Ways to Create Spacious Bedroom for Three Kids

It’s nice to have a big family, but you must always think of their welfare and how to make them comfortable in every aspect of their life. When you have more than 3 kids, although it still seems early, you must already start planning for their space around the house, because they will grown up soon and would need a room of their own. When you need to create a room for 3 kids, you should consider each of their preferences so that they can appreciate your effort even more.

Big bedroom

When creating a bedroom for your kids you must consider enough space for them to move around the room. Make a roomy arrangement and stumble on a style that works for their personalities. If you only have 1 room for all your kids to share, you need to be very creative in making separate rooms for each of them. Designing a kid’s bedroom can be both challenging and fun task. Between ages 8-11 years old, kids are going through a certain process called adolescence where in they are in the stage of discovering themselves and everything around them. By making them a stimulating bedroom, you can help them build their personality and discover their potentials as an individual. Since bedrooms are created for a wide range of different purposes, such as sleeping, storing personal things, playing, studying and others, you need to consider the following in making creating your kids room:
> Function
> Floor plan
> Style


creating a spacious bedroom

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