Let your creativity out in making your very own wallpaper star borde

You can make use of the the same star sizes or mix bigger stars with smaller ones to make it look more artistic. You can even connect these stars with the use of a yarn to give it a unique look. You can also opt to have a star banner wherein you can paint a star pattern and decorate it as a wallpaper border. With the use of a glue (1 part of glue to 2 parts of water), you can now attach your pattern on the wall and then coat the top of the star pattern just to make sure that it sticks on the wall.

Making your very own wallpaper border would give you the freedom to choose a design that you really like. Choose the width of the border, the colors, the shapes and the pattern that you would like your walppaper border to have. This is a great way that you can change the look of your room.This is an easy do it yourself job that you will surely enjoy. You can just let your creativityout to plan the border design that you like and you will be surprised you made it in the end!