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10 Secrets on Bathroom Lighting Up

The place before we face the world: the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the many places we don’t miss to enter in a day, may it be in the house, office, restaurant or any building we go. We always drop by the bathroom to check ourselves. And since we always want something exquisite and foxy in our sight (remodeling the bathroom), we wanted our bathrooms to have drama, intense, creativity and beauty. One way to adorn and enhance your rooms is through bathroom lighting.

[one_half_first]Bathroom Lighting is one of the many approaches that you could experiment to add more glamour and beauty when improving your bathrooms. There are a lot of things to consider in lighting your bathrooms such as the amount of light for your bathrooms. The amount of light you need for your bathrooms actually depends on how big the room is.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

This is simple, just get the room size and multiply it by 20 and you’ll get the exact amount of watts you need for the room. For example you have an area of 9square meters, you multiply 9sqm by 20 and you’ll get 180watts. 180 watts is the amount of light you need to light up your bathrooms. Now in installing the lights of your bathroom will depend on zonal concepts and IP (Ingress Protection). IP is followed by two numbers: the first number indicates the degree of protection against particles or solid subjects while the second number signifies the fittings resistance to water. Bear in mind that you have to apply a fitting with a correct rating according to where the fitting will be sited in the bathroom. Here are some of the different area zones:
Best bathroom lighting
Zone 1: A height of 2.25m above the floor, this area is above the bath or shower tray. Zone 1 requires a minimum of IP44 rating.

Zone 2: Zone 2 requires at least IP44. Zone 2 stretches from 0.6m outside the perimeter of the bath or shower tray and to a height of 2.25m from the floor. It’s also good to consider the area around the wash basin as zone 2.

Zone 3: This area is any area outside zone 1 and 2 and it has an IP rating of IP20. Take note if there are water jets used for cleaning purposes or a possibility of splashing waters in zone 1 and 2 you must use the rating of IP65.

Use frosted or white bulbs rather than clear bulbs to eliminate glare and incandescent lamps are good for bathrooms because of its warm daylight glow. Too much light can be binding and uncomfortable and too little light can make activities difficult. Have this guide lead you to elegant and enticing bathroom lighting.

Various types or classifications of bathroom light

Hardware flourishes like doorknobs, cabinet knobs, and faucets along with bathroom light fixtures can establish an entire mood or style in just a decorating accessory. The various types or classifications of modern bathroom light fixtures are especially designed to give you more focused task lighting at a mirror especially during at night so that it would give you a more subtle and calm appearance of yourself, diffuse lighting above a shower or bathtub, or overhead lighting for the entire room. They come in several distinct designs, with an almost infinite number of variations on finish, color, texture, glass, and size. One of the various types of bathroom light fixtures is the bar light installed by plumbers. Bar lights are a series of small trochees arched on a metal bar that attaches to the wall above your counter top and sink.
Nickel bathroom faucetsThese versatile lights are either held upward or downward facing glass shades, so the lamp might overflow a mirrored cabinet or bounce light off the ceiling. Since the bar can arch up to two to six shades, they can extend or stretch over double-sinks as well, eliminating the need to have two separate fixtures. You can find the shades available in white, frosted, or translucent glass. The metal parts are available in shiny chrome, polished brass, nickel, or antique finishes.

Vanity globes is one variation of the bar lights. These round, white, glass bulbs entirely encase the light bulbs. You usually find them topping mirrors in celebrity dressing rooms. Again, this alternative gives a firm, extensive, diffuse light that is perfect for close-up primping. Globes would look best over a constrict sink, vanity table, or in a guest bathroom where their fun, Hollywood style would perfectly fit with the decor.

Types of bathroom light fixtures

Sconces are another one of the various types of bathroom light fixtures. The sconce category includes entities that hold only a single shade and a single light bulb. These are similar to wall lamps found in other areas or rooms of the house, such as the library or corridor, although corner bathroom lights tend to be less exuberant. A sconce can be situated in an area far from the sinks, such as in front of a closet or in a separate room for the chiffonier.
Types of bathroom lighting fixtures
Finally, sunken lighting is a popular option for ceiling luminance. Since the bathroom receives so much moisture inside, it is uncommon to find crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling! A perfect alternative choice from among the many various types of bathroom light fixtures is to go with sunken lighting. These are simple, round lamps that lay outpouring with the ceiling, so they don’t have any dangling parts to collect condensation and dust made by the bathroom temperature. They may be more difficult to install however, since the wires are located inside the ceiling.

How to Update Your Home’s Lighting

If your home lighting system is obsolete and you are looking for an update that would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing then you have look too far. There are different lighting systems that are currently available in the market to suit your needs. Updating your light system to new one can change the whole decor of your house and give the house a new and fresh feel. However, before choosing any light system it is important to keep in mind the system that would the interior of your house. Lighting engineers these days have come out different lighting specifications for different parts of the house. Here is a quick preview of some of the lighting systems available for different parts of the house.

Recessed lighting can be fitted in the kitchen, bathroom and any part of the house that you want to highlight. If installed in the dining room it will add glamour and dept. For decorative motifs, show pieces and paintings that you want to highlight Track lighting is ideal. It will give the best display.

Cove lighting is best suited for dinning room, family room and theater. This system will give a soothing glow that will enhance the room. You can also update you kitchen central lighting system with a modern light diffuser and a wood trim. This can be custom design and is ideal for the Island type kitchen. You can also add lighting system for the kitchen cabinets and for the counter top. For the staircase and hallway there are lighting apparels known as wall sconces

There are lighting systems available for the front porch of your house. The most commonly installed ones are the flood lights. Flood lights will accentuate the garden and the landscape if they are placed strategically. If your have a long walk ways to your house, then lanterns poll lights of electric or gas can be installed and these can give an illuminating glow to the house.

In addition to all these mechanical electrical fittings, you can enhance the depth and décor of you room by installing windows, ventilation and skylights at some of the strategic parts of the house.

Different Types of Bathroom Light Fixtures Available Now

Ah! The bathroom, our best friend. Every one of us need to go every now and then whether to take a bath or to do our business. It’s what separates us from the animals. Of course the modern men and women expects a little more finesse and design out of their bathrooms. Our bathroom lights are an important feature. You would not want to go into a dark bathroom all by yourself now, would you? And when you have the latest and the greatest light fixtures available in the market in your bathroom, it really classes the joint up, doesn’t it? Nothing says class like having style even in your own bathroom. Now here are some new different types of bathroom light fixtures available right now.

1. Organic Amber Art Glass 29 1/2″ Wide Bronze Bath Light

Elegant and sophisticated. This golden bronze bath light fixture is a sight to behold with its elegant free-form amber art glass which also gives it an organic touch of beauty. Classic scrolling forms creates drama and centerpiece is free-form amber art glass in this traditional bath light. A golden bronze finish with silver finish accent highlights adds richness and nuance to this old world inspired design. Now, wouldn’t this be a beauty in your bathroom.


  • 23 3/4″ wide x 4 3/4″ high x extends 5 1/4″ from the wall.
  • Takes three 60 watt candelabra bulbs (not included).
  • From the Franklin Iron Works brand of bath lights.
  • Glasses that are inspired by rustic and industrial style designs: Bronze-gold, hand-blown, vintage-style glass.
  • Bronze-gold finish frame and accents.

                Price:  $149.95

2. Monocle Wall Sconce

This one eyed beauty provides a strong yet warm beam of LED powered light. Milled aluminum is used to shape this rotating surface mounted fixture resulting in a smooth clean product perfect for any space where warm directional light is needed. You can use it as a wall scone or a celling fixture and optional wall adapter kit is also available. Now this looks like something a king would use.


  • Without Adapter: 5.25″D X 4″extension
  • With Wall Adapter: 5.25″D X 6″extension
  • Materials include aluminum and plastic
  • From Rich Brilliant Willing
  • An LED lamp
  • Blubs: 1 X 8.7W 120V LED module, 2700K, 80 CRI, 700 lumens (included)

Price: $415.00 – $600.00

3. Boxie Ceiling Light

The boxie ceiling light is a clean square pressed glass shade with a polished surface which provides ambient, diffused light. It is available in small or large sizes and in incandescent or fluorescent versions. It is suitable for wet locations and ceiling mount only. However, caulking is required for shower installation. Nice, isn’t it?


  • Small: 5.3″Square X 2.2″H
  • Large: 9″Square X 2.2″H
  • Small / Incandescent : 1 X 40W 120V G9 halogen (included)
  • Large / Incandescent: 1 X 40W 120V G9 halogen (included)
  • Large / Fluorescent: 2 X 13W 120V or 277V 2GX7 twin tube lamps and electronic ballast (included)
  • Made from glass and metal
  • LED, Halogen lamp
  • From TECH Lighting

Price: $105.00 – $261.80

4. Amber Scroll 35 1/2″ Wide Chandelier

Now she’s a looker. This the product you get when you put beauty and drama together. If you are looking for a bathroom chandelier this is it. This beautiful piece of work features a scrolling frame finished in golden bronze silver finish accent highlights. It is completed wonderfully with amber art glass. Define style with this nine light chandelier.


  • 35 1/2″ wide x 35″ high x canopy is 5″ wide, 1″ high x weighs 30.2 lbs.
  • Includes 6 feet of chain, 12 feet of lead wire.
  • Takes nine maximum 60 watt or equivalent bulbs (not included).
  • Large chandelier with two levels of lights from the Franklin Iron Works™ collection.
  • 9 lights with amber art glass; golden bronze finish, silver finish accent highlights.
  • From the Franklin Iron Works brand of bath lights.

Price: $399.95

5. Capital Lighting 8494 Steele 32 Inch Wide Bath Vanity Light

Now this is a nice looking vanity light that you want in your bathroom. The Capital Lighting Steele 8494 is a transitional bath vanity light available in Brushed Nickel, Burnished Bronze and Chrome finish. The transitional style is sure to complement any bathroom and make you a hit.


  • Lamping:Incandescent: 4 – Medium Base 75 Watt
  • Voltage:Line Voltage (120 volts)
  • UL Listing:Damp Locations
  • Attention:Not suitable for installation in outdoor spaces that are not enclosed.
  • Dimensions
  • Height:   8.00 inches
  • Width:   32.00 inches
  • Depth:   8.00 inches
  • Back plate Dimensions:   5.13 inches
  • From Capital lighting

Price: $214.00

6. Tube Vanity Wall Sconce

The tube vanity wall sconce is sure to look nice in your bathroom. It features a hand blown etched opal glass diffuser. The shade is held by an I-shape glass holder that extends from a rectangular wall plate. Finish available in chrome, brushed nickel, dark restoration bronze and honey gold.


  • FINISH: Dark Restoration Bronze
  • SHADE COLOR: Etched Opal
  • SIZE: 25″H x 4.75″W x 4″D
  • DIMMER: Incandescent
  • LAMP SOURCE: Halogen
  • BULB:2 x T4/D.C. Bayonet (BA15D)/60W/120V Halogen
  • From George Kovacs

Price: $123.90

7. Starburst LED Chandelier

Whoa! Now if you look up unique in the dictionary, you’ll probably find a picture of this.

This kind of design don’t come cheap either. Anyway, the laser cut frosted light guides take decorative LED lighting in a beautiful new direction. With its sparkle and sharp angles, the Starburst LED Chandelier fits into a variety of applications once dominated by incandescent fixtures. This high tech beauty breaks new ground with innovative optical light guides and replaceable LED modules. It was made from created steel construction with stainless steel arms in polished chrome ending. It also includes a 42-inch maximum length adjustable stem kit, and supplementary stems can be purchased to expand that length by up to 8 feet (4 stem sections). Instant on/off; dimmable with TRIAC dimmer (not included).


  • 5″D X 19.9″H; Overall height 21.5-57.5″
  • Steel, acrylic, polymer are used as materials
  • LED lamp
  • Bulbs: 24 X 120V G4 bi-pin LED arrays, 28.9 Watts total, 1990 Lumens, 3000K, 80 CRI, 50/60HZ (included)
  • From Blackjack Lighting

Price: $2,655.00 – $3,150.00

8. Elf2 Bath Light

The Elf2 Bath Light is a sleek and modern light that combines geometric angles with the round aesthetic of the cylinder shape. It features a luminous opal glass tube by a metallic trim. It can illuminate any bathroom with a diffused, ambient light which makes it ideal for any bathroom by balancing form with functionality. So, give this a go the next time you are looking for a bathroom fixture.


  • Wall mount only. Vertical or Horizontal installation.
  • Mounts to a 4″ octagonal junction box.
  • Available in Satin or Polished Nickel with Opal glass diffuser.
  • cUL and UL Listed for Dry and Damp Locations.
  • 5″L X 4.8″H X 5.8″extension
  • Metal, Glass
  • 3 X 60W Xenon BA15D Bayonet Base KX60FR/DC (included)
  • 2 X 13W 120V or 277V 2G7 Compact Fluorescent Lamps (included)
  • 1 X 21W strip LED, 3000K (warm white); 80 CRI; 1800 lumens output (included)
  • From Illuminating Experiences Lighting

  Price: $290.25 – $468.75

9. Integrity™ Lighted Mirror with Vive™ Technology

The Integrity Lighted Mirror is a stunning addition to any modern bathroom. Just imagine how jealous you neighbor would be if you had this in your bathroom. The mirror features a band of frosted light around the boarder of the backlit mirror that emits a natural light. It features long lasting lamps, natural light temperature, anti-corrosion mirror treatment and energy efficiency. Plus it’s an awesome thing to have in your bathroom.


  • LED lighting
  • E-Life™ 8 Years Extended Lamp Replacement Cycle
  • Natural Light Color
  • Hard Coat™ Anti-Corrosion Mirror Treatment
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Proudly Made in The USA
  • Patented (US 7,853,414)
  • INT4236: 42″ W x 36″ H x 3″ D
  • INT4236: 42″ W x 36″ H x 3″ D
  • INT4242: 42″ W x 42″ H x 3″ D
  • INT5436: 54″ W x 36″ H x 3″ D
  • INT7242: 72″ W x 42″ H x 3″ D
  • Material: Glass
  • Lamp: LED
  • Bulbs
  • INT3642: 50W 120V LED strips (included), 5500 lumens 3000K, 85 CRI
  • INT4236: 50W 120V LED strips (included), 5500 lumens 3000K, 85 CRI
  • INT4242: 50W 120V LED strips (included), 5500 lumens 3000K, 85 CRI
  • INT5436: 50W 120V LED strips (included), 5500 lumens 3000K, 85 CRI
  • INT7242: 50W 120V LED strips (included), 5500 lumens 3000K, 85 CRI
  • From Electric Mirror

Price: $3,465.00

10. Swirl LED Pendant Light

Here’s another jaw dropping design. Just imagine taking a bath under this thing. What could be better, right? The Swirl LED Pendant Light features LEDs placed inside softly curved sculptural arms which turned a classic fixture into a more beautiful version of itself. This pendants luminous forms are created with highly efficient LED strips mounted inside metal stampings that dissipate LED heat. Did I mention it’s an award winning fixture?  It won the 2014 lighting for Tomorrow “Honorable Mention” Award Winner


  • S7P-SN: 16″D X 13.3″H; Overall height 17.8-53.8″
  • M9P-SN: 23″D X 19″H; Overall height 20.6-56.6″
  • aluminum, acrylic, polymer, steel
  • LED
  • S7P-SN: 7 X 120V Flexible LED Strips, 23.6 Watts total, 2130 Lumens, 3000K, 80 CRI, 50/60Hz (included)
  • M9P-SN: 9 X 120V Flexible LED Strips, 38 Watts total, 3250 Lumens, 3000K, 80 CRI, 50/60Hz (included)
  • From Blackjack Lighting

Price: $1,799.10 – $2,499.30

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Garden Lights
Garden, Lighting

New Solar Garden Lights For Your Home Available, Act Fast

Solar garden lights illuminate and give life to the outdoors of our homes. They are wonderful articles to use in beautifying lawns, patios, driveways and sidewalks. You can use them to accomplish the schemes in your imagination as you decorate trees, doorways, gutters and any other function that you can think of. The means on how you can use them is actually limitless.

Although for the same reason we can not cover the full range of solar lights you can implement in your yard; here are the most important points to keep in mind and many ideas for inspiration.

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Lighting the Home to Set the Mood

Lighting up the home in new ways would give your home a different feel. However, this is a home feature that is often overlooked by some people when decorating their home. It is one aspect in your room that needs to be looked into and planned well with an expert during the room construction. Having a room fixture should give your room the lighting that it needs to make it come alive. The lights should give it a glow that would give your room a cozy feeling that can provide your room lovely and beautiful aura. Each lamp should not only be decorative but it should be a source of light that would bring out the best in wherever room you may be placing it.

Considerations That You Need to Make
In choosing a lighting fixture, you need to consider the function of the light in the different areas of your home. Say for example, in placing a light in your workplace, the light that you should place there should fit the function that it would be performing. You would need enough light for your eyes not to be strained when reading. You also need to consider the persons who will be using the room. Especially if you have elderly people frequently using a certain room, then lights should be adjusted for their aging eyes. However if you want to have a dimmer light in your room that would give your room a cozy, intimate feeling, then choose lighting fixtures that would give you this kind of lighting effect.

The Interior Design
The interior design of the room should match the interior decoration of the room. Lights should not be placed not only because it’s where you want them to be placed but you must also consider the function and the decorative aspect of the lights for them to perfectly match the theme inside the room. Decide whether it would be chandeliers or hanging pendant lights or single lights that you would want to place in your room. If you would want a Victorian look in your home, the chandelier with a Victorian touch would do just great for your living room. Lamps around the room can also give your room decor with a function. There are different kinds of lamps with different styles that would fill your room with lovely light.

The Location of the Light
The location of the lights in a certain room should also be planned. Lights should be at three levels for a good decorative plan. The lights at the ceiling should provide the light in the entire room. The middle light should be used for mood setting, for color and give the room the glow that it needs. These lights can be focused on certain objects to give emphasis on these objects. Last but not the least, the table or floor lamps are on the third level that is intended for other types of activities such as reading or working.

These are just some of the things that one needs to consider when planning out home lighting ideas for interior decorating.

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Lighting Designs: Are there Options?

Right lighting at home will certainly create a different ambiance to your home, especially to your living room and bedroom. With the right bulbs in use, you are sure to change the mood without too much effort. Therefore, you have to choose the best lighting bulbs depending on your desired results. Below are just some of the interior decorating tips on choosing the best light design and bulbs.

Living room lighting

If your desired effect is to have a proper lighting perfect for your family members who do their assignments or those who like to read most of the time, then pole lighting is the perfect for you. Since it is “pole,” it enables the light to run not only on the floor but also up to the ceiling. You can adjust the lights in different points where you would want the light to reflect. You can just point it to one corner and presto, you will have your own bright light perfect for your reading pleasure. Track lighting also does the same, giving just the right amount of light for the right focus. This saves space because it can be installed and hidden in any part of the room, adjacent to the object or furniture you want the light to focus on. For example, you want to have a dim light for your painting. You can just mount the track lights on the ceiling.

Of course, there are the small, simple bulbs which have a variety of designs to choose from. There are circular bulbs, tubular bulbs, floods, rings, and globes. These small bulbs are so convenient you can just attach them to lamps or to other fixtures. These are perfect for small rooms which will only need a small amount of light. But for bigger rooms, these small bulbs are not capable of reflecting the light enough for that big space.

Best bathroom lighting

The latest innovation for the lighting is the scented light bulbs. These are one of a kind because when you install scented light bulbs, you have the chance of having a brightly lit room with a pleasant smell. These are perfect for the living room where you entertain visitors and to your bedroom where you rest and relax.

Of course, if you want to have a perfect lighting for your relaxation, and you want to invite a calm and quiet atmosphere, use the oldest form of lighting-candles. Just light some candles when you’re doing your bath in your bath tub or when you take a nap in your bedroom or when you prepare a romantic dinner for your spouse. These are just some of interior decorating tips you can follow in choosing the best light design and bulbs. You can choose according to your preference but basically all the designs are created for the better of your home.

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LED Light Bulbs: For High Intensity and Powerful Lighting

Proper lighting of high intensity and power-efficiency is the need of the hour. LED light bulbs are considered as the most power efficient and bright lights that suit both your home and office. They are economical and convenient to use.

If you are in search of an effective and affordable lighting for your homes then the new MR16 halogen compatible LED reflectors are the best choice to light up your homes. They are very power efficient and are easy on the eye giving you a bright and colourful living space to work in. No wonder building planners and interior decorators prefer these LED lights instead of the conventional 12 volt light bulbs. The mechanism behind the LED reflector light is entirely different from the volt bulbs. It uses Lumileds Luxeon LED which gives intense and powerful lighting that is power saving and also luminous than the old bulbs.

Led light

The LED reflector bulbs are multipurpose sources of light that can be employed in various fittings to create an opulent and stylish décor. The new vaulted ceilings incorporated in offices and homes are apt for these reflector LEDs. These also find good use in track lighting mechanisms.

You have a variety of colors of LEDs to choose from just like the volt bulbs. They come in red, blue and green colors and you can use them in your décor and get the same effect as the traditional bulbs with more power efficiency and appeal. Moreover these last for longer time periods than the old volt bulbs. These can also be used in flood lighting and spotlight beam lighting systems effectively. Changing from the earlier volt bulbs to the newer reflector LEDs has one main advantage which is the amount of power you get to save. The LEDs can go on for about 50,000 to 100,000 hours which means they can last for up to ten years. This is more than what the regular light bulbs in use give.

Led lights on the stairs

With the recent economic trends people are looking for time and money saving measures that will be profitable in the long run. Reflector light bulbs are efficient in the use of power and they also reduce your electricity bills considerably. Moreover unlike the halogen or fluorescent bulbs that need constant changing, these reflector bulbs last for long periods saving you a lot of money. Whether it is for the office or home décor the lighting chosen should be luminous and at the same time save on the power and the bills. Opting for the LED reflector lights would make your lighting a power efficient and stylish one.

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Installing contemporary lighting on your houses

You will probably distinguish Asian contemporary lighting from Western contemporary lighting. From the designs, color of their lamps, even on how they are placed. Contemporary lighting is actually a term used for new designs for light or lamp shades. Interior design should always include lighting as one factor that would make their finishes perfectly. So a good design on the lights is a must in order to have that smooth, matte finish. Light is important in every house, lights also should have designs. People should go with their taste of designs not what books tell them to do. It is better to see a room that’s yours than to see a room that doesn’t feel like yours at all. People have these mistakes of watching television shows that do some renovations or make-overs of rooms and stuff like that; truth is that, not everybody can have make-overs in their rooms done by those professionals.

Living room lighting

When adding light, try considering other factors aside from just putting them where they’ll just fit. It won’t hurt if you’d read some of the Feng Shui articles or books. Not only will the room look brighter, it would also give you luck. How about that? Not all contemporary lighting suites all houses, everybody must assess first which contemporary lighting would do for their type of home. Some people make these mistakes of adding contemporary lighting to their homes just to say that they have that. Everybody can design their own house; they don’t need to have degrees or any educational attainment in order for them to design their own living room. I mean, come on, all they need is some creativity and some sense and they could probably pull it off. There are different styles in decorating rooms, some of which are either doing a maximalist or minimalist approach. If you want to minimize the look on your room, you’d probably do this approach. It’s taking off the extras and just goes with being simple, whereas the maximalist approach is the opposite of it.

Asian contemporary lighting style has this oriental feel to it. The designs make use of bamboo, the lamps make use of paper and the pictures are usually simple. The colors used in these deigns are usually black and white, it’s like yin and yang or the chi. These colors are popular in Asian culture for they show simplicity and blend well with other Asian elements. The elements popular to Asian culture are mostly accentuated in every part of their house, even the designs that goes with lights. Western contemporary lighting is different from Asian contemporary lighting, some designs are futuristic, some with metals, and some work with woods. It is best that even though designing a home can be done by yourself, thinking of installing contemporary lighting on your houses should be thought of and had been consulted of first with a professional.

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The Ideal Glass Lamp Replacement

Do you need replacement glass lamp shades in your house or for your leg mamp? Does your room lamp shade, or in any part of your house, malfunctions? Before it is too late, it is better to act now! Find your ideal glass lamp replacement for lighting your homes! Your ideal light color, size and design! Find it at the cheapest price but with high quality!

Glass lamps

There are so many stores across the state that offer glass lamp shade replacement in your bathroom lighting. Most of them sell light bulbs that vary in color, sizes and designs. There are so many glass lamp shade replacement to choose from! If you want to be classy, you can choose dimmer light for its soothing and calming effect. Of course, if it is for your study room, you should choose white light for a brighter effect. Your ideal glass lamp shade replacement depends on where to use it so don’t just buy it at random.

So to make sure that you are on the right track, first, check all the lights in your kitchen. Check if some of it needs replacement or some of them are on the verge of breaking down. It is better to anticipate things or suffer its consequences at the end when you can’t do anything at all. Then make a list of what to buy. It is recommended that you buy the same glass lamp shade replacement to where you bought the original lamp. Some of the replacements, due to their unauthenticated ability only worsen the case of your original lamp. Some of them cause more problems than answers that you need. Buy only genuine and quality replacement glass lamp shade for your home.

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Kitchen, Lighting

Kitchen lighting is an important aspect in the decorating process

The kitchen nowadays doesn’t only serve as a part of the house where we prepare food; it turns out to have more purpose such as dining and entertainment area. Because of its growing function, kitchen lighting should be considered as an important aspect in the decorating process. Don’t forget to dim or brighten the lights when needed. There are certain lamps and bulbs with which light levels can be adjusted. It is ideal to use a bright beat of light when cleaning up and preparing food. On the other hand, it is better to have a dimmed illumination when eating a meal and having a happy chat among family members and guests.

Small kitchen lightning

There are five basic types of light that kitchen lighting should have if you are thinking of having your kitchen a layered look.
• Task Lighting – This is achieved by having small light sources over the kitchen bar stools, for instance, lights installed under the cabinets, closets, drawers or pantries. Perfect with making exceptional task lighting, it furnishes adequate light for tasks.
• Accent Lighting – Dimension is something that gives deepness to a kitchen flooring. Putting accents in the design pushes forward a casual atmosphere. Glass wares and recessed fixtures are some of the accent lightings commonly used to underline depth.
• Ambient Lighting – This is what an inviting feeling in going to the kitchen is all about. Dullness must not be in the dictionary of the owner of the place if he wants to put either a warm or a cold radiance that makes the room welcoming.
• Decorative lighting – It puts flickers of embellishments that compose the kitchen lighting to be intriguingly captivating in the eyes of everyone who goes to it. Not only does it add color to space, it accentuates the theme or the flavor of the owner of the place. Here is where personal touches can be put into practice.
• Down Lighting – By using small aperture cans set up in the ceiling, its life can be conserved without sacrificing the quality of the illumination. There are also particular bulbs which are intentionally made to be energy-friendly.
Best kitchen lightning

Hark back! Proper kitchen lighting winds up to having an engagingly enthusing environment that you will surely enjoy. Never forget that delicate strokes of yourselves can boost up your anticipated look, feel, and atmosphere of your kitchen.

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Lighting up your homes

Light can do a lot of magic in one’s home. It can transform your gloomy and simply home into a classy and comfy place to live. It corners and gives emphasis to a beautiful piece of art. It brings and fits the mood of one’s crib. Home lighting design is a way of lifting your souls by bringing life and charm into your homes. It gives your home a beautiful aura that one cannot resist to enter.

Room lighting
Room lighting

The kitchen, bedrooms, dining area, living room and bathrooms can be more beautiful and tempting place-to-be when home lighting design is carefully and professionally applied. Applying lighting design in your homes adds color and attention to the things and other parts of the house. There are a lot of ways and how’s in doing the redecoration of the different rooms of your homes, for example your bedroom with red and brown. Before doing the bathroom redecoration of lights, one must first identify the functional areas. Just like in the kitchen you have to first identify what areas you do most of your kitchen activities. These areas include:

a.) The preparation area.
b.) The cooking area.
c.) The cabinets where kitchen utensils are placed.

These mentioned areas should have bright lights for you to be able do you’re cooking and preparation well. A light-colored cabinet is recommended to use in order to minimize electric bills. Fashionable and well-designed living area is accompanied by ambient and accent lighting. Since living room is one of the significant rooms of the house that should always be at its best, accent and ambient lighting will help give your living room more interest and effective mood uplift. Traditional lighting effect produces an ancient mood in your living room which makes it more beautiful and warm to stay. Bedrooms are said to be the reflection of one’s self since they define and echo one’s personality. Redecorating your rooms yourself by playing different light effects will bring texture and emphasize features of your personality.

Lighting your home
Lighting your home

More light in your study area will also provide you a more cozy and comfortable place to study. A beautiful and decorative lamp at the side of the bed too will make your reading habits before bedtime more pleasurable. Multiple layers of light can bring balance to your bathrooms. Bright lights can be placed at the corners of your mirrors that will bring a more beautiful and bright reflection of you. Those mentioned is the interior part, from the exterior we consider the entry way. Making the entry way chanting will give the house a warmer look. Dimmer lights are mostly used in entry ways that makes the visitors feel the warm welcome you could offer them. Also, with some special lights, you could decorate your bedroom in a sexy way.

There are actually a lot of lighting materials that are affordable and of a good quality. So always make sure that these lights don’t consume much electricity to eliminate high paying electrical bills. Home lighting design is a good way to start building a more beautiful place to live in. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in buying expensive things to redecorate your home; you can simply wed and bind different lights that bring marvelous effects in you home. That’s how lights do magic to your homes!

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