Decorating Kids’ Rooms: Egyptian Style

A child's room is like a child's playroom or a toy room. The best rooms for children have themes like the zoo, park, forest, beach, etc. This room is meant to be a special place for your child to learn, play, read, draw, write, paint, and do whatever he likes.

The importance of a nice room for our children has been stressed by many people. They suggest that you should set aside a room where your children can feel comfortable, relax and play without any pressure. We understand that it can be a daunting task to create such a space for your kids. We hope that the following suggestions and tips will help you in creating that special room for your child.

This blog is full of tips and advice for those who want to build a better room for their kids. So, if you want to help your kids with their rooms, then read this article.

About Egyptian Style and Design

In case you don’t know what is the ancient Egyptian style and design, then it’s time to read about it. Egyptian style and design is primarily characterized as ancient, but advanced at the same time, it is due to the feeling that ancient Egyptian technology during their time gave the sensation that it not suited for their era, rather like it was actually a glimpse of their future. This unusual mix of ancient and advanced motif of Egyptian interior design and architecture makes it one of the prominent designs that go out beyond the norms. Egyptian style can be applied to almost any kind of room, the kitchen, living room, dining room, and even in your kid’s rooms.

Egyptian interior designs usually represent several iconic articles that are depicted in ancient Egypt. The room’s walls can be given a general design and look of an ancient mural or writings, but these can be quite expensive and takes so much effort to do. Instead of going for ancient murals or wall writings, you can go for something simpler like, reed papyrus themed walls. Walls can easily be painted to look like reed papyrus by going for light yellow and deep brown colors for added detail. It is recommended that you use a stencil with a reed papyrus design etched in it in painting your walls. This way, it becomes much easier and saves a lot of your time to concentrate on other parts of the room to decorate.

How to decorate your child's room with this style?

If you have kids and are looking for some great ideas on how to decorate their rooms, this is the right place. This blog is dedicated to all the parents who love Egyptian style and want to decorate their kids room in this style. If you want to bring the ancient Egyptian style to your kid’s room, then you are at the right place. On this article, we have listed different themes, designs, and decorations to help you decorate your kids’ room according to Egyptian fashion. So, without wasting any time let’s get started. 

Floors are much easier, since the design is that of an ancient civilization’s room design. Floors can be painted with a very light orange tint to resemble a clay brick’s color that is commonly used during that time. Add the ambience of a ancient Egyptian room further by adding an Egyptian themed carpet which you can order locally, but you’ll have to consult a specialist which kind of Egyptian themed carpets are good to use.

Another common iconic article that you can use in designing an Egyptian themed room is none other than Egyptian artifacts. Of course, you don’t have to go to Egypt to buy souvenirs just to get those decorations, nor one would have to go to an auction to buy those very expensive genuine artifacts from Egypt. Simple alternatives like small cat and fox sculptures of Egyptian design would suffice, as it can greatly add the ancient feel of the room’s entirety.

Beds can simply be of modern design, with the skeletal framework being the one with the Egyptian motif. Color combinations such as yellow, blue and orange are the best ones to use, just remember to apply these color combinations in tandem with the color of the pillows and blankets that you are planning to use. Children would love to see the lively colors of their Egyptian beds. But remember, don’t apply anything too fancy.

Finally, adding some enhancements to the rooms like papyrus curtains and a few Egyptian themed furniture like chairs and you now have your very own Egyptian themed room for your kids. A word of advice though, children might want to play with some of the artifacts at their room, so you’ll have to put away every item that can be hazardous away from them.

To summarize

A child's room is like a child's playroom or a toy room. The best rooms for children have themes like the Egyptian stile, zoo, park, forest, beach, etc. The importance of a nice room for our children has been stressed by many people. We hope that this blog was helpful and gave you interesting tips and advice for those who want to build a better room for their kids. 

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10 Tips on Japanese interior design

If you are one of those who like Japanese manga and anime and the rising sun culture in general; you will surely agree with me that the Japanese style interior design is great.

But today it is not just us who think about it.

Japanese interior design has become a trend in all households, from famous people to the girl ofthe next door, everyone has it or want it.

If you want to learn a little more of everything about what this decorative style implies; then you came to the right article!

So be prepare to be amazed!

The Keys to Japanese Interior Design

The Japanese decoration looks for three very important aspects for the development of the human being: habitability, sustainability and humility.

The most ironic of all this is; that the houses that maintain this decorative concept increase their value in the market.

It is not just reduced the quantity of furniture and eat sitting on the floor; creating the right culture atmosphere can be a challenge that many fail to overcome.

We ourselves at Decorating Visita Casas have gone through complex situations in redesigning tone area of a house, however; these adversities have made us grow as decorators in this Japanese matter.

Therefore, I want to start with something very basic before I speak seriously about the most complex Japanese decorative arts; and those that more visual impact cause in the atmosphere of the place.

The Colors

Black and White are very often used in Asia, and they are very importants to them.

Although in Western culture these colors are not add to their interior desing because, according to the chromatic circle; they are values and not colors.

It is said in art that black is the mixture of all colors and therefore denotes perfect integration; while white is the absence of all color, and represents the uncorrupted spirit.

Black is used in a distinctive way by defining geometric, structural alignment and shapes.

White, on the other hand; is widely used as a malleable base when we talk about a large area;

or as a symbol of purity if we take it to something very small. The natural lighting in the Japanese decoration has more value than the artificial, therefore; to highlight the works of art people, usually use white.

In fact, the main reason that the Geishas paint their face in white is to highlight their facial expressions even in the dim light.

So, you can go giving up the pastels or grays in the vases or pieces of decorative ceramics.

It is imperative to resist the need to accentuate the decoration in multiple colors; in reality these statements are made using the color black. Color overload a piece, so be it with the primary colors; is actually a Western trend that should be avoided.

While we use 3 colors for decoration, you will notice that the Japanese use only two; but with bright colors or another color other than white or black, stand out a particular piece of art.

It respects the singularity of each element that, integrated with a minimalist design; ends up functioning in perfect harmony without losing and without stealing the protagonism.

Designing an Organic Decoration

If you thought that Japanese decor and interior design came pre-made everything (with Made in China label)

Fortunately, you are wrong!

There is a Japanese decorative art with flowers and it is called Ikebana.

Ikebana means “living and settled flower” and the rest of civilizations; the Japanese have also used flowers to dignify all important events in their lives throughout the generations.

Nevertheless, its rules for making the flower arrangements show a different aesthetic to the Western that, correctly integrated to a design of Japanese decoration; will give your home that authentic atmosphere that you desire.

When you realize an ikebana, you will notice how it is more than a simple flower arrangement, it is a way of living and being not only in contact

but in communication with nature.

The decorative motifs not only incorporate flowers, also branches, fruits, leaves and seeds.

That is why it is not only a decorative focal point, it is also a center of meditation and personal growth as well; it’s variety of components are tied to the seasons and cycles of life.

Ikebana has its origins in the Japanese religion; It is only a little over 100 years ago that it has been exported to decorative art for everyone to know.

All of its components should be organic or hand-drawn and consists of three elements: Heaven, earth and man.

So if you want to print to your Japanese decor something more than generic and disciplined pieces; you can then not only have a ZEN garden but also an Ikebana.

The Japanese and the Danshari in the decoration

The reason for the Japanese decoration is the Danshari. It refers to leaving out of the home any economic disorder, any emotional imbalance and any spiritual disturbance.

The humble decorations of the Japanese but at the same time so personal, is because they do not build in “mass”. They have always tried to diminish the environmental impact that the violent growth of its population would supposed to them if they used the western method.

In fact, Japan is ecologically sustainable because they use elements of nature easy to grow such as bamboo. In this sense, even if a house is very small, it will always have enough ventilation, natural lighting and organic elements.

With that in mind you should then, rethink your decoration and really analyze what components of the “Japanese shop” are really elements of sustainable decoration.

Remember that there is always people only want to make money; however, the Japanese have managed to recover their country after the nuclear attacks thanks to discipline, not to greed.

Do not forget the GENKAN


When redesigning your house to emulate the Japanese style; getting rid of the big furniture can become very complicated

You could donate them, but it is always better to sell them to be able to acquire with that money the new pieces of decoration.

However, something that you can do and that is what determines if a house follows the Japanese culture or is not it’s the Genkan.


The shoes are left at the entrance of the house in a closet, shelf or simply on the floor; but never go inside the house with them.

A table for the entrance of the house with enough compartments for the shoes, decorated on the top with Japanese accessories and you have already created the necessary aura.

And of course do not forget have enough slippers for you and the guests that you can get.

The Tatami is very important

If there is something that does not require much remodeling and that you can easily include it, it is a Tatami.

If you are going to educate your body to be able to make a noble transition from western to Japanese decoration; remember that you must practice the different positions to be on the floor comfortably.

The japaneses have not iron knees. Although they are accustomed to eating, meet to talk and sleep on the floor; they use tatamis to create a soft and protective layer, thus avoiding injuring themselves.

In addition, traditional tatamis are made of straw; but today it is made with stretched polyethylene, so you should not import it from Japan to be able to have a traditional floor.

Gradually see the furniture and remember this:

If you find it difficult to get rid of your big furniture, enjoy it!

In Japan, to dispose of large furniture you have to pay.  That is another reason why they keep everything simplified; but always in a way that is comfortable as well as humble.

Ideas that you can use for your Japanese decoration

You can also add fabric patterns especially on the pillows that you may use or place on the walls as decorations. You can have Japanese embroidery, brocade, Kasuri or metallic weave are just some of the decorative that you can use.

This artwork may give you the flowers, patchwork designs that you may use and other patterns that are brightly colored. Then give attention to your windows. You can have window treatments to give it a Japanese look. You can mimic a look of the shoji screens in your window by making use of the rice paper window shades which you can place under cornice boards that may be covered by black and gold fabric.

Then choose the furniture that you would be using. In most Japanese homes they make use of the tatami mats instead of sitting on the floor or chairs. But for those who wanted to have added comfort you can sit on pillows. You may not need the Japanese kokatsu table instead you can use low tables by shortening its legs or purchase a hibachi table if you are planning to use it for long term.

Then to complete your Japanese dining area, have the tableware match your theme. These are some ideas that you can use for your Japanese inspired dining room. You may use the real things that the Japanese people use for their dining, but with this preparation, you can have the feel of eating in a Japanese environment.

A Japanese Touch in the Home

  1. Redecorating your house is one of the most enjoyable things that you can do. If you want to have a feel of Japan in your home, then you can add a touch of it in your interior decorating style. Here are some things that you need to consider to give your home that Japanese feel and you can even do it yourself; you do not even have to hire an interior decorator to do it for you.

    The first thing that you can do is decide how much you will spend for the Japanese interior decoration and stick with the budget that you have.
  2. Plan out the colors that you will be using. Remember that Japanese interiors usually use neutral colors for a simple background. These are the colors of the Eastern art because it represents the simplicity; these colors would minimize the clutter feeling that is very essential in the designs of the Japanese and in the Eastern designs.
    Japanese interior decorating style

    The next thing that you need to consider is the texture and the type of material that Japanese use. These materials may be cedar, rice paper, bamboo and stone to mention a few. The Japanese culture also balances everything in all the aspects of their lives and the interior decoration is included. Here are some examples: if you use a highly polished bamboo floor, you may need to match it with mats that are heavily textured or you can place white pebbles on top of the black granite ledge that is around the tub; or you can display a box that is lacquered on top of a rough table.
  3. Clutter is not a part of the Japanese decorations and so you need to take away all the decorations that fill in your space. Always consider the pillars of the Japanese decoration; which is peacefulness and balance. So never over-decorate when you want to have a Japanese-styled interior decoration.
  4. Always bear in mind that the Eastern interiors that include a Japanese style have a central object as its focus and it may be a garden, an altar or an irori (hearth). Thus, you can place an orchid or a small fountain as one of your decorations. With nature in your decorations, this would give you the serenity; an element that is vital to the Japanese inspired design.

    Natural light is also an important part of the Japanese design; thus, the use of rice paper as screens and walls that would offer both privacy and light. If you do not want to use rice paper you can make use of light colored curtains like white or you can also choose cream color.
  5. These are just some of the ideas that you need to remember when you will be decorating a room with a Japanese style interior decoration. These are just the basic things that you need to follow to achieve the Japanese feel that you would want in your home.

Peace and balance in Japanese decorating style


Everything should be balance; everything should go and blend well in order for nature to be aligned. Selecting the materials of very strong opposing or contrasting texture and finish is not a hindrance in keeping you from your goal of achieving tranquility, order and balance. Like the Buddhist thinking of opposition, the yin and yang is an example. Always remember that you should strive for simplicity and nothing complicated. For in complex you might find other difficulty or problem unlike when you’ve done it simply.


When clutter is present, expect that you won’t find peace. The design feature of a Japanese room or multiple rooms is usually dictated by the fixation of the Japanese towards simplicity and the approach to Japanese interior design. The placement of furniture and display follows rules prescribed or advised of fluidity. A Japanese room to be decorated usually has tendencies to arrange on the perimeter, creating traffic patterns across the center.

Contrast to that, the Japanese interior design establishes a focal point on the center with little flow and physical movement on the perimeter. Remember that quality is the key to your selecting of the elements that will go about in your interior. Overloading also is one of the less priorities in Japanese interiors. If your room happens to large, it’s better to keep some open spaces.

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asian style

5 tips for amazing Asian style home decorating

Many people when decorating their homes choose the amazing asian style; we can’t deny that it is one of the most versatile decorative styles that allows us to take full advantage of the full potential of our space.

However, most people make the mistake of buying everything that looks Asian to add to their decor. That kind of mistake is so typical today, and worst of all, is that people do not realize what they are failing. For that reason, they end up with a space they do not like.

If you want to learn the 5 basic steps to have a true Asian-Japanese decoration, then you came to the right article.

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10 Tips to Master Victorian interior decorating

Traveling in time is possible if we use the key elements of decoration combined with our imagination. One of the times that we, at Decorating Visita Casas, like the most is the 19th Victorian century.

During the 19th century manufacturing and the industrial revolution for furniture in general were beautiful, chaotic and accelerated, all of a sudden. Many brilliant decorators and designers’ minds did wonders.

Some of those wonders were not functional but beautiful. While so many were so useful that their only negative side was that they did not look special. All their features were shared by others too, so they were very common.

Interior decoration in the Victorian era of the nineteenth century was indeed so wide that it would be impossible to completely cover it here. But we will give you many good ideas.

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Making your very own Interior Decorating Styles

Good interior decorating styles today are actually no different in rate and rank when compared to the designing techniques of the old. This is because each and every style and technique is actually incomparable to each other. And they are incomparable because these styles and techniques are of different realms to each other. Simply put, the creativity of each of these styles is what makes them different from the others. And if it’s all about creativity, anyone with enough ideas on his or her mind has the capability to create his or her very own style, an interior decorating style that makes it your very own.

Modern hallway decor

Several factors are considered by designers when making new designs and themes for interior decorating. The main question for this query would be, “what would be concept or idea that no one has ever tried before?” In short, innovative ideas come from concepts that are yet unexplored by other creative minds, something that you, as the creative human can potentially do.
Oriental decor

If thinking of a never before thought idea is too much for you, then there is still another alternative in which you can successfully create a stunning new idea for interior decorating: combine 2 or more ideas into 1 new concept. The art of combining concepts to create a new one is not really new, and especially not to interior decorating. But combining ideas and concepts is still one good way of devising new ideas. Remember, the keyword is “2 or more”, which means you can combine 3, 4, 5 or even more concepts into one. Just remember to still keep style and functionality intact, just stacking ideas on top of each other won’t actually be considered a creative idea.

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Give a Classic Touch with Rustic Decor

When it comes to the theme of the décor, the picture that comes to our mind is a traditional Victorian mansion or a country house with all its splendour. This is because we still dream of castles and ranches and these traditional homes always are in vogue whatever the change in trend we might see. Rustic décor is a theme desired by many people while decorating their homes. The reason for this is the cosy and comfortable feeling of being at home that the rustic décor depicts.

Rustic style bedroom

Decorating your home or your office on rustic décor depends on what kind of look you have on your mind. You may favour a country house type replete with log cabins and farmhouses. Though the exact replica would be very unsuitable, designing your home with some of the décor on the lines of the rustic theme of your choice and blending it with your existing décor will be the best option. Authentic rustic décor themes are based on different time zones and you can pick a theme of your fancy, like a classic Victorian period theme or a country theme. Colonial themes are also in vogue.

If your choice is a country or colonial theme then your décor will be a practical and down to earth one. Hand made quilts and earthen pots go well with this type of décor. You can add some folk paintings which add to the rustic feeling. If you are an avid admirer of country themes then you can hang up some antler heads or bear heads which will be truly authentic and attract attention instantly. If you are for Victorian type décor you need to style your décor on stunning and fabulous designs which have intricate patterns done on them. Ruffled curtains, wicker baskets and magnificent table cloths and drapes make up the Victorian rustic theme. Artistically patterned wood furnishings and embroidered cloth furnishing will add effect to the theme.

Rustic styled kitchen

The rustic theme is liked by many because you can decorate your home fully on the theme or add bits of it to your regular home décor. Whichever way you choose, the rustic theme makes its presence felt. Try using rustic pieces of furniture to add the classic touch. A traditional chest of drawers, a grandfather clock or a wicker basket will give the room a traditional look. The main criteria in the rustic décor are to use as many natural products as possible. These make you feel the traditional set up unfold before your eyes. Rustic décor does not depend on any particular set of rules, so you can add anything and everything that makes you feel comfortable and also makes the room appealing and rustic.

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The Retro Wave in Your Room

The 80’s and 90’s surely have made a lot of impact on the people. This is the period of the retro. Though years have passed and we are already on the modern age, retro has not been truly eliminated from our culture. In fact there are a lot of people who still appreciates things that are designed to look like retro. Retro can be seen in clothing, buildings, cars and even houses and bedrooms. If you like to create a retro bedroom but you do not have enough money to do it, here is a way on how you can have retro bedroom. You can do it yourself.

Retro style kitchen

The first thing that you should do is to know what retro means. What does it really mean? How can one thing be considered retro? What are the unique features of retro? Answer all these questions first. By doing so, you will be given the idea on how you will decorate your bedroom. This will also give you the idea on what materials you need to buy and how much it will cost you. This part is really important in order for you to create a true retro bedroom. Retro is characterized by the use of so many colors and shapes.

The next part will be buying the things that you will need in creating a retro bedroom. Here are some materials that you will need. You will need paint and paint brush. You will also need nails, hammer and saw. You will also need to buy wood for the furniture and crafts that you are going to need. You will also need cloths for your bed and pillows. Remember to choose bright and varying colors for your paint and for your cloth. You may buy additional things if you like for as long as they will blend with your theme.

Retro style dining room

Now that you have the right materials you can now start designing your bedroom. The first thing that will need to do is to empty your bedroom. Then put newspapers to areas where you do not want to be painted. When you are done doing those, you may start painting. Remember the theme of your bedroom so paint your room accordingly. For the furniture and crafts, you can either create yourself or ask for help in doing them. You can make your cabinets, desks and chairs that are really retro. You must also paint them with bright colors. A famous feature of retro is having picture frames with the same images but colored differently. You can do this yourself by printing colorless images on glossy materials and then painting them colorfully and accordingly.

After making the furniture and the crafts you can now make the cover of your bed and pillows. This time you can use a single bright color for the entire bed and the pillows. You can use bright red for it.
When the paint of the room is already dry, you can now start cleaning up the room before you put in the furniture, crafts, other designs and the bed. Now you are done designing a retro room. There are a lot of possibilities doing things yourself. You should just know what and how to do things.

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Return of the Rustic Home Décor

While the sharp cold lines of contemporary décor is still favored by some, the warmth and comfort offered by a rustic or country décor is the most sought after decorating theme of today. The simplicity and functionality of rustic home décor is combined with contemporary elements by decorators to give a stunning look.

Until recent past, there has been a marked difference between ultra-modern, upscale home décor and the down-to-earth, comfortable but affordable home décor. While upscale magazines displayed perfect homes styled with sleek lines in glass and chrome, the magazines for Mrs. America featured comfortable homes filled with warmth and comfort. Homespun fabrics, solid rustic furniture and rag rugs drew the guests to get cozy near a functional fireplace. Today the gap between the two styles has merged to create the most sought after decorating style that blends the classic charm of rustic homes with the stylish lines of a contemporary home. This new decorating style features mostly natural materials like stone, wood, cotton, linen and silk which are blended well with floor plants and quaint decorative accessories.

Sophisticated rustic style livingroom

If you too are interested to blend in a little rustic charm to your home décor, here are some suggestions that are put forth by decorating experts to help you out. If you are starting from scratch, you can consider a country cabin look with wood wall panelling. These rustic walls have wide wood planks that give a rough-hewn but warm look and feel. A few strategically placed country crafts can transform the whole room. You can use a patchwork quilt with classic lines on a contemporary metal framed bed. Country style appliquéd pillows thrown on homespun sofas can bring in the rustic charm to your living space.

Antler lamps and chandeliers or antler hangs to hold hats can create a hunting loge ambience. Simplicity, functionality and charm come together in a rustic décor to provide a practical but enchanting décor that everyone can appreciate. The type of flooring also plays a major role in contributing to the rustic décor. While a solid, hardwood flooring is best to enhance a rustic décor, stone flooring is also a good option. Stark stone flooring when contrasted with soft rugs and homespun carpets is perfect to complement and enhance the rustic décor.

Rustic style bedroom

South-western designs and patterns in woven wool or a Hudson Bay woollen blanket will bring in the rustic charm and masculine grace that is perfect for this setting. The important thing is to keep everything simple and subtle. Take care to provide a lot of open space with very few but charming accessories. Make sure to choose colors, materials and lighting to enhance the rustic effect.

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A Natural Look for a Natural Home: Tuscany decors

Do you want to have a natural interior design for your home? Do you want to blend in with the natural ambience your place offers? It’s time for you to make use of a different approach in arranging your home designs. Why not try a Tuscany décor? A natural yet stunning interior arrangement that suits your personality!

If you want tranquility and calm space at your house, it is recommended that you try this decors to have the soothing ambience in your home. It gives you space and lighter environment that in effect, creates an aura of peace that suits busy and stressed people. It offers different kind of interior arrangement, far from the expensive and complicated ones because it makes use of the natural arrangement of ornaments and furniture inside the house to blend in with the natural perspective of our eyes to create the illusion of being at home, safe and warm. Most of the people who use this kind of decoration are those with busy schedule that want at the end of the day to rest and look at the comforting and soothing house for their own relaxation. Some just like the idea of wider environment, safe and relaxing.

Toscan style living room

If you are thinking about the cost, Italian decors are affordable, especially when they are on sale. Most of the stores have their seasonal sale where in you can really save a great deal of money. It is also easy to find because there are so many existing stores that offer this kinds of decorations. This kind of arrangement at home can be done by your family alone. You need not to hire more people to do the work for you because relatively, it is easier to set-up than other kinds of decorations. It gives you the idea that natural looking house comes in low price but with great compliments.

Natural looking houses nowadays are on the top list of every dream house because of its different ambience. It lets you release the problems and stress in your body at the same time, savor your moment alone or with your loved ones. You will never go wrong in a house like this where you can really feel the wide space, the bright lights and the cold air touching your tired body. Tuscany decors can really make the difference at your house and even the way you look at it. With its elegant appeal to the eyes of the people, you will get a simple yet striking interior arrangement that you can brag to your friends and neighbors.

Tuscany style bedroom

Set yourself different from the rest. Make your dream house the best that it could be. Be different from the conventional home designs. Your house is on the line so better try and make an improvement with Tuscany Decors!

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Scandinavian style interior design

Wondering what is Scandinavian style of interior decoration? What is it? Many people still aren’t cleared out on the evolving trends in interior design. It is only in the 20th century that Scandinavian interior design came to be. Carl Larsson, a 20th century artist is credited with creating Scandinavian style. The Scandinavian interior design that he created is a mixture or combination of neutral colors of the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish landscape, with a casual aged look. The land of Scandinavia usually experience long winters and sometimes sunlight is less experienced, so this resulted to a need for airy and sleek interiors that the sunlight is made available most.

Scandinavian style kitchenScandinavian Colors

Basic colors usually relates with Scandinavian colors. The colors ranges from shades of whites (ecru to bright white), beige, light blues and natural light wood tones. There is an exception in the neutral color scheme which is the adding of bright red. The reason for that exception is that red dramatically contrasts with the pale interiors to add more design.

Scandinavian Textures and Fabrics
Natural themes are also followed by fabrics. What are the most commonly found fabrics in their design? That would be cotton and linen, fabrics used mainly on curtains. The fabrics may be able to be plain or textured and their designs usually are that of with white stripes and checkered. There are also those that makes use of floral designs, these are usually associated with white background and small designs that are usually repeated.

Scandinavian style room

Scandinavian Furniture
The deal with Scandinavian wood furniture is that they have their trademarks in them like they usually have mixtures of straight lines with curved detailing that are gently made. The legs of this furniture are thin and generally tapered. Staple furniture in Scandinavian interior design is that of benches and bench-like sofas which are set on six legs with separate cushions or with minimal upholstery. Scandinavian interior designs are great to put on your room. If you’re the type of guy who wants some remnants of classic touches or feel in your houses, well this kind of design is for you. The motif of Scandinavian interior design is timeless, elegance and freshness. It’s a nice way of changing up the designs that are commonly used by other people. So why not try being different and let people see a different look in your house; show them what it means to be timeless, the meaning of elegance and fresh. These designs are sure to make your visitors, guests, family and friends feel welcome and warm at the same time.

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Setting an oriental decor tone on your place

Tired of the same old style of putting your things in order? Perhaps adding some spice to your way of decorating and interior designing could dramatically put more elegance in the design of your home or office. If you are fond of travelling, you might be familiar to different decoration styles of different cultures. One of the most artistic among those is the oriental décor by which the Asians are artistically inclined to. Asian interior decorating does not only sweep sophistication, but also blends in tranquility in art and furnishings. The very core of this is the idea of keeping every furniture and space simple and organized. Take note that making a place roomy is a good Feng Shui; more energy and affluence are being generated to its occupants.

Indonesian wood furniture

The following are decorating tips that will surely set the tone of pleasurable Asian style decoration:

• In pursuit of an excellent and attractive décor, nature is something that should be taken into consideration. Oriental décor is influenced by what people see (southwest style), feel, and experience on their surroundings. A good way to highlight this factor is the use of bonsai trees and other plants or indonesian furniture. In the same degree, the element of water is essential. You can make use of indoor water fountains and other mechanisms that engineer water stream which emphasizes the flow of life and the flow of our daily providence. The sound that the flow of water produces creates a positive sensation and a refreshing aroma.
• To fashion enhancing effect in any room, use Oriental or bamboo rugs. The use of floors which are made of hardwood can look remarkable, but it should be placed into thinking that the foundation of Oriental decors especially in Asian interiors is the covering of the floor.
• More space. It is evident in Asian culture that the weighing up of breathing space is important. You can use room dividers to make the illusion of more space. Shoji screen is another option. Doors with this kind of screen are usually designed to be slid open to conserve space. This is traditionally used in Japanese-style rooms and is perfect on hiding distasteful corners.
• Color is also vital. The prominent characteristic of asian décor is the drawing on of bold colors. Red can be normally seen in wall art, carpets and other items. Besides black and brown, other vivid color like green makes this décor more stylish. Green paints serenity in as much as how plants like bonsai trees set indoor give way to a natural look.

If in case you are actually into Oriental style but stick to inexpensive furnishing, you can mull over adding a few touches of Oriental flair. Collecting oriental scripts from newspapers and magazine is one thing. Typically, there are free papers in the Oriental market but spending a little can add more to it. Wrap particular boxes or corners with this kind of paper. So as to make the paper durable, cover it with tape as lamination after wrapping.

Why not learn origami craft paper? You will not only have fun putting more color to your lace but will also tone personal tastes. A group of origami paper birds hanging from the ceiling is a perfect output.
You can make use of fabric, porcelain and tea sets to heighten the Oriental décor feel. Always keep in mind that above all of the guidelines you can learn from anyone or anywhere regarding decoration, it is what you want that will elevate your eagerness to design in your own approach.

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Southwest style home decorating

In residential interior design, homes are a presentation of one’s character. For example, if you are a person who tends to change decorations in your home when time passes by, then you can be a person who changes and realizes things over the time. But if you are a person who is simple and loves the beauty of nature, then home decorating southwest style is for you.

Similar to asian style, southwest style (opposed to modern style or country style) is well-liked with people from all backgrounds. Many people are attracted by the bright and vibrant colors that are from the rich culture it represents. Unfinished wooden floors are a must. Southwest decorating is everything about putting in nature through making use of natural materials like wood and cotton. The real meaning of home decorating southwest style is an organized and humble inviting look of the house.

Southwest style

The very first thing that you need to put in mind is the colors of the house. Depending on your income, you should easily be able to blend several colors for that very reason. Go and fit in different shades around the house, on the walls, fabrics and other accessories. The materials in home decorating southwest style frequently represent decoration inspired by Indian’s way of life. Carpets and covers made by Indians may be used for their anticipated use or folded and to be found on top of a wooden trunk. Make use of a blended pattern and solid materials to preserve the room from becoming too demanding.

The furniture you should be using must be all made up of wood and with a polish that makes it look rusty, just like outdoor furniture. Just choose those with simple details and keep the color palette as natural as possible. You can also use Indian or Indonesian prints for covers on the chairs and beds. Make use of throw pillows to liven the room and the theme you want.

Ceramic items are also a huge part of southwest style for homes. There are a lot of beautiful pots in different sizes. You can use these as a vase for flowers or make us for kitchen wares like canisters. You can also make use of the large potteries for display like two big ones on the entrance of the main door of the house. Making use of a copper wall has as well been a great interest recently. However they have not been seen in a real and true southwest style home. If you are planning to make use of a copper, make sure that piece would not look manufactured but handmade.

Making use of the southwest style furnishings available in department stores is never been suitable. It will present you house in a cheap appearance. Southwest style has been understated and too many accessories will destroy the room. A simple yet well-designed look is far better. If you are not satisfied and still seeking for inspiration then why don’t you plan a vacation to Southwestern styled places like New Mexico, Texas or at Arizona? These places are rich in this kind of culture and this should help you get a great idea in how to make you home into this style.

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Indonesian teak wood furniture: your partner in home furnishing

If you have already accomplished the first task of finding a home or apartment to live in, then you are now ready for the second challenge which is furnishing and designing your new home. Finding the right furniture for your new home might be a little bit difficult since you have to find things and furniture which will suit your taste and at the same time that furniture with a very good quality. For durable and high quality furniture, then the best choice in the market are Indonesian wooden furniture.

Indonesian wood furniture

One of the world’s largest suppliers and producer of teak wood furniture is Indonesia. Indonesians are renowned craftspeople, and with its low cost of labor and abundance of teak wood trees and plantation, it continues to be the leader when it comes to teak wood furniture manufacturing (similar to baroque wood furniture). Teak is a closely grained wood high in natural oils and is very hard. With these properties present, the teak wood can maintain its endurance. Since it is very durable, teak wood has always been used in the production of furniture, doors and windows. Aside from its durable quality, the teak wood is also noted for the following good characteristics:

> Has high rubber content which makes it resistant to heat, rain, and termites.
> Weather resistant, can withstand extreme cold conditions without the need of any additional treatment.
> Can repel insects easily and is very resistant to decay.
> It is elastic and can retain its outside form.
> It will not become brittle because of its antibacterial characteristics.

The primary reason why teak wood has remained to be the main choice in furniture material is because of the strength and beauty of its fibers. And since it does not rot or corrode when in contact with metals, a lot of furniture manufacturers are now using teak with other metals like stainless steel in order to produce an alternative modern and contemporary looking furniture. For outdoor settings, teak wood has always been the preferred choice as it does not splinter. Because of its known good qualities, Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture has been the most sought about furniture in the whole world. There is a very high demand for Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture all over the world. Although furniture made from teak wood are quite expensive than other wood furniture, it is always worth the cost. Since it does not need much maintenance, teak wood furniture can remain beautiful for a very long time without you having to spend a lot of money in remaking it.

Indonesian wooden furniture

Looking for ways to impress your mother in law or your friends? Then here is the perfect chance for you to showcase your wonderful taste and style in furnishing your home. With Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture, become the envy of the whole neighborhood. So if you are looking for beautiful, unique and quality wood furniture that will last a lifetime, then consider your problem in furnishing your home solved and done with Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture.

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3 stylish country decorating ideas

If you’re thinking about redecorating your home, the country look is a beautiful look you might want to consider going for. The country style is elegant and classy (just like asian style), but you can also throw in a pinch of modern class to have it feel fresh as well. In this article we’ll go over three great country decorating ideas so you can create the perfect country décor for your house.

Country Decorating Idea #1 – Choose the Right Colors and Fabrics
Avoid decorating the house with heavy colors. Don’t just paint or wallpaper entire walls with gingham patches. Although this would really accentuate the country look, for most houses it’s far too stuffy or old fashioned. Choose more neutral colors so that you can accentuate art pieces or furniture pieces. The same goes for fabrics and window curtains. Make sure you choose stylish fabrics that really go with the house, without drawing too much attention.

Country style decorating

Country Decorating Idea #2 – Choose the Right Woods
The type of wood you use has a big impact on the overall feel of the house. Country decorating usually uses what’s called “relaxed woods.” These are woods like pine or rustic oak that really gives the house that country feel.
Country decorating ideas

Country Decorating Idea #3 – Freshen Up the House

The idea behind creating a country look is to create a classic and elegant look. However, old fashioned furniture and wallpapers can often look very stuffy. A great way to counteract this is by adding just a piece or two of modern furniture. Perhaps a Swedish design clear top coffee table. Perhaps a fancy looking chair. Just one or two modern pieces can take a stuffy look into a classic yet fresh look for your newly decorated house. If you enjoy a classy and elegant look, the country style home may be perfect for you. These country decorating ideas are a great start to making that vision a reality!

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Tips on how to decorate your bedroom in a sexy way

Decorating a bedroom in a sexy and charm way is always helpful to a relationship in a lot of ways. However, it is exceptionally hard to decorate a room just right to achieve that sexy but not skanky look for your room. This is why here are some tips on how to decorate your room in a sexy way to achieve the look that will definitely convey a message your partner in a way that is not too much or too less. The first tip on how to decorate your bed room (and bathroom also) is to talk it out with your partner especially if you are living together. A person will not perceive a thing is sexy if he or she thinks it is ugly. This is why make sure that the decision on the major changes that will happen to the room such as the overall theme and the color scheme is mutual and is something that you both adhere to.

Sexy bedroom decorating

When it comes to the theme, any theme can be sexy if you want it to. It definitely depends on which theme you think is sexy. Most couples choose the chic, modern theme because it is laid back and slick while other choose a classical theme. However, no matter which theme you use, the most important thing to take into consideration is the color. One of the best tips on how to decorate your room in a sexy way is to consider dark colors and add natural candles. Dark red is always a good color to set the mod. It relaxes the eyes and conveys a certain message of intimacy to anyone who is in a room and is surrounded in this color. Other warm tones such as oranges are also great options for setting the mood through color.

This is a great tip on decorating your bedroom for many reasons. One reason is that using art to make a room sexier draws the line between sexy and hoochie. It creates that sophisticated yet sensual effect that will make your room more sexual but not too much. Also, most people agree that paintings or other forms of art in general are always sexy. They are mysterious and provocative in a way that is also smart and witty.

Decorate your bedroom in a sexy way

The last tip on decorating your room in a sexy way is considering sexier lighting fixtures and scents. Chandeliers have the same effect as sensual paintings in the room. They can add a classical touch to a room that will make it more sensual. Adding scented candles in the room can also heighten the sexual tension in the air except of course if you or your partner is allergic to scented candles. But, there is no point in arguing about the fact that scented candles make a room more sensual than it has ever been.These types of candles are very affordable as well.

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Some country decorating ideas for small home

Country decorating ideas for small home invites a laid-back pleasant way of life. Take for example; rich earth tones help out to produce a warm homey environment. Let your home interior decoration be a sign of your style and personality. Whether you are setting up to spruce up, modify, or merely bring up to date your home, guiding principles are constantly very useful. With the wild schedules that each and every one of us carry on these days, by means of country decor as a home decorating approach, can be of assistance for us to institute some simplicity in our lives. It gives us relaxation and calmness from full of activities in a day.

Country style decorating

Country style for small home which will encourage you to generate a bright, new ambiance in your home, and which you can familiarize yourself to go well with your particular desires and way of life. The most eye-catching homes are the ones with the purpose to have continuity the whole time. Put up this in mind as soon as you set in motion to beautify or redecorate your country home. See in your mind’s eye a vacant room and start on with a focal point. Put together the furniture and accessories that compliment your good judgment of decorating manner.

Plan your own country ideas for small home by coming to a decision on the interior colors you will make use of, in every room for walls, wood-work, floor coverings, curtains, outdoor furniture coverings, lamp shades, and sofa pillows. Make sure you carefully learn the exact technique, and color scheme then cautiously bring together the colors for each building block of your country home decor.
If you ask yourself why different rooms attract you to hang around, and others always give the impression of cold and uninviting, you will quickly pick up important ideas for your home and hints to make use of your own country decor scheme. Also, you can use linoleum floors.

Country decorating ideas

Seek for the design of the room to have an end product of simplicity and tranquility. Begin your hard work of interior decorating by having no more than the pieces of furniture you could do with in a room and not too many colors. Maintain each and every one of your colors bright or all subdued; do not mix up shades; a mistaken shade of a color is like a false note in tune. See to it that your home conveys the tastes of the family. It is the kind of way how to make an ambiance. It is clever to furnish the home interior little by little. Haste is guilty for nearly all errors. Begin by owning fine shapes and color-blends, and as you can come up with the money for it, throw away things of no authentic worth for unique shapes and colors with value. On the other hand, the accomplishment of your home decorating tasks lies in you, for the reason that country decorating is a compilation of your individuality, treasured items, and just using colors and things that you adore. Your country home is simply waiting to be shaped and well-liked by all of your visitors. They will soon be leaving your house with more than a few thoughts in mind.

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