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Golf-themed Bedroom Wall Decorations: The Bedroom’s Hole in One


Ah, the ultimate business sport, for the most part, I consider the sport of golf as the ultimate leisurely sport that can be done by anyone who has practically a long time to kill or to talk to business associates. It surely doesn’t take a good athletic body to play one, and it won’t certainly need skills like how the pros do it in order for you to enjoy the sport. So, how about bringing the entire fun of this lawn sport right into your bedroom? Sound good, bit how do we stick this good sport to your bedroom?

Well, for a general design, you can use the two primary colors that you can see in this sport, namely, green and white. You can probably just plaster the walls with a good combination of green and white paint, but it won’t really remind anyone of golf unless you’re a real fan of the sport, so you might have to resort to more innovative designs.

Start with the common articles that you can find in the sport and try to visualize golf clubs, golf balls, and the holes, along with some of the machines used in golf floating around the walls of the bedroom along with the generic color that we have chosen for the room. You could try painting the articles yourself, but if you’re not really the artistic type then you can choose to print digital “cartoonified” images of these objects, and after you have painted the walls according to the color theme, try sticking these things with proper adhesives.

If you want simple, repetitive wallpaper-like designs, then sticking many, many golf balls all around the room after the proper paint job would also be a good suggestion. The sizes can be can be uniform or varied, depending on how you view the entire image of the walls as a whole. Alternatively, you can try to draw a simple map of a golf course all around the room. The design doesn’t have to be very detailed, treat it as a geological map of the world, with a few details enough to indicate whether there’s water or trees or plain grass in that certain area.

Ultimately, if you have the money to pull if off, you can use a digital image of an actual golf course, print them to a good wall type size, and stick them onto the walls. If you don’t have a gigantic printer or is not near to any digital printing shop nearby, then you may have to use rasterbating techniques, printing part of the images on regular-sized papers and then connecting them together to form the entire picture. I would recommend trying to connect the images first on a large roll of paper or “dummy” wallpaper before trying to paste in to the walls.

So, with a little skill, preparation and the correct materials, you can now create the best golf course that you can literally stick into the room, constantly reminding you of this wonderful sport, and probably urging you to always play golf whenever you have the time or money to do so.

Create Golf Themed Room

Does your family love playing golf? Or they cry out when you start talking about golf? Does your passion give you the idea of bringing golf inside your home? The easiest way to bring your love of golf near you is to create a golf themed room inside your house. It is very easy to do, as it doesn’t need to be permanent.

Here are some tips to help you in redecorating:

Golf themed kitchen1. The first thing you must do is to choose the room. It can be an office, bedroom or den. The important thing you must consider is the fact that you enjoyed staying in that room. The room must be a haven for you. Make sure that other people who want to use it won’t be adverse to the golf theme.
2. Decide how long you want the theme to be. Do you want to move in the next few years or you want this to be permanent? Materials and process for permanent use is different from short-term desire. Early decision making can help you avoid headache later.
3. After deciding about your settings and you have chosen the room you want and the time span you want to have this, you can now proceed to your wall. If you want it to be permanent, you can buy golf themed wall paper or border. You can grab them in a store specializing wall décor. It is possible if you want to look in the Internet. For those who do not want this theme permanently, neutral wall color, maybe nice medium to light brown is fine.
4. The next thing you must consider is the furniture. If you think it is better to use your old furniture, think again! Why not add some golf themed furniture or décor. You can look for them out there. The best store you should visit is the antique store. Furniture can add more relaxing feeling in one place.

Golf themed accessory5. Walls and furniture are the main things to consider. If you think everything are done perfectly and accordingly, start thinking about the smaller things. Although they are just tiny details, they can add more sense in your room. Think if you can hang something on the wall. You can put display like picture frame, painting, etc. This can turn simple into elegant that is absolutely silly. Before you put anything, visualize first. So you will not be surprised about the result.

Once you have started, you will find thousands of ideas and purchase tons of golf paraphernalia. You can make your own items to be displayed inside your golf themed room. Bring out the creative part of you. Just remember that you must be happy while doing this, as this is easy and offers fun.

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