Wallpapers: you can make the pattern by yourself

It is best if you can make the pattern by yourself. Aside from the fact that you can incorporate some more twists to it, it will have the feel of personal touch. You can add some more twists such as making the heart-shape imperfect or vary its sizes. Imperfect heart-shape or shape that has a little curves and twisting will make your work appear artistic and more interesting. The variations in sizes would be also very helpful towards setting the mood of your room. It will break the usual and boring uniform patterns that are found in some mediocre decorations. Putting some more innovations such as adding dots or additional figures on your heart pattern will make your work trendy and hip.

Delicated and classic bedroom wallpaper

If you are not that artistic enough to make your own pattern, you can also check some old newsprints or magazines that have heart shapes on it. Or the easiest way is to browse the internet and choose from among the wide variations of heart-shape pattern available online. Cut and trace the pattern using the marker on your cardboard and you have your stencil ready. It is also important to consider that the purpose of making your wall paper border is to make your room appear more attractive and have a fresh look so be careful in executing your heart design or in adding some more twists. Remember that simplicity is classy and being too glitzy with the design could sometimes turn messy. Of course, we don’t want that to happen.
Romantic bedroom wallpaper

The choice of the color for the paint that you will use is also very important. Oftentimes, it is the color you chose that will make or break your wall paper border. Your favorite color will be the most comfortable to apply especially if this will blend with the over-all theme of your room. A combination of two or more contrasting colors usually works well in this. You can also try to play with the color sequence but be careful so it would still appear balance and symmetrical. Another thing, before you start the work on your wall, measure first the distance and sequence of your patterns so you have at least a clearer estimates of how your work will appear. Once more, give a new life to your room; add a do-it-yourself heart wall paper border.