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How to Clean My Room Checklist?

Almost every teen has to admit it: magazines scattered on the floor; pillows and blankets in beds are not made; papers are everywhere; toys and other stuffs invade the territory. Let’s face it, our room is a trash and teens just hate cleaning. How many times does your mother have to tell you to clean […]

How to install your wall mounted soap dispenser?

If you are decided already with the kind of soap dispenser for your home, the next step to do is to install it. First consideration is you have to think of which part of your house will your dispenser be placed. Be sure that it should be positioned in an area where it is accessible […]

How to dry and display wildflowers

Using an airtight (preferably plastic) container spread a layer of silica gel at the bottom. The size of the container will depend on the number of flowers you’re going to dry. Just use multiple containers if you’re going to dry a lot of flowers. Shape the gel into mounds. The gel will hold the stems. […]

Preserving Wildflowers for Your Home

Displaying dried wildflowers is a creative way to decorate and you can get it right from your backyard. There are easy (not to mention budget-friendly) ways on how you can dry and displaying wildflowers. Step one would have to be, of course, gathering your flowers and leaves. Bring scissors when you check out your backyard […]

How to Stop Bathroom Odor?

Bathroom is perhaps the most critical part of the house that needs our attention. Some people say that you can see the personality of a person by just merely checking its bathroom. Surely, you wouldn’t want to give negative impressions to people right? Therefore, why not check your bathroom now? It is very distressing to […]

How to Clean Micro Suede Couch?

A micro suede couch is also known as a love seat. It is a small piece of upholstered furniture on which two or more people can sit side by side. It is designed with leather and the flesh side is turned outward and rubbed up to make a velvety nap. Regardless of its attractive texture […]

How to Cut a Window through a Concrete Bat?

Nowadays, it is important that we know how to decorate our own house. It will give us the impression that we want, and through the visual impact of our own home, people will judge our lifestyle and personality. Different decorative measures and designs are being used by different people. Some varies from sizes, colors, themes […]

How to Build a Loft Frame for Dorm Bed

Space can definitely enhance your dorm living experience. More space means more available area to walk around and put all your ever-growing number of stuff in. Creating that space automatically brings to mind how to build a loft frame for dorm bed. Admittedly, this is a task that may require some carpentry skills and a […]

How do I Repair Mildew from Interior Drywall?

Walls and interiors of houses on humid places are usually infected with mildews. Mildews are networks of molds growing on organic substances. They depend on organic substance and this serves as a food for them. Mildews usually appear as green-brownish colored spots you see on ceilings or in your bathrooms wherein they get everything; food, […]

How Do I Keep Roaches Out of My House?

How can we keep something out of our house when it has basically been invading the planet since before the time of the dinosaurs? Roaches smell bad, they can ruin food, and they bring threats to our health. You will not like them as neighbors, more so as house guests! So, make uninvited guests move […]

How to Install a Switch for a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans add so much convenience and appeal to your place especially in the living room where you entertain guests. These fans consume less electricity than industrial stand fans and air conditioners. Plus, they can cover the whole room all at once. Usually, they are installed with a 3 speed pull chain switch which allows […]

How can I Keep my Dogs Cool in the Summer

People say that dogs are men’s best friend. You can tell him all your secrets, whims and caprices and rest assured afterwards that this will never spread like those you have shared to your human friends. A lot of stories that dogs can save human lives are very interesting huh, but these are sometimes true. […]

How to Add a Roof to Cover the Deck?

People usually enjoy on their decks doing things which could unwind them. Decks are for enjoying the outdoors, for entertaining friends and family, and for escaping everyday life for a few hours at a time. Unfortunately, it can’t provide protection from bad weather and it can damper on that enjoyment. But how can you turn […]

How to Paint a Dining Room with a Chair Rail?

Dining rooms can be really hard to paint and even to decorate. It combines both form and function that can be achieved by getting creative; at the same time, you are having a little fun while painting and decorating your dining room. Learning how to paint a dining room with a chair rail is not […]

How to Grow a Butterfly Garden in Florida?

Growing a butterfly garden is a great way to beautify one’s yard and help attract many different beautiful butterflies found in Florida. Most of the butterfly gardens are also attraction for beneficial insects and hummingbirds. Productive butterfly gardens do not require a large land area because a great impact can be brought by even a […]

How to Make Decorative Pillows?

Pillows are integral parts of our lives. These are what we need every time we sleep. We really exert effort to find the best pillows for our house especially for personal use. It is very important that you have nothing but the best because they are the things that accompany you in your sleep. But […]

How to Paint a Mirror?

“How to paint a mirror?” This might be a frequent question you keep asking yourself if you are the kind of person who love to always check your reflection in the mirror. Some people possibly think that these questions might be out of the box but it is really possible if you want your mirror […]

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