Popular styles in casual dining furniture

Below are some popular styles in casual dining furniture:
Country style – This type of style came from the designs of early American and colonial eras. The give a rural and country feel through a laid-back interpretation of the classic styles of American and French country.

Cottage style – This type of style represents reused and recycled material although giving a feel of informality and being imperfect make the room appear old and loved with marks of wear and tear.

Shabby Chic style – This type of style exhibits a balance of elegance with time-worn pieces. The signature of this style is the color white combined with a mix of patterns, architectural details and vintage accessories. This mixture creates a comforting aura of a grandmother’s house.

Ethnic style – This type of style is using décor that reminds the history of the owners, where they came from and where they have been. Décor may be composed of pieces that have an ethnic sensibility allowing the viewer to know the family’s ancestral past or memories of their fond visits and travels.

Retro/vintage style – This type of style scopes the designs of 1920s and 30s, 40s and 50s, and 60s and 70s returning to fashion. Furnishings and accessories reminisces the popular variation of the retro look in the casual dining.

Apart from the popular styles in casual dining furniture mentioned, themes and collections provide strong vigor in casual décor. Teacups and other china for instance may be displayed or quilt collections on the wall exhibiting the personal taste of the owner. In using casual dining furniture mixing with themes and collections, surely the surroundings will wrap your meal time with a very comfortable and warm mood.