How to Choose the Right Dog

As the old saying goes, “Dog is man’s best friend”. A dog does not only protect the household of its owner, but also gives happiness and satisfaction to his master. Man adopts and takes good care of his dog, and in return, the dog protects and gives service to its master; a reciprocal exchange of companionship, friendship and kindness.

Almost everyone has a loyal canine best friend already, but still, some households haven’t got theirs. How to choose the right dog will require some thorough thinking because it is an important decision indeed. If you are planning to have your own dog, you must be physically, financially and emotionally ready. You will not bring a poor dog to your house just to make it a house guard! You want to have a dog because you want to be responsible in taking good care of it, and to treat it like a member of your family.

Several factors on how to choose the right dog must be taken into consideration before adopting or buying a dog for your home. The following tips may help you decide on how to pick your ideal dog:
• Look into your present standard of living and don’t forget to consider the needs and safety of your family, most especially if you already have kids or if you have small siblings. Likewise, ponder if you are ready and willing to make some adjustments, if ever you will bring a dog to your home.

• Consider any financial constraints. Think about how much you can afford in buying or adopting a new dog. Likewise, consider the financial support your acquiring of a new dog would definitely entail, like the routinely maintenance of the dog’s appearance such as bathing, haircut and other basic grooming practices. Be ready also for some costly expenses like when visiting the veterinary for scheduled vaccines, cleanings of teeth, and unexpected sickness or injuries.

• Bear in mind the characteristics of the dog that you want. Decide the ideal look or breed, size, age, and level of energy, as well. You can choose from several popular breeds like the Akita, Basset Hound, Beagle, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Dalmatian, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd Dog, Retriever, Great Dane, Poodle, and Shih-Tzu among many others.

• Do some research about the different breeds of dogs, and from there, you can make a list of some breeds that you may possibly consider buying or adopting, until you can trim down your list and finally decide on what you really want. You can bring your list when looking in the animal shelter or pet shop where you are planning to adopt or buy your dog. Also, do bring a list of several important questions you may wish to ask so that you will become more knowledgeable about the breed of dog that you want.

How to Clean a Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a cooling appliance where food is stored and is used to reduce the rate of spoilage of food. It is the core of the kitchen. All families depend on it to store all perishable foods safely until they are ready to be used and cooked. Unfortunately, not all families know how to take care of their refrigerator like stuffing it full with food and forgetting about the leftovers. There are even spills from mayonnaise, ketchup or other liquid components of food that crystallize or cause stains inside the refrigerator. Even worse, forgotten rotten food inside can give off an unpleasant odor.

It takes time when cleaning the refrigerator. There is a specific set of instructions on how to properly clean a refrigerator since it is one of the many appliances in the household that needs to be handled with utmost care. Before starting to clean the refrigerator, turn off the temperature-control knob inside. If the refrigerator has a drip pan underneath, also remove it for cleaning. The next step is to take all the food and other contents out of the refrigerator. Properly segregate them by throwing away any food that is moldy or spoiled. Take all the removable parts out of the refrigerator, including the shelves, wire racks and drawers, etc. Place them all in the sink filled with warm, soapy water, hand-wash them, and then rinse them in warm water again. Let these removable parts drain in a dish rack, on paper towels or on newspapers.

Also, remove any food matter from the bottom of the refrigerator. Wash and rinse the inside of the refrigerator with a sponge or dishcloth and with warm water. Once this step is done, place all shelves, wire racks and drawers back inside the refrigerator. In addition to how to clean refrigerator, wash the outside of the refrigerator and the gasket with warm, soapy water, rinse and wipe dry. Once the entire cleaning is done, turn the temperature control knob inside the refrigerator back to the recommended setting and return the food to the refrigerator.

There are several easy steps on how to properly maintain the cleanliness of the refrigerator, like wiping up spills immediately and throwing out rotten food every week. It is necessary to clean the refrigerator to ensure the freshness and the safety of the food. Additional tips include cleaning condenser coils, which are usually located in the front of the refrigerator behind a metal plate near the floor, by vacuuming them constantly (like on a monthly basis) to prevent dust buildup. Also, one thing to take note of is by avoiding the use of harsh cleaners or rubbing pads in cleaning the refrigerator. Odor removers are also helpful in the overall cleaning of the refrigerator which includes toothpaste, baking soda, charcoal, and coffee.

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Having the right kitchen cabinets inside your kitchen area is a must for all smart homeowners. Selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets for one’s home is one thing while keeping them spotless and looking new is another. There are many handy tips on how to keep kitchen cabinets looking brand new and beautifully maintained. It takes a lot of time and effort but it’s very fulfilling to keep these kitchen cabinets looking good as new.

How to clean kitchen cabinets depends on how you schedule your cleaning. It can be a quick and easy task or it can even take the entire day long depending on how long it has been since the last time you cleaned them. The difficulty is that grease, food particles, smoke and anything else circulating through the air inside the kitchen area sticks to the kitchen cabinets, thus causing them to get dirty. A mild dishwashing liquid is suggested to be the most excellent kitchen cabinet cleaning product. Although there are many kinds of all-purpose household cleaner or even the natural remedies used for cleaning, a mild dishwashing liquid is more advisable because it cuts grease but does not create any additional buildup to make the kitchen cabinets feel sticky.

When cleaning kitchen cabinets, pay particular attention to the area around cabinet door handles and drawer pulls since these places are inclined to be the stickiest. Removing cabinet hardware before the general cleaning is necessary to help make cleaning around these areas easier. How to clean kitchen cabinets does not only involve keeping them clean but also making them pleasing to the eye. Thus, making them shiny by buffing them with furniture wax adds to the cleaning procedure.

The following are some easy steps to prevent a regular cleaning which is difficult to squeeze in especially in one’s busy schedule. Also, these steps will not only save time intended for cleaning but will help extend the life of the kitchen cabinets making them look as brand new as the first day they were bought. One tip is to immediately clean liquid or food spills in kitchen cabinets, especially if they are made of wood. Another tip is to pick up items rather than sliding them across surfaces to avoid scratches. These tips may seem ordinary but with a little patience and a simple cleaning routine, kitchen cabinets can be maintained in perfect condition for years to come.

Once the kitchen cabinets are cleaned, end the cleaning procedure by a periodic wipe down in order to not go through the entire process of cleaning again. A typical homeowner would opt for wood-made kitchen cabinets with a catalyzed conversion varnish since this type only needs to be cleaned occasionally by wiping the cabinet with a damp cloth and drying it with a soft cloth. In point of fact, it does not matter what your kitchen cabinets are made of as long as you keep them clean and tidy.

Applying the Magic to Your Shelves

We all know that shelf liners can be very useful in our household. It can be your decoration and it can also be used as your glassware and dishes’ protection from dirt and many more. Shelf liners can be made of different materials. Examples of these materials are plastic, cork and coated paper.

If you’re still confused on how to place the shelf liners properly, here are the basic steps you can follow in order to have an appropriate aligning of your shelf liners unto different shelves or cabinets:
1. Determine first the different materials to use. The following are the materials we need for this project: tools, shelf liner, pencil, ruler or tape measure, straight edge.
2. Eradicate the materials placed inside the shelf or cabinet that you will apply your shelf liner on. Also, thoroughly clean the surfaces. You can use ammonia or alcohol. Cleaning the surfaces is important especially if you’re going to use adhesive shelf liners.
3. Measure the shelves and determine the sizes of shelf liner that you are going to use. Do not just rely on one measurement because some cabinets or shelves have a different measurement even if they looked like just the same.
4. Choose a shelf liner that is wider or more of the same size with the shelf or cabinet. Roll out the liner and let at least half of an inch of liner be longer than the length of the shelf itself. The extra length can be used if there will be problems regarding the shelf liner.
5. Cut the shelf liner to size. Draw a straight line and cut it. The width of the liner can also be cut depending on the size of the shelf that you are currently using.
6. Applying the shelf liner is not that hard. When you are using adhesive shelf liners, remove the backing so that the liner will be attached to the shelf at ease and with no difficulties. If you’re not worrying if the liner will slip off, you don’t need to remove the backing.
7. Place and fit the shelf liner. If there are excess, feel free to cut it. Now to apply, peel off a little bit of the backing of the back corner. Put the liner unto the shelf with of course, on the right position then press down the corners of the liner. You can peel off the backing while pressing down the liner to be sure that the liner will stick to the shelf.

Now, those are the easy and simple steps to apply your shelf liners to your cabinets, shelves and many more. Just follow the different steps if you still want to apply other shelf liners to your things. Don’t forget to place all things back once finished! Enjoy!

Doorknob Decorations at its Best

When re-decorating our rooms, we usually overlooked at the simplest and smallest part of it. We’re more on the walls, the shelves, the door, but we never tried to decorate our doorknobs. Most likely, doorknobs are decorated by maybe only 2 out of 10 people. Likewise, doorknobs aren’t that hard to decorate. Designing your doorknobs can even make your room more elegant than before. With this article, we will be able to impart to you the different tips that you can use in decorating your doorknobs.

The first thing that you can do is paint your doorknob. Don’t use traditional or wall house paints because it can be easily peeled off. Try using metallic paints for the royalty look or even a textured look. Metallic paint is easy to dry so use your brush and paint quickly. Don’t brush with different strokes. It is better to use only one direction of the strokes especially that the metallic paint can dry easily. One coat can be enough but you can use two coatings in order to have a better effect.

After painting, you can put on other designs like stones. Put on masking tape and tape it on the knob. Let it be there until the paint dries. If you’re not using metallic paint, wait for the paint to dry and glue your accessories into the knob. You can also use different appliqués. Example of this is the different patterns like tulips, butterflies, ladybugs and many more. You can paint first the knob according to the kind of appliqué that you are going to use in order to have a harmonious effect on your doorknob.

You can use different accessories like metallic initials or monograms unto your doorknob. You can buy these accessories in your local markets. Make sure that whatever you’re going to use, it will be suited to the theme of the room. If the theme of the room is underwater, you can use a fish or seashell kind of design. Another thing that you can buy and use is a hanger. There are a variety of designs for the hangers. Some have designs like of a girl, a boy and many more. Other hangers are multi-functional because they can be used in holding your keys, holding a pad for your messages and things and many more.

You can do experimentation when applying your designs. Just make sure that it is according to your taste and theme for it may lead a disastrous effect to the overall appearance of your room. If you’re not into painting, you can apply different accessories that are available in the local markets.

There can be different designs that you can use for your doorknobs. It is based on you on which one will you do in order to have a new and improved doorknob of your own that reflects your very own personality. Good luck in designing!

The Perfect Vanity Mirror Made Available

If you’re a vain person, the mirror will always be your handy dandy equipment. It always let you see the reflection of your face and you can do changes in a minute or so in front of the mirror. Thus, it is your second you. There are different mirrors that are available. There are a variety of designs and sizes to choose from. It is up to the person on what kind of mirror he or she will use.

Because of the different mirrors available, many are having the hard time to choose the right vanity mirror to be used at their bathrooms. In order to choose the right mirror, you must first know how big you need. The width of the sink is always on the top consideration for the measurement. Just imagine that there’s a mirror on the top of the sink. Measure the dimensions that you want for your mirror.
There are different types of mirror designs. Some have frames and some have other accessories put on it. If your sink is over a decorative cabinet, it will be good if you used a wooden-framed mirror so it will compliment the designs inside your bathroom. If the sink is just simple, you can used an oval-shaped mirror to accentuate it better.

The mirror that is the most usual used is the chrome-edged one. It is the most usual because it can accentuate your bathroom and it is very affordable. It is also one of the least-expensive mirrors available in the market today. Using a large mirror can be quite a hassle but if your bathroom is small, it gives an imaginary additional space and also adds up lighting to the bathroom itself. Moreover, mirrors like these can be the perfect place to put on make-up because it can additional lighting inside the room.

For vanity purposes, beveled-edged mirrors are great buys. It isn’t that expensive and isn’t that affordable either. It is more on the average when we’re talking about the price. It gives a lovely accent. Beveled-edged mirrors come in different designs like sketching and many more. There are different shapes for it like oval, square or even rectangular. It is also easy to attach unlike other mirrors on which you really have to work on it in order to be placed in your bathroom.

There is a big advantage in having mirrors with no frames. They are easier to clean and it accentuates the wall space of the bathroom. Likewise, it is still up to the user on what type of mirror he or she would buy. Remember, a mirror gives additional lighting and dimension to your bathroom. It is not only used for vanity purposes but it is also used in giving accentuation to your bathroom and gives it a more beautiful appearance.

Basic rules on choosing your Toilet seat Cover

Choosing toilet seat cover for your bathroom may not seem important for many people. Some people may think that toilet seat cover is unnoticeable. This statement may not be true because toilet is the number one reason people go into a rest room or comfort room. Here are some of the most basic rules in designing your toilet seat cover.

• Upon designing your toilet seat cover, it is not necessary to match everything around inside your comfort room. Your bathroom mats don’t have to match your toilet seat cover. Contrasting shades may complement each other. This principle can also be applied on toilet seat cover. Examine the existing color on your bathroom before choosing a toilet seat cover.
• Experiment on the color of your toilet seat cover. Do not only stick on white, black, blue and green. There are a lot of unique colors available for toilet seat cover. One of the great places to hunt unique toilet seat cover is in the internet. Do not be afraid to use bold color on your toilet seat cover. Your bathroom will surely have a great impact on most of your visitors. Whether you like it or not your bathroom will leave the most permanent impression of your entire house. Your bathroom is the most public and personal part of your house. The best color for your toilet seat cover can be seen if you put some effort into it.
• Do not copy your neighbor’s style. Remember, that if you once saw it in your neighbor’s house, it most likely seen by everyone. Try to be unique and practice individuality when choosing the right toilet seat cover. Express your personality and identity when decorating your bathroom.
• Avoid using appliqué or beaded design on your seat cover. This kind of design is not a very nice idea. Sometimes beads can make irritating noise while lifting the seat cover. Do not use any kind of ribbon on your toilet seat. This can be very inconvenient for your visitor to maneuver around the bathroom.
• Do not use silk seat cover for your toilet. This can be a very expensive way of decorating your toilet seat cover; stains may stick on the satin cover and may require constant replacement.
• Bright colored and fuzzy covers are also very impractical. This can be suitable for your child or teenager’s bathroom.

You can be the most admired lavatory of your neighbor, if you will be very intelligent and bold in choosing the right toilet seat cover for your bathroom. Experiment on having different color rather than staying on the conventional color of many seat cover. Always be a wise buyer and go for the most affordable seat cover available in the market.

Making Your Very Own Mattress in Easy Steps

Don’t you just love to sleep in a very comfy bed? Wherein you don’t want to do anything but just lie down and relax all the way? Well, one thing is for sure. Most of us, especially you, would like to have a very cozy bed. Who would settle for a nerve-racking bed especially with a mattress that is very on the edge of letting you throw it out of your window? Mattresses are the ones with heavy cloth, usually with soft material, and we used or lied on it especially if we’re really sleepy or tired. If we have a lumpy mattress, we won’t have the best sleep ever so take it out of your room and with these simple suggestions, you’ll have your very own mattress.

There can be different things that we can use as our own mattress. It’s up to your creativity and willingness on how to make it work. Here are the different things that we can consider and make into our very own mattress:

a. Fleece. A fleece is the soft napped fabric that is usually used in linings. It can be used as mattress because of its relaxing pad and one good thing about fleece is you don’t need to hem for it. In order to have it as your mattress, place at least 2 or 3 layers together depending of course on the size of your bed. Stitch approximately the surrounding of the pieces and tack it all from top to bottom. Now, you have your very own fleece mattress bed.
b. Cloths. Anything will do. Place all the cloths on the right side together and sew it around (inside the pad). Stitch it in all corners, from the corner up to the sides, the top and of course on the bottom. Leave a few inches on the bottom. If you want extra cushion, pin first foam onto one side before hemming. Tack the pad so you can hold of the pieces of cloth together. Add additional clothes for cushion. Sew all the corners once you are finished.
c. Blankets and Quilts. For the blanket, cut it to fit the mattress and you can choose if you want to cover it with cloth too. For the quilts, you can use it as your mattress pad. Place it onto the bed and hem around the perimeter. You can use it also as your stuffing.
d. Other suggestions are just stuffing of cotton, rubber, etc. You can also use your very own sleeping bag or even curtain panels found inside your homes!

You can use any material as your mattress pad. With just stuffing everything you want and of course ensuring the proper thickness, you will have your very own mattress. Just make sure you sew the perimeter and tack the various spots. In positioning the mattress pads, you can buy clips which can hold the pad in place. By clipping it in the four corners of your pad, you can be sure that your mattress will just be in one place!

Now, you can make your very own mattress pad with just our simple suggestions that we can give. You can use or try anything that you’ll see at home. Be creative and recycle! This way, you will just don’t have a mattress pad but you can use unnecessary stuffs into one great project! Enjoy!

5 Examples of Bedroom Ideas with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is very famous nowadays especially it is being followed by many top celebrities today. Luck is always inevitable. There is no bad thing if we let our senses follow the different guidelines done by the Feng Shui experts. Feng Shui is the combination of letting luck inside your homes, designing and with a little bit of Chinese theme. It also focuses on relaxing your mind and body as a whole. Now, the question is, how to apply Feng Shui in our home? Usually, we’ll ask the experts for this but with a little tip from us, you can have different Feng Shui ideas that you can use in arranging the bedrooms.

First and foremost, the room should be very relaxing and won’t make someone stressful. Thus, it should have a floor plan which is very simple. It shouldn’t be bare to the outside world. The more exposed you let your room be, the worse effect you can get. The main reason why you shouldn’t expose your room is that you should have energy. When exposed, energy will be drained out from you especially sleeping.

Other Feng Shui Tips are the following

a. Plants are a big help in ensuring a positive energy. Place these plants in the corners of your room. These plants prevent dead energy in the corners that they are placed at.
b. If you want a more positive energy stored inside your room, never place anything under your bed. You are more likely collecting all the negative energy rather than the positive ones.
c. When moving the furniture or things; move it until you find it satisfactory to your taste.
d. Don’t let your headboard flatten on the wall. Leave a few inches from the wall. The reason is that the air can move freely around the room and your bed.

e. Don’t let your room a place of your trash. Always make sure that it is clean. Clean out your closets and dressers. Make sure that you are very well-organized in your things.
f. If there’s furniture with sharp edges, place a plant so that it can ease and soften the edges.
g. Don’t let the foot of the bed facing the door. You are more likely letting the positive energy slip out of your room. It will also be a nuisance to your resting time.
h. Don’t let any mirrors be placed in which you can see yourself while sleeping or resting.
i. Don’t make your bed your office place. A bedroom is used for relaxation, not for working. Separate a desk from your room if ever you have one.

Now, those are the following tips that you can use to have a Feng Shui-themed bedroom of your own. Having this theme will let you have a more relaxed bed room, if not, better move the things again. Try it in the other parts of your house as well. Good luck!

Enrich your bedroom with Feng Shui

One thirds of our life is spent sleeping and so the bed room plays a very important role. Care should be taken in decorating the bedroom as there is nothing like a good sleep to make your day a bright one. Feng Shui has been used in the decoration of houses in general and especially bedrooms, as it is said to bring about a harmony and balance in the atmosphere. Feng Shui colours when used in bedroom< décor strike a balance between the positive and negative forces inhabiting the room and thereby ensure a peaceful sleep at night and a refreshed mind in the morning.

Feng ShuiBright colours are best avoided in the bedroom as they are full of life and bustling with energy. These colours are more suited to the living room and kitchen. Employing bright colours may lead to sleeplessness. Bright red, orange and yellow shades should be shunned in the bedroom. Similarly green plants and water too have a vibrant effect on the atmosphere of the room and hence should be passed up while decorating the bedroom. They are propounded to be manifestations of yang energy and therefore have no place in the bedroom.

Aquariums and other water bodies such as was candles should be kept away from the bedroom. Pictures that depict water in any form, be it a waterfall, springs or oceans, depict a vibrancy which will come in the way of a good night’s sleep. Darker shades are more suited according to Feng Shui and will bring about balance and harmony. Shades of brown can be used in the room’s décor everywhere except the walls. Too much dark shades will make the room look gloomy and depressed. So incorporate dark colours to the minimal level that the rooms’ yin allows you to. Take care to avoid the dark browns and greys. Any other dark shade will do as long as it does not dull the room. Choose dark colours that have a calming effect and ease away the stress of the day.

Four Feng Shui decorating tips for your bedroom

Tip 1.) There are some easy ways to add the Feng Shui energy flow to your bedroom’s decoration. The first thing you need to do is get rid of all the untidiness and disorder that plagues your bedroom. This is important to allow peace and restfulness. Having unnecessary things stored in your bedroom is negative. This is the place you renew your body’s strength during sleep time. There shouldn’t be too many obstacles in the room as this will block the free flow of energy.

Tip 2.) Since the bedroom is a place to relax and renew, you shouldn’t have any appliance such as Tv, Pc, Radios, or other noise makers in there. These appliances are symbols of commitments and discourage the freedoms needed in bedroom serenity. If you do have to have these burdens in your bedroom, then you should place a divider or shelf around them so they cannot be focused on when you are in your bed.

Tip 3.) Many of us think that our bedroom needs to be pitch dark in order to rest. With the Feng Shui arrangement you will learn differently. You need to allow the energy of Yang to infuse your room. Open the window dressings and let the light shine in. Choosing soft colors for your walls in the bedroom will provide a calming surrounding.

Tip 4.) The positioning of your bed is important in achieving a solid Feng Shui foundation. If your feet lay facing the path that exits of the room, you should put an obstacle within the path, or perhaps even rearrange the placement of your bed. Feet towards the door is similar to the way a dead body would exit the room. This is considered to be a negative sleep position. Also, the position of your bed should allow you to see the entrance to your room. This represents being in control of what you meet head on.

How to arrange a comfortable Bedroom

A house is not a home if the bedroom is not comfortable. The first priority of a person is to have a relaxed and a comforting bedroom. Bedroom is the one place where people spend most of their time as a person sleeps half of the day in the bedroom. It is not wise to throw things, hope for the best and enjoy being in the room. Bedroom is the sanctuary for proper rest and it should have calmness and the sanctity of a good resting place. It is not a difficult job to arrange a comfortable bedroom. It is possible to achieve the best bedroom by following some guidelines.

Some of the suggestions in order to arrange a comfortable bedroom are mentioned below:
The furniture’s of the bedroom are very important since it inculcate a place of leisure and a resting place. Since the bed is the main focal point in a bedroom, choose the wall against where you will be placing the bed. Minimal furniture should be placed so that there no piles of possessions. Lamps, nightstands, shelves, and dressers should be well placed and arranged perfectly. By the end of the day, it will not be a serenity to go to your bedroom where you have to climb over piles of things.

Start arranging the room with a piece of paper and a measuring tape so that you get the size of the room and all the arrangements are made precisely. It is not easy to arrange your bedroom without knowing the accurate measurements of the room. After learning the measurements of your bedroom, you can start placing the items. Pick the spaces that will accommodate and fit the pieces flawlessly. It might not be right at the first go but you will naturally find the right layout along the many trials. With proper arrangement, you can lie down in the bed with a calm mind, take proper rest and not worry about how things should be laid out. Bedroom is a resting place and it should completely in tune with the reputation.

How to Creatively Design your Door Knob

People tend to overlook the importance of a door knob in the overall appearance of their home. Just before thinking the right decoration for your wall and ceilings, don’t neglect the little things around your home, like your door knob. You can create an elegant door knob without spending your money on replacing them.

• The easiest way to change the overall look of your doorknob is to apply paint. Traditional wall paint is not the proper paint to use for your doorknob. Try to use some metallic paint of silver and gold look, or some of the dimensional paint available to add some texture to your old doorknob. Metallic paints usually dry quickly than ordinary paint. Use synchronized way of painting to have the best look when dry. Sometimes, a metallic paint requires only one coat.
• When using textured paint use a brush or a piece of foam to rub on your doorknob. After the texture paint has dried, just apply one more coat for much better result. Two coats of paint are sometimes better than one coat. You can embed something on the paint after the last coat before it totally dries up. You can embed rhinestone or buttons if you like. A one large stone at the center of the doorknob look nice. To be able to hold the stone while the paint is still wet, you can use a masking tape to hold the stone in place.
• Apply rub-on appliqués to brighten doorknobs at your bathrooms and bedrooms. You can use a butterfly pattern, starfish or even flower garden. Don’t forget to sand you doorknob before putting your rub-on. Check your doorknob before putting your appliqués package. You can also apply some paint on the doorknob that will complement the design of your appliqué. This is a good idea if you want to have a unique and creative doorknob.
• If you have a skill or hidden artistry, you can paint scenery on your doorknob. It can be a lake, a country road or anything you wish. The outcome of this style can be very unique and beautiful. If you are not a very talented artist you can always use some stencil to get a comparable effect.
• One of the most popular decorations for doorknobs is hangers. Hangers may com from different shapes of wood and foam. They just hang around on your doorknob and come with a variety of designs and styles. Some popular hanger designs are shells and stars. Others may have beautiful pad for leaving special messages.
• You can also purchased a metallic monograms that can stick at your doorknob. These metallic materials are available with different colors and designs.
• Try to incorporate different methods and techniques to make your doorknob more fabulous. You can make use of metallic paint and stick rub-on to decorate your door knob.

Some of the methods may not be suitable for your doorknob. Find the most suitable method for your doorknob by inspecting the kind of doorknobs you have at home.

How to use Simple Feng Shui on your Home

Feng Shui is becoming a new trend on home décor today. This kind of home decoration is based on Chinese art. This type of interior decorating promotes harmony among your furnishing and belongings inside your home. Feng Shui generally means “wind and water”. These two elements on ancient Chinese culture promote happiness, good health, peace, and wealth. Proper arrangement of your home is the main concern when it comes to Chinese art. Feng Shui arrangement basically consists of several guidelines to promote success and happiness.

Here are 5 simple homes Feng Shui tips for wealth and happiness on your home.
• Avoid clutter and chaos– Clutter inside your home can promote negative energy. It can hinder the success and happiness of each member of the family. It is very important that your doorway should is free from clutter.
• Plants for positive energy– Real plants, most especially those plants with rounded leaves can promote peace and good life within the family. Aside from this, it can definitely beautify any space around the house. Always open your windows. Windows around the house should be open during the day to allow the flow of fresh air inside the house.

• Importance of color combination– color can affect the mood and atmosphere inside the house. Proper selection of colors is one of the most important things when it comes to Chinese Feng Shui. Feng Shui experts always consider the proper blending of color when it comes to home decorating. One of the most recommended colors for most home is blue and green because it provides tranquility and peace around the house.
• Proper arrangement of furniture– Arrangement is the most crucial part of Feng Shui. Furniture arrangements inside the house, greatly affects the circulation of positive energy inside your home. When decorating your home it is important that you can see the doorway from all angles inside the house. If there is an angle when the door is not clearly visible make sure to put any kind of mirror to make the door visible. Facing the door away can attract bad energy.
• Avoid having sharp corners– Your home should be free from sharp corners because this can allow negative energy to stay at your house. The use of rounded corners for furniture rather than sharp edges is one of the best ways to make your home safe. Avoid overhead lightning. This kind of lightning can promote bad energy and hinders good energy from coming.

No clutters, please: Feng Shui tips

No clutters, please. You should keep your room fixed and free from litters. Your things and other personal belongings are better kept in cabinet or organizer if not in use. Do not place anything under your bed so you will have a better and more relaxed feel. You bedroom should also make you relax, so keep it free from any distracting sounds or whatsoever noise. Also, avoid bringing inside your bedroom huge living plants but instead get something that is just enough to add to your Feng Shui decoration.
Golden feng shui chimePlace the best mirrors. Mirrors are good deal for your bedroom. It symbolizes achievement and harmony. However you should not place it directly opposite to your bed. A human-size or large mirrors is also a no, no thing especially if you are experiencing some sleeping disorders.Mirror location according Feng Shui
Have a perfect lighting. Install a good lighting system that is just perfect for you – neither too bright for this is disruptive nor gloomy for this is counterproductive.

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Feng Shui, if properly practiced, could assure you of wealth and abundance in life, improved health conditions, enhanced self expression, life-long happiness and better relationships. Feng Shui is a century-old Chinese practice of putting things at its right place to help generate more positive energies and to eliminate the negative one.

Feng Shui mirrors
Consultants and experts in Feng Shui suggested different arrangements and fixings to be done in your home. And, many of them believe that the best part to start the work is right in your bedroom. Statistics has it that on the average rate, you spend one-third of your life in your bedroom. Therefore, it is just but right that you start it there. If your love life seems so dull or nil, if your business or career doesn’t work as you want them to, if your health condition needs more enhancement or if you are dreaming of life that is something new and refreshing, our free Feng Shui tips for your bedroom is perfect for you.

It’s about your bedroom design. In Feng Shui, you have to always get the good balance of the five physical elements, namely: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. It is better if you can do some enhancement from time to time on the overall physical appearance of your bedroom and make sure it has the five mentioned elements balanced. You have to bear in mind as well that your bedroom is an important place in your house where you can ponder, take some rest and nurture.

FengShui kitchen
Your bed is the deal here. Ensure that the setting of your bed allows the free-flow of energy in your room. Make sure that from your bed you can directly view the door to allow the flow of energy to the bed from the bedroom’s entrance. It is best if the bed be positioned across the room from the door, but should not be openly across from it. This is to allow some fresh energy to flow inside and will not be immediately detached.

Feng Shui and your Home

Feeling unlucky lately? Maybe it is the negative influences that cause the ‘chi’ imbalance in your home causing you misfortunes and ill luck. But you do not have to fear, a little feng shui can fix this ordeal.

Feng shui, (pronounced as fung shway) is a belief that is rooted from Far Eastern tradition. It has become a set of principles that has continued to evolve over the thousands of years of its existence. Feng shui experts state that everything in this world, living things, non-living things and all our surroundings, are interconnected and influence each other. To achieve a better life, feng shui says that we should attain harmony and balance in the flow of ‘chi’ or the positive life force in our environment.

Feng shui also states that our surroundings can affect our lives, positively or negatively. This depends on how we channel the positive energy; experts believe that proper order can help us to achieve health, happiness and even abundance in life. And because we spend most of our time in our homes, the balance of positive energy that flows in it greatly influences us. From the furniture arrangements, to the home’s core architecture even the lighting effects can make or break the harmony of the ‘chi’ flow. Here are some Feng shui tips to improve the flow of ‘chi’ in your homes.

Here are some home conditions to avoid:
The U-shaped home structure is considered to bring bad luck to love and marriage because it symbolizes a lock-out shape which will drive people away to find a more comfortable place. The L-shaped home is also considered unlucky, because it represents incompleteness. Feng shui says that humans are like mirrors to their environment, people who dwell in L-shaped homes will most likely feel a void in them. Feng shui experts also discourage having your front door face towards a wall. This is because it disrupts the ‘chi’, causing you to have major failures in life in three years.

Narrow entranceways that are dark and cramped is also unadvisable because it is said to suppress the normal flow of ‘chi’ causing people to feel sadness, stress and depression. Doors that are too large for the room are also considered to cause bad luck. This is because the incoming ‘chi’ will be excessive for the room to contain. As a result, residents will have a hard time holding on to their money. Feng shui principles have originated century-long beliefs and traditions that run logically to the idea of connectivity in the circle of life. And if you do have feng shui flaws in your home, don’t be afraid. Bad luck can be negated with the use of charms, ornaments, chimes and crystals that can improve the flow of ‘chi’ in your homes.

Feng Shui: Start with Basics

There is nothing wrong in believing and following traditions. Usually, beliefs help to improve life by receiving positive blessings. Feng shui basics find trouble spots in your home, as this is the well-known ancient Chinese system of aesthetics. They believed that Feng shui or wind-water uses both laws of astronomy or Heaven and geography or Earth.

Anyone can do feng shui at home. Complex levels start from basics.

To help you get started, here are some Feng shui basics in your home:

1. Clear your mess out. Get rid of all the things you hate in your home. Mess clearing is a process that consumes time and energy. It serves as therapy but it can lighten up all the loads. This procedure is important, as it creates harmonious feng shui energy inside your home.

2. Prepare a source of good light and good air in your home. These elements are significant for good chi or feng shui energy as well. Often, open windows to introduce feng shui to air-purifying plants. As much as possible, allow natural light to come into your home. Using of full spectrum lights is possible.

3. Identify the Ba-Gua. It serves as the feng shui energy map of your home through feng shui compass. By using Ba-Gua, you have the chance to find out which area of your home is connected to specific area of your life.

4. Review the five elements of Feng Shui theory as it can help you to find out how to balance these five in your home. You can strengthen specific elements in specific Fung Shui area as well. For example, if you want to attract more prosperity, introduce the feng shui element of wood and water element into southeast part of your home. Aside from studying the five elements, you need to find out the birth element of your Feng Shui. Through this effort, you can create a home that supports your personal feng shui element.

5. Find out your Kua number, as it benefits you throughout the day from your luckiest and best feng shui postions. You can adjust the position of your home office, bed, dining area, etc. accordingly.

6. Be attentive and always mind the state of your home and how the energy influences your well-being. Pay attention to feng shui triangle. It is well-known as it is connected to your heart deeply.

After you have mastered the feng shui in your home, you can move on to more complex level. Traditions are tradition. They exist and still existing and believed by most people even before we born. There is nothing wrong in following and continuing their beliefs, what important is how you respect their traditions.

Make up the interior designs based on feng shui

There are other collections of ideas that are based on feng shui. For example, round objects and articles for home decorations are generally more acceptable than jagged, edged or cornered objects. Mirrors should never be put anywhere near a bed, and especially not in front of one, but they are free to be put on closed areas such as closets and bathrooms. Long, dark corridors and hallways should never be left dark as they are, and you must find a way to keep them lit, not very bright, but bright enough to overcome the darkness that swallows the area. Ideally, kitchens are best kept at the far end of your house, and must never be near or above the house’s bathroom, if you have to cook by open flame, it’s best to do it outdoors.

Feng shui styled livingThese and a multitude of other ideas make up the interior designs based on feng shui. As you might have observed, most of the ideas just doesn’t deal with superstitious thought alone, but are actually based on practical knowledge. Round objects do tend to be safer than jagged or edged ones, for even if you are hit accidentally by one of those articles, it wouldn’t be so much painful or lethal than when you are hit by an edged article. Kitchens are commonly associated with fire, because most cooking methods involve lighting a fire, and in situations such as accidents, it is wise to put the kitchen on such a far area from the house to prevent fire from easily spreading across the house. Feng shui shows that it is yet but another way of effectively designing one’s home, both in function, and in style.

How to find the trouble spots in your home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of seeking balance and harmony among the energies is your surroundings. The essential teaching of the Feng Shui is that the flow of vital energy known as the “qi” controls an individual’s prosperity, health and destiny. Our surroundings and environment influences us, attracting good or ill energies in our life. Positive surroundings produce and enhance positive energies thereby improving our opportunities for healthy, happy and financially secured life. Negative surroundings on the other hand depress and block off the vital energies thereby producing imbalance, sadness, loss of harmony and poor health in our life.

And since our home is our haven, it is essential that it maintain harmony and balance. A wrong shape, design, alignment of the doors, kind of lighting and arrangement of furniture can greatly influence the flow of the vital energies in our home. Thus, these trouble spots can produce unsettled life such as trouble in the family, failures in the career, finances and health.These simple tips can help you create a more peaceful and well organized atmosphere inside your home. Go ahead and make your own personal plan according to these tips for wealth. Make your home open to good health and prosperity by following these simple guides.

How to Perfectly Estimate the Paint of your Room

Have you ever tried painting your own room? The first thing that might cross your mind before painting your room is how much paint you will need. You may not want to end up with too little paint and failed to finish your room. Inaccurate calculation of paint may affect the overall appearance of your room. On the other hand, you may not want to buy too many paint and wasting all your money. Here is a very simple way to know how much paint you need for your room.

1. First, use a tape measure or any measuring device to accurately measure the overall footage around the perimeter of your wall and multiply by its wall height. Don’t forget to measure in feet. You will most likely need a help of a close friend or neighbor. Measuring a large area requires a lot of work.
2. You have to subtract the area of both windows and doors. Use a tape measure to get the exact length and width of the windows and doors. Multiply all these numbers to get the square footage of the window. To actually determine how much of the wall surfaces you need to paint you have to subtract the square area of each window. Then, add the definite square area that you have to paint to each wall. This will determined the entire surfaces of the room.
3. Know the exact wall coverage of the paint. You can easily see this information on the outside covering of the paint. A regular gallon of an interior paint usually has 350 to 400 square foot. This can greatly help you to pin point the exact amount of paint that you need to purchased.
4. Determine if your room needs extra coats of paint. If your wall has big visible stains that are hard to cover or if your previous wall has darker paint, you have to double the amount of paint. This will ensure a great coverage of your wall. One of the best options for you is to buy a tinted primer as your first coat.
5. Have an exact calculation of how many gallon of paint you should buy to cover the entire wall of your room. Just divide the entire square area of the wall by the number of each gallon of paint can cover. This can give you the precise amount of gallon you need to paint your room.

You can also hire a professional painter to do the work for you. Professional painters, most often one coat of primer paint for first coat and two coats of wall paint after. But this may depend on the quality of the paint. Some paints may only require one coat. Always remember to paint a primer if you are painting much lighter color over a dark one.

Showerheads: To Be Newly Installed

Simple bathrooms only have a tub or a shower room, toilet and maybe a cabinet or so for brushing the teeth, looking at the mirror and such. However, there can be a new tool that you can add to your beloved bathroom and this is the hand held shower head. If you’re thinking that installing this device will take you a lot of time, then think again. Installing will be very easy especially if you follow this simple step by step procedure. Now, here we go!

First, like any other experiment, we should first gather all the different tools and materials that we will use in installing the device. If you’re thinking of what tools to gather, well, you need a Teflon tape, rag, adjustable wrench and a pipe-mounted handheld showerhead. Now we know the different tools to be used. For the next step, look at the nut of the showerhead. This is found above the showerhead. The flat sides help in unscrewing the showerhead easier and faster. Using the rag and placing it in the nut will prevent having the nut from having scratches. Next, loosen the nut by counter clockwise turning it with the use of the adjustable wrench. Remove the old showerhead and the plumbing tape and clean off the excess water found on the pipe.

After the removal, don’t forget to clean the pipe. For the next step, we’ll be doing the installation of the new showerhead. In order to do this, prepare the showerhead and wrap its end with the Teflon tape. Wrapping it with the tape helps prevent leaks but make sure that is tightly covered with the tape.

After taping, we can attach the new shower. There is an available instruction to follow for connecting the hose and the wand to the showerhead. After following those instructions, tighten (clockwise direction) the showerhead on the pipe with the use of the hand. Just make sure that you don’t over tighten it. With the use of the adjustable wrench, you can now tighten the nut.

After the installation, make sure you clean all the parts and dry it. You will need to install the trigger hanger which is located at the desired location you want. Just stuck it on the wall then press it firmly.
Voila! You now have a new showerhead! But, this is still not the end. Check if there are any leaks by turning it on. If there are leaks, make some revisions on the connections. The cause might be because it wasn’t that tight enough. Retest the showerhead. If there are no problems, you can now enjoy your newly-installed showerhead!

Now you know that installing the showerhead isn’t that difficult. Additional tip is that it is better to use the hand rather than tools. It is safer and faster. Well, enjoy your new showerhead. Have fun!

Shelf Liners: your Magic in Disguise

Shelf liners are used for in different reasons. It can either be used as a design in your room makeover. It can also be a decoration in the different parts of your home like bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. but of course, with a shelf or a drawer in that area. One advantage of having a shelf liner is that it can make an old cabinet or drawer looks like new even if you didn’t replace them. Another thing about shelf liners is it is used in order to line shelves. Shelf liners are usually made up of plastic, coated paper or cork mats. The usual purpose of having a shelf liner is that it is used to cover your shelves from dirt, and to prevent breaking the glasses and dishes on hard surfaces.

The usual width of shelf liners is 12”, 18” and 24”. They are 10 or 25 feet long. Past shelf liners are only made up of materials which were coated paper with a peel of a kind of cement. Example is the contact paper. Nowadays, shelf liners are made up of different materials which are made up of plastic and with a combination of rubber. This combination is able to provide a dry surface and it lets the liner be put onto the top of the shelf.

You can also be creative with shelf liners because they are available in different colors and patterns of course that are suited to be used in your kitchen or bathroom. Plastic shelf liners may be thick or thin. It can also be soft or pliable, stiff or even smooth. If you want more cushioning for your kitchen materials like glasses and dishes, a thicker shelf liner will be the solution. On the other hand, ribbed shelf liners are able to let moisture break out from glasses or dishes though dirt can also be gathered into one place. Moreover, do not worry because most of the shelf liners today are water-resistant and sturdy. If you want to test its durability, you can throw it out in your washing machine! Another good thing about shelf liners is that you won’t have a hard time cleaning it because they are very easy to cleanse.

Another thing that you determine in shelf liners is its adhesiveness. Adhesive liners are a bit hard to install and don’t forget that it should only be used on unpainted surfaces, vinyl, laminates, glass or metal. For the non-adhesive liners, it can be safe and easy to use because you can use it in many surfaces unlike the adhesive ones.

In using shelf liners, you need to use your creativity and practicality. If you live in an old house or just an apartment, you can use shelf liners in order to cover the different markings of dirt and soil found in your shelves which were used for a long peiod of time. They can also be used in dressing up your cupboards and clear glass cabinet doors. Truly, shelf liners are magic in disguise because it can make something old look new in your eyes and it can help your pocket too because shelf liners aren’t that expensive. Good luck!

How to take care of black hair

The overwhelming majority of all the people in the entire world have black hair (with only Europe as the continent with the most number of people without black hair). It is widely viewed that black hair is the original hair color of the homo sapiens. Black hair is different from other kinds of hair in so many ways. They have their own luster and brilliance when it comes to its aesthetic properties, and black hair can sometimes dictate your nationality when paired with all of your other physical features. Along with these differences though, comes the difference in maintenance. There is a significant difference if you want to take care of black hair, like all the other hair types as well, and we are here to tell you some of its secrets.

Hairs a made up of fine single strands bundled together, and I know everyone knows that already. The thing that we forget to point out however is that hair is also much like fibers in a cloth. So, if you want to take care of black hair, you must first treat them like fibers in a piece of clothing. Treat it like a silk robe, shiny, elegant, beautiful, and most of all, fragile. Building determination and dedication are some of the things that you have to do first before you finally start maintaining your beautiful black hair.

Reduce the tangles of your hair in the morning in any way that you can. This includes tying it, plaiting it, wrapping it up with a cloth and so on. The technical reason for this is that you would have a less hard time in arranging your hair the next morning. This also greatly reduces the chance of your hair breaking, easily reducing the effort needed to do other hair maintenance procedures. Choosing a fabric that can reduce hair friction against the pillow like satin can also help a lot.

This can be quite unusual for some people to hear, but you actually don’t have to wash your black hair ever so often. A few soaps and even commercial shampoos have what we call glycerin, a thick colorless compound. Glycerin is a highly hygroscopic compound, which means that it absorbs water quite well. If you use cleaning products that have glycerin, you might want not to use them ever so often. While glycerin with water promotes moisture to the body, too much glycerin over water will actually dehydrate you skin and hair. Keeping your hair clean is very good, but keeping it moist enough should be the better priority.

A well-balanced diet can also help your hair keep its brilliance. Choose a diet that is rich in protein and vitamins, as these can reinforce your hair’s overall durability. You can also go for supplements if you want a more specific and pin-point way to infuse these much needed protein and nutrients into your hair.

Protecting your furniture from cat scratching

We all have a lot of furniture that we want to take care of but unfortunately, our pets do things that can damage them, particularly our cat. Cats do this, not because they want it but it’s because of what their instincts tell them to do. They do this to remove their old claw sheathes and to mark objects with scent glands in their paws. But then, there are still a lot of ways on how we can avoid further damage to our furniture, without taking the drastic way of having our pet cat declawed.

You may buy a double-sided tape, any brand will do. Pet shops also sell a variety of this, especially made for cats to avoid scratching. Since cats don’t like sticky stuff, you may place a tape on the area on your furniture where your cat scratches the most. Eventually, your cat will learn to avoid scratching on it and if it does, you may remove the tape. If your cat continues scratching on another piece of furniture they you may place a tape on that certain part once again just to give your cat a reminder.

Use claw caps. They can be ordered on the internet or bought in pet shops. These caps can be glued to your cat’s claws and are made up of vinyl, used to protect any surface that the cat might try to scratch. These caps may fall off naturally as your cat’s nails grow, and then you can place another set just to assure that your furniture stays safe from cat scratching. You may keep a scratching post beside the furniture that your cat likes to scratch. Experiment and observe on the textures that your cat loves to scratch. Some prefer carpet, while other may prefer word or cardboard. When you see her getting ready to scratch the sofa, redirect her immediately to the post. When you have placed a tape on the furniture, she will automatically redirect to the post.

Trim your cat’s nails regularly. Just be consistent and patient on doing it until your cat tolerates it. Buy a pair of cat clippers and include it in your daily routine to trim your cat’s nails. If you have accidentally cut your cat’s quick while cutting her nails, you can use a commercial powder, or a cornstarch to stop bleeding. Though it may seem tempting to have your cat declawed, don’t do so for it will cause behavioral problems on your cat. It will be painful for her and she won’t stop the urge to carry out a scratching behavior. It’s much more effective if you will just give her other alternatives for scratching because even though a cat is declawed, she can still cause damage by scratching even with her paws alone.

Quality Entertainment Center: A Big Investment

Many homes have their own entertainment centers. Entertainment rooms are good especially if you want to have fun and bond with your family. The only problem is, it can’t be much afforded by many people. Entertainment rooms are quite expensive especially that we are into recession. If you’re still into purchasing one, here are the following tips you can follow in order to have a great buy!

It is very important to consider the budget for the entertainment center. Of course, it should be big enough especially if you want to place many things inside it. In choosing something to place inside your entertainment center, you need to consider the size of the room. It is quite useless if you’re going to buy a humongous television set but it takes up three-fourths of your room. Advantage, you have a great television set. Disadvantage, you can’t even move inside! Remember to purchase something that is applicable to the size of your room.

Determine if the entertainment center will be for purely entertainment or just a room wherein your family can do bonding. Also, make sure to have spaces for seating (places for tables, chairs, sofa, etc). Now, for the design of the room, if you want a traditional entertainment room, you can have a wooden-theme. You can use different wooden shelves or displays. This can be uses as a holder of your CDs, VCDs and many more. You can also use cabinets and place your television set on it and it will also be part of the decoration. Determine what kind of wood you will use. Woods like mahogany, pine, oak are the top choices. If you want the best quality, prefer the expensive ones.

Modern kinds of entertainment centers are quite expensive. You can search inside the malls or you can do your research on the internet if you want to look for it. They can give you the best buys and you can determine what kind of design you will like for your own.

Another thing that you can do is you can buy a pre-used entertainment center and make it into your very own. You can paint and design it yourself and it will save up a lot of money for investment. Just make sure that it is strong enough to last for the years because some entertainment centers will just last only a year or so. Be keen on the details. If you’re looking inside the mall, ask the sales person about the quality. Do some research on the manufacturer and ask for different feedbacks of the ones who had already bought it. There’s nothing wrong in being keen on details right?

Make sure that you’re investing your money on the right equipment. If not, you’ll just be wasting on something that you haven’t had the time to use. Also, consider the functionality. Is it that important? Budget and choose wisely!

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