Specific styles in dining furniture

• Country styles. American and French country styles are often used in traditional furniture. Designs came from early American and colonial eras that gives more rustic feeling through classic styles interpretation.
• Cottage styles. Usually, family cottage was furnished with cast-offs from the family home. When creating a cottage that feel from scratch, furniture is often reused and recycled.

Sophisticated dining room

• Shabby Chic styles. While revealing a rumpled sophistication, it can also balance the elegant elements with time-worn pieces. White is the signature color of this style. It was combined with mixed patterns, vintage accessories and architectural details, as it creates a comfortable aura of grandparent’s house.
• Ethnic styles. Rottenly, casual decor is created to remind the owners of where they come from and where they have been. This often means presenting pieces with an ethnic sensibility.
• Vintage/Retro styles. History repeats itself and there is no exception even with interior designs. Styles that have been popular in 1920s and ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s cyclically return to fashion.
Classic wooden diningroom set

Accessories and furnishings reminiscent ‘50s diners that are a particularly popular variation on the retro look in casual dining. Choosing theme or collection is the most powerful key to unify popular styles in casual dining furniture. A seafaring theme can bring the seaside to your home by placing tableware, furniture and art and display Americana can function as conversation pieces.