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A Japanese Touch in the Home

Redecorating your house is one of the most enjoyable things that you can do. If you want to have a feel of Japan in your home, then you can add a touch of it in your interior decorating style. Here are some things that you need to consider to give your home that Japanese feel […]

Making your very own Interior Decorating Styles

Good interior decorating styles today are actually no different in rate and rank when compared to the designing techniques of the old. This is because each and every style and technique is actually incomparable to each other. And they are incomparable because these styles and techniques are of different realms to each other. Simply put, […]

10 Tips to Master Victorian interior decorating

Traveling in time is possible if we use the key elements of decoration combined with our imagination. One of the times that we, at Decorating Visita Casas, like the most is the 19th Victorian century. During the 19th century manufacturing and the industrial revolution for furniture in general were beautiful, chaotic and accelerated, all of […]

Egyptian style and design is primarily characterized as ancient

Floors are much easier, since the design is that of an ancient civilization’s room design. Floors can be painted with a very light orange tint to resemble a clay brick’s color that is commonly used during that time. Add the ambience of a ancient Egyptian room further by adding an Egyptian themed carpet which you […]

Give a Classic Touch with Rustic Decor

When it comes to the theme of the décor, the picture that comes to our mind is a traditional Victorian mansion or a country house with all its splendour. This is because we still dream of castles and ranches and these traditional homes always are in vogue whatever the change in trend we might see. […]

The Retro Wave in Your Room

The 80’s and 90’s surely have made a lot of impact on the people. This is the period of the retro. Though years have passed and we are already on the modern age, retro has not been truly eliminated from our culture. In fact there are a lot of people who still appreciates things that […]

Return of the Rustic Home Décor

While the sharp cold lines of contemporary décor is still favored by some, the warmth and comfort offered by a rustic or country décor is the most sought after decorating theme of today. The simplicity and functionality of rustic home décor is combined with contemporary elements by decorators to give a stunning look. Until recent […]

A Natural Look for a Natural Home: Tuscany decors

Do you want to have a natural interior design for your home? Do you want to blend in with the natural ambience your place offers? It’s time for you to make use of a different approach in arranging your home designs. Why not try a Tuscany décor? A natural yet stunning interior arrangement that suits […]

Scandinavian style interior design

Wondering what is Scandinavian style of interior decoration? What is it? Many people still aren’t cleared out on the evolving trends in interior design. It is only in the 20th century that Scandinavian interior design came to be. Carl Larsson, a 20th century artist is credited with creating Scandinavian style. The Scandinavian interior design that […]

Peace and balance in Japanese decorating style

Balance Everything should be balance; everything should go and blend well in order for nature to be aligned. Selecting the materials of very strong opposing or contrasting texture and finish is not a hindrance in keeping you from your goal of achieving tranquility, order and balance. Like the Buddhist thinking of opposition, the yin and […]

10 Tips on Japanese interior design

If you are one of those who like Japanese manga and anime and the rising sun culture in general; you will surely agree with me that the Japanese style interior design is great. But today it is not just us who think about it. Japanese interior design has become a trend in all households, from […]

Setting an oriental decor tone on your place

Tired of the same old style of putting your things in order? Perhaps adding some spice to your way of decorating and interior designing could dramatically put more elegance in the design of your home or office. If you are fond of travelling, you might be familiar to different decoration styles of different cultures. One […]

Southwest style home decorating

In residential interior design, homes are a presentation of one’s character. For example, if you are a person who tends to change decorations in your home when time passes by, then you can be a person who changes and realizes things over the time. But if you are a person who is simple and loves […]

Indonesian teak wood furniture: your partner in home furnishing

If you have already accomplished the first task of finding a home or apartment to live in, then you are now ready for the second challenge which is furnishing and designing your new home. Finding the right furniture for your new home might be a little bit difficult since you have to find things and […]

3 stylish country decorating ideas

If you’re thinking about redecorating your home, the country look is a beautiful look you might want to consider going for. The country style is elegant and classy (just like asian style), but you can also throw in a pinch of modern class to have it feel fresh as well. In this article we’ll go […]

Tips on how to decorate your bedroom in a sexy way

Decorating a bedroom in a sexy and charm way is always helpful to a relationship in a lot of ways. However, it is exceptionally hard to decorate a room just right to achieve that sexy but not skanky look for your room. This is why here are some tips on how to decorate your room […]

Some country decorating ideas for small home

Country decorating ideas for small home invites a laid-back pleasant way of life. Take for example; rich earth tones help out to produce a warm homey environment. Let your home interior decoration be a sign of your style and personality. Whether you are setting up to spruce up, modify, or merely bring up to date […]

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