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Soap Suds and Sophistication

Next to one’s personal bedroom, there is perhaps no better room to spend a lot of time in than in the bathroom. Yes, you know where this is going. Although the bathroom’s probably the smallest room in the entire house, some people like to peruse a magazine or a book while dumping a big one […]

Choosing Shower Fixtures to Suit your Décor

Nowadays, glass shower doors have become very popular and are available to suit any type of bathroom. Moreover, they are so versatile that they can be made to fit an elaborate or a modest sized bathroom or customized to suit any type of bathroom décor. There are a lot of options regarding shower fixtures that […]

Paper shower curtains for your bathroom

Before you get confused, these “paper curtains” aren’t literally paper. This is a new type of trendy curtain called rice paper shower curtains. Rice paper shower curtains are vinyl-based and it resembles the texture and opaque appearance of an actual rice paper. Colors are usually white or a calming shade of green. Rice is a […]

Stepping On Comfort: Picking the Perfect Bath Mat

We give our bathroom mats less credit than it deserves. Bathroom mats not only serve as decoration, but they can also protect us from the slippery bathroom floors and stepping on a mat eases pressure on our feet. What do you look for while picking the perfect bath mat? While scouring the malls and shops […]

Decorating Your Bathroom Mirror with a Twist

Decorating mirrors for your bathroom can be quite difficult if you are a first-timer. Considering that you are just off to a brand new niche, you might want to learn first the craft’s basics, then later, proceed to the actual decorating. First things first – What is your main purpose with your mirror? Is it […]

Select Bathroom Fixtures to Complement your Bathroom Décor

Bathroom fixtures can be chosen to provide you with the ultimate comfort and at the same time complement whatever décor you have chosen for your bathroom. Updating or modernizing your bathroom fixtures can transform your old looking bathroom into a stunning and spectacular room, one that you can be proud of. It can also work […]

The most usual finishes for bathroom faucets

If you are selecting the types of bathroom faucets that you or your plumber decide to install, you will be amazed by the numerous different options which are available to you and your style. There are numerous different materials, including chrome, stainless steel, brushed nickel or brass. It can be complicated to find out exactly […]

Bathroom Plumbing: Your Most Burning Questions Answered

Bathroom plumbing is one of those “dirty job, but someone has to do it”. Many people prefer to pay a lot of money before having to get involved with all the pipe work that the bathroom entails. We at Decorating Visita Casas, as decorators, have had to learn many things about that office. Sometimes, in […]

From archetypal to comfy modern bathroom

Modern bathroom is all about designing and remodeling with whatever space you have. Most bathrooms have little space to work in so maximizing the area room is essential. Aside from the space, the design including a variety of elements makes up a calming, soothing and modern-day bathroom. Here are some of the bathroom aspects you […]

More than your ordinary bathroom stall

A bathroom stall or a shower stall is an enclosed part in your bathroom where you can take a bath. Its main purpose in bathroom remodeling is to contain the splashing of water that normally occurs when you take a bath. It is also composed of four walls with an opening in one of the […]

A good small bathroom remodeling

A bathroom can mean a lot of things to different people. Bathroom lighting up is very easy. It can be the place for relaxation for some, and a place for reinvention and rejuvenation for others. What we all know is that aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is one of the most important parts of […]

10 Secrets on Bathroom Lighting Up

The place before we face the world: the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the many places we don’t miss to enter in a day, may it be in the house, office, restaurant or any building we go. We always drop by the bathroom to check ourselves. And since we always want something exquisite and […]

Keeping bathrooms tidy

Bathroom cleaning and improving can be one of the strenuous necessary tasks that must be done at home. Yes it must be and necessarily done so you don’t have any choice but to move. But worry free since here are some tips that will help you reduce and eliminate the stress that bathroom cleaning can […]

How picking the right bathroom shower enclosure accentuate your bathroom

There are about a million ways of decorating you bathroom in order to produce that perfect picture of serenity. A lot of these ways are very common and are very much familiar to everybody who owns a bathroom. These can be as little as scented candles or as big as frameless mirrors. All of which […]

Tips on how to do bathroom remodeling on you own

Bathrooms have to be one of the most visited rooms in any households. It is as if it is an unwritten role that every time you have guests, they must be able to get a quick glimpse of your bathroom. This is probably the reason the putting quite a lot of effort in bathroom remodeling […]

Hot water heating system

Like warm air systems, hot water heating systems are of two types, we have gravity and forced or also known as hydronic. The first type which is the gravity hot water is usually found in older family houses, but in most cases these water heating systems have been converted to a forced water heating system. […]

Springtime decorating ideas

Springtime is the perfect season for bringing new life to your living space. It doesn’t require a major remodeling blueprint to add a beautiful freshness to your home. You don’t have to hire an interior decorator -you can make noticeable improvements on your own – there are several ways to do it yourself on a […]

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