now possible to have a welcoming and cozy room each time you arrive from work. Know how to paint a room red because this color represents love strength and passion. It also suggests a bold and exciting environment, but can also come off as aggressive. The following are tips and steps how to paint a room red.

1. Select your paint. Latex Paint is easy to use and has fewer odors. Oil Based Paint makes paint harder and more durable as it dries.

2. Choose Finish. Finishing for walls can be flat or matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss. For ceiling use pre-mixed flat white paint.

Red room

3. Get Your Equipment. You can use paint brushes, roller frame, roller covers, paint trays and paint sprayer. For walls use paint scrapers, putty knives, spackling compound and sandpaper. Prepare tape, drop cloths, old sheets and rags, safety glass, rubber gloves and dust mask for masking and safety equipment

4. Prepare the room.

• Remove all furniture inside the room as much as possible. Put down any curtains and wall decorations. Remove the wallpaper and clean all the surfaces to be painted.
• When there are paints that is peeling off, scrape it.
Protect your floor by laying a drop of cloths or old sheets over every inch of the floor to protect it from drips and splatters.
• In ceiling, apply tape to the wall corners where they meet.

5. Time to Paint. If you choose to paint with the standard brush and roller or use a paint sprayer, the order stays the same, always work from top to bottom.
• If you want to use “Cutting-In”, prepare 2-inch angled brush, paint 2-3 inches around any edges that connect areas you want to paint and areas that you do not want to paint. Typically, these are the areas walls meet the ceiling, in corners, around any windows, doors, outlets, light switches and above baseboards. Wipe any drips or mistakes as soon as possible using a damp rag or paper towel.
• If you want a “roll” process, line your paint tray with either a disposable liner or aluminum foil and pour your paint into the deep end of the tray, a couple inches of paint is plenty. Prepare your roller frame by attaching the roller cover to the frame and dip your roller into the paint in the tray. Roll back and forth along the textured, angled part of the tray to remove excess paint and distribute it evenly on the roller.
• If you want a diagonal way, roll a large W or M in that section, to distribute paint through that space. Using up and down strokes, even out and fill out the rest of the 4×4 section. Roll the next adjacent section and repeat until all the walls are covered.

Room painted in red tile

6. After the First Coat
• Allow the paint to dry at least 3-4 hours and assess your work. Usually, paint shrinks as it dries, so you may not be able to see lighter areas until the paint is completely dry.
• You can apply second coat is possible if necessary.

7. Clean Up
• Wash your tools in a sink and soak bucket of warm water for a few minutes before cleaning them. These steps will make clean-up faster and easier.
• Place your brushes or roller covers in a zipper style plastic bag and place in the freezer if you have a plan to paint again using the same color.

One of the most expensive ways to give your room a look fresh is to paint it. Painting is easier because there are tools available to assist you. And one way to add an attractive style to your house is painting your room with red and brown.

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